Mauritius - Our Dream Holiday 2018 (TRAVEL VLOG)

in travel •  2 years ago  (edited)


Mauritius was an absolute dream,
and I feel that words wouldn’t give this week justice.
So I am sticking to pure video visuals now.

I hope you can see and feel why this trip meant so much to me. 😍

@itsnicoletv 💋


Shot with my Panasonic Lumix GH5, GoPro 3+ for underwater shots and a DJI Spark for aerial shots

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The video is so beautiful, and the scenery is so fascinating

I can't wait to read your next read cos of those title it carries, they ara very intresting all the same nice post you gat there, i believe you.

Thanks! Glad it comes across! Motivates me to continue doing what I do :)

Thanks so much! ☺️

very cool and nice editing. it looks like a fantastic place 😄💥

It is 🙂 Highly recommend going there one day!

What a lovely place! I love the retro editing style

Thank you! Yes, you’ll find a lot here, I’m into vintage.. :)

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