[Travel Blog] A squirrel hiding nuts in the grass. [Downtown Washington, DC]

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Washington Wildlife -

I had stopped to photograph a sculpture and seen this little squirrel hiding nuts in the grass. I was ready to brake from walking anyways; so I sat and watched\recorded this squirrel going about its day. Lol

The squirrels around the city are so used to people that you can't even make them flinch. If anything, they are kind of intimidating. Haha

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Maybe digging for his nuts? Hahah


One or the other. Haha

It looks to me like he’s hiding his head in the ground.


It does. Lol Winter is over and its time to forage.

Always fun to see little creatures playing..😀
Very nice video..

Have a great & lovely day, dear friend @intrepidthinker...☕❤


Yeah it was a good way to pass the time. Thanks! You too!