HEAVEN #16: iramasure Berlin (the best Japanese Hair-Salon in Germany)

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The best Japanese Hair-salon in Berlin

A friend from Berlin recommended the new Japanese Hair-salon iramasure near Winterfeldplatz in Berlin. I didn't have time to visit a Hair-salon due to heavy travel in the last weeks to I made an Online Appointment (Awesome, no need to call for an appointment) and went to iramasure. 

I was welcomed by the owner of the brand new Hair-salon (opened in May 2016) and was offered a coffee. 


The owner imported most interior from Japan

The Seats and the washing appliances are from Japan too

Everything looks super stylish

The owner Maki Schiefner and her Assistent

I really love iramasure for a couple of reasons. You are able to make an online reservation and you can pay with Creditcard. Most Hair-dressers don't allow Card payments which I found annoying. 

Maki is a pioneer in Japanese Head Spa Treatment and she has worked at Hoshi Coupe (which I visited in Paris, Berlin and New York in the past) and her prices are compared to NYC or Tokyo reasonable. While a haircut in Berlin usually costs less than 20 Euro and a haircut at iramasure starts at minimum of 40 Euro (around 45$) this is still cheap compared to my usual hair-salon in Bangkok or Tokyo where I pay around 90$ per Hair-Cut. 

If you are living in Berlin or visiting Berlin and looking for a First-Class Haircut experience please try out iramasure, you will never go to another Hair-salon again.

If you go to iramasure just say knozaki2015 and receive a 10 Euro discount !!!

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