Tourism secrets of Washington Revealed

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Washington is a center of attraction for world tourism with endless attractions. For history lovers, there are a range of museums to enjoy including the Smithsonian National Museum, National Gallery of Arts, National Archives and Newseum, among others. You also have a chance to enjoy the Ford’s Theatre, National Portrait Gallery and Vietnam Veterans Museum.

Do you want to enjoy iconic buildings and landmarks? Washington has an endless offer for tourists. There are such government buildings like the Senate and House of Representatives, Supreme Court and US Capitol building. There are such statues sites as Washington Monument, Statue of Martin Luther King, Junior, Franklin Roosevelt and Jefferson Memorial, among others.

Are you looking for events and shows in Washington? The Rolling Thunder Run, National Book Festival and Zoo Lights are waiting for you. Arena Stage and Ford’s Theatre also host some of the most interesting events on the calendar. It is an opportunity for tourists to enjoy the hospitality of this city.

For entertainment lovers and diners, there are incredible offers at farm to table restaurants, river front eateries and other attractions to enjoy. Washington presents free entry events and other sight seeing attractions that will be captivating to natural wonderers and history lovers.

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