Nagoya, Batam Island, Indonesia

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If you take a trip to Batam,
definitely going to be directly familiar with Nagoya. The Japanese city made in Batam has indeed been around for a long time.


The name Nagoya emerged from the initial survey of the development of the Batam Authority, around 1960. In the initial survey, many Japanese people were involved and camped in the Nagoya area. The original name of Nagoya was Lubuk Baja.

Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall

Lubuk Baja was changed to Nagoya because of the oral culture of the people. "When the survey was first asked where it was going, where did the people answer it to go to the Japanese place," Nagoya "

Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall

Word of mouth, he continued, for a long time Batam residents used to mention the name Nagoya compared to Lubuk Baja. "Be it Nagoya. Batam residents know the area better than the name of the street. Nagoya is now a shopping paradise. If you want to buy bags, watches or perfume cheap place in Nagoya.

Jabal Arafah Mosque, Batam

My observation, the Nagoya area was indeed filled with shop houses, shopping centers, hotels, spas and other tourism services. The shops were at first glance similar to a shophouse in the Chinatown area as well as the electronic trading center, Glodok, West Jakarta.

GPIB Immanuel Church, Batam

Even though there is only a class of shophouses, structuring in a boutique class. The world famous brand name watches, handbags, and perfume are displayed on the shop's signboard. Call it Tissot or Swatch watches, Bonia, Braun Buffel or Guess branded bags, and perfumes like Channel, Etienne Aigner, Kenzo, and others.

Because there is no import duty, the price of these items can be much cheaper than in Jakarta. The item is branded again. So there is no need to go to Singapore, here you can actually shop.

Nagoya Hill Hotel, Batam

Although cheap, I strongly recommend that you diligently bid. Just diligently bid. Most importantly, just know the market price in Jakarta.

Idly I went into a shop, trying to bid for a branded leather wallet. The price that was priced at IDR 380,000 Then when it was offered, the shop clerk counted. "IDR 200,000" he said. When trying to bid again, the price could go down. "IDR 180,000 " he said.

Likewise with perfume. Perfume which is worth IDR 500,000 or IDR 400,000, can be at least IDR 40,000

Knowledge of product quality seems also needed to get really good quality goods at low prices.

Because I only intend to bid, I go out and walk the afternoon along the Nagoya shop. The shop that displays branded goods is interspersed with coffee shop stands that sell various ethnic dishes. Wall shopping in shop houses is fun too.


I know Nagoya city is good for shopping, but you are nice to describe the price differences between the Nagoya and other city.

Very informative good post on Nagoya, with very lovely photo, copy of japa

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Japanese city, tx brother, vote for you

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