Never ever thought Scotland would be this freaking beautiful!

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Honestly, Scotland wasn't even on my list of places to go to before I die...

A Korean brand commissioned us to find locations suitable for their upcoming autumn/winter fashion campaign. We spent 3 days searching throughout the Scottish Highlands, Glencoe to Loch Ness and the best part, Isle of Skye. Many just head to Loch Ness, and skip the mystically beautiful island, but it was so worth the extra drive. The drive felt like exploring another planet in our little spaceship.. Whenever we spotted something, we would stop and explore a bit, wondering if the location would be suitable for the campaign. Mostly we were having a great time while getting our minds blown away 😉

Here are our highlights:

All together we drove for about 30 hours... We actually did the whole trip again, because they commissioned me to also shoot their fashion film.. 🔥

To be continued.

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I also want to gooo! Looks great :)

I love Scotland. So happy to see your photos. It’s really one of my favorite places on earth.

I have never been to Scotland, even though I only live in England! It is now on my list of places to go, beautiful pictures! :D

Amazing photos with a wonderful country ... Your picture give me a lot of inspiration 😊 i do some quick speed painting.nice @itsnicoletv

Which software did you use to paint this? It's amazing! 😊

I use photoshop cc and wacom as may pen tablet. Thanks @itsnicoletv excited to see your next beautiful pictures .

Scottland is one of the only places I long to see. These pictures are beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Hope to see more.

Scotland beautiful place. All images are perfect. i like waterfall images and images that clicked from the car.

Wow! Scotland looks so magical. I mean look at those pictures showing such beauty and freshness. It's good that the weather's fine tho. Very interesting travel blog. Thanks for posting! :)

Thank you! This motivates me! Trying to share something once a day now.

amazing post @itsnicoletv, i want go to scotland

@itsnicoletv wow its freaking awesome this place is so amazing . Nature at its best thanks for sharing and well written enjoyed a lot. I have a new article on place yu must visit before you die I hope you might wana check out thanks

Beautiful pictures! Makes me even more sorry for not reaching Scotland by bike last summer. My goal was to cycle solo from Harwich to Inverness. Unfortunately I decided to give up on day 7, as soon as I reached the port of Kingston upon Hull. Next time I'll probably go there by car haha.

Thank you! Yes, definitely recommend visiting Isle of Skye. We also started in Inverness, but with a car 😉

Awesome post and pictures Nicole! I visited Scotland a while back, but the weather didn't cooperate back then, unfortunately. It was still beautiful of course, but it's nicer with a blue sky =)

Thank you! Yes, when we came back again it was very grey as well.. very lucky with the weather :)

Really looking forward to visit Scotland, what a beautiful place! :)

Yeah! I couldn't believe it when I was there. I fell in love with the landscape and especially the god rays!
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Amazing photos, I wish i could go to Scotland one day.

That's some pretty epic journey. So far I have only did a road trip in Switzerland, which is probably one of the best locations ever to do a road trip in due to amazing highlands and stuff, although Scotland definitely doesn't seem to lack those too! I've only stayed in Edinburgh for a while and I didn't really have a chance to visit the rest of the country, but as far as I know it's extremely beautiful - what was just proven to me by those pictures :P I may also do a Scotland road trip just like you did. I can't promise anything, but if I will be able to afford it financially etc., then I may do so - if not I will try to spend a month or so in Scotland and travel a little bit to some extent - depends on how possible it will be to relocate my work there.

Beautiful images...a wonderful country with tradition and beautiful places.
Your images inspires me to travel there..looks like FREEDOM. Good job and have a nice day! ;)

Guess who wants to travel right now to scotland! Thanks for sharing these amazing pics!

^^ Very welcome!

I'd love to make it over there one day!

Wow, thank you very much, the pictures are amazing!!

Each photograph has made me travel, what beauty!

I would love you to see my photos in this post:

These are all so beautiful. Hoping that I could visit this place soon. One of the things I love to do is travelling and I'll be definitely putting this on my list. Thanks for sharing this one !! :)

Scotland is really beautiful :o for sure a place i want to visit! Thanks for sharing your story here :)

Nice click @itsnicoletv ! I hope you enjoy here ! I will give the vote to you, please follow me

Scotland is one of the places I need to visit one day. Thank you for sharing this amazing experience. Now I want to go even more!

Looks great! I would love to travel to Scotland!

Glen Coe really is stunningly beautiful @itsnicoletv. Glad to enjoyed it. Upvoted.

OH MY! I wanna go there too! what a beautiful landscape and colours!

Yes, it's beautiful indeed!

Fantastic!!! You may look into my travel serie named ''If We Look From the Viewpoint of Art History''. @atakanoz

I have family in Scotland so am lucky enough to go regularly, it is such a magical place and am so glad you feel the same! Beautiful photos!

It feels like another planet, I can feel how calm and quiet it is from your amazing shots... Great sight!

Yes and it really does feel otherworldly 😊