I'm about to set out on a solo road trip and take you guys with me! I'm pretty much gonna be living out of my car the whole time. [Virginia][North Carolina]

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Summer Break 2018 -

I've been wanting to do this for a few months now, and I finally have the opportunity to do it. I just finished up my first year of Nursing, and school is officially out for the summer. I have a three month window to fuck this summer up, and I plan to take full advantage of it.

I'm starting my trip in Eastern Kentucky, and plan to head east to Washington DC, Virginia, then head down the coast to Wilmington, North Carolina. I'm using this website called "Roadtrippers" to plan a ton of stops along my route. I'll be stopping at some old cemeteries, a old children's asylum, historic places, land marks, statue gardens, etc. I'll probably spend a few days in DC.

I went out today and bought a Dash Cam and a camera, so there will be plenty of footage and pictures to check out.

I've never done anything like this before, so I'm not quite sure what to expect, but I'm excited to switch things up for a little while and just gooo. I feel like this trip will help cleanse my soul some and make up for all the stress experienced this past year. Lol I'm one that can cherish the present moment so, there will be a lot of hardcore relaxation and exploration going on. I'll probably finish up the remainder of my time on the beach somewhere in NC, just hanging out enjoying being alive.

Interact with me, and keep me company along my journey. Feel free to suggest things, who knows, you could have a hand in how this whole thing turns out!!!

If any of you live around the two cities mentioned above and would like to hangout or show me around; GET UP WITH ME!

Thank you for reading my post,and for any contributions made!(Upvotes, comments, follows, and resteems)

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Can't wait to see future posts!!! Safe travels!

Thank you! This should be interesting.

What am I going to do without you for 2 weeks? :( safe travels praying you get back safe and sound! Looking forward to seeing all your post! (Call me every single day so I don’t worry so much)

I'll keep in touch! Don't worry!!

Sounds like a good plan. It helps to get away by yourself, and experience something new. Good luck on your travels and be careful. I will be checking out your posts.

Yeah, I've been planning it for awhile now. Thanks @forester-joe!

Now that sounds like a plan! We did that back in 2007, it was something like 24 days or close to that. How long are you planning to go for? Indefinitely? It was the best trip ever, hope you have a blast. Great idea on the dash cam. It's already making me jealous.

I had a goal of two weeks but it could be give or take. Indefinitely would be nice! Haha Thanks! You need to purchase one and get it over with!

Can't wait to here all about it. btw I meant jealous of the trip not the dash cam, I worded that all wrong. Lol. But the idea of a dash cam is still a good one.

Someone, give me some money. i wanna join with him. Best of luck. Have a great time.

Haha Keep up with my posts and you can at least be there in spirit. Thank you!

That is better than nothing, i guess. Thanks for your kind words. i am following you and sending my spirit to you.

Oh snap! My homie hitting the open road...I'm excited to see what all the world has in store for you ! Safe travels and have a great time ! All good vibes ! Don't forget to jam down some nahko an mike love on your travel lol!!😁😁

Your travel writings must be very fun to read...
Dont forget to travel to Indonesia sometime in the future...Many beautiful and exotic places here...☕😀

Have fun and have a great time...!❤

Stick around and find out. Lol

I hope to make it there one day!!!


You are most welcome...😀

That sounds like so much fun!! Thanks for mentioning the app your using. I live in New York City and going to go to West Virginia! We wanted to go on a road trip to Virginia Beach, North Carolina and DC! However we decided against it because of the cost of hotels. Maybe we should try your way and do it anyway 🤔

Our trips sound about the same! Lol I'm a half day in currently. The app is pretty cool cause it makes an itinerary along the route you are taking. Its been pretty cool so far.

I say screw hotels! I plan on camping(I brought a sleeping bag and a hammock) and just sleeping in my car. It ends up making the trip pretty cheap and allows you to do a lot more. Good luck on your trip! Thanks for the comment!

It seems a very good idea, it seems that you like new experiences and travel. That you enjoy all your trips that will go very well :D

Always looking for something new to do. Thanks for the comment!

So exciting! Can’t wait to see the pictures and videos! Since you’re gonna get hungry out there here a map to all of the restaurants that were on That show Diners Drive-In’s and Dives, you can at least have some good local food while you’re out there! 😊 https://forknplate.com/food-maps/diners-drive-ins-and-dives-map/

Thanks, I'll have to check it out! I've already done quite a bit. I should have some stuff to post either tonight or tomorrow.

Quality content!

Thank you!

Seems like a swell idea! I'll be travelling with you.. Following your blog in a bit. Goodluck out there by the way!

Thanks! I hope you enjoy the show!!

Wow, so cool. Wish i could join you though on this unexpected adventure......🍸

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