MOUNT AGUNG SEEKS ATTENTION /// Volcano eruption in Bali

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Last week was full of unexpected adventures and unseen things.

The main reason for this was the active volcano Agung located in the north of the island.

Probably photos will speak more than a story, but for the atmosphere, story is needed.


We were sitting at our friends hood and just chilling, listening to music and drinking wine. About 2 am in the night someone read the news that Agung volcano is active!!! (Volcano height is 3031 m and ash went another 2500m high)


I offered to go there NOW, because there are 3 hours to go there and we should be the by the sunrise time. Actually, I was just kidding, but guys took it seriously and agreed on going.

So after 40 minutes we were on the way with our camera, hot tea and pancakes for breakfast.

It was probably the most spontaneous thing in my life and it was sooo full with adventures and the lack of sleep couldn’t stop us.


We arrived to Pura Lumpuyang temple, sat down on the stairs and we were waiting for the clouds to go away. We waited for a pretty long time and finally saw the summit.


OH MY GOD! It was incredible! The ash looked like a delicious whipped cream. In this moment I remembered the geography lessons at school, how we were studying about volcanos and I was wondering how it looks like in real life. And here I am...sitting on the stairs somewhere in Bali and looking on an active volcano.


We had a lovely breakfast with the view we will never forget! I could sit there forever and watch it, cuz it’s soooo attractive.


While enjoying the live jazz music in restaurant, one of our friends texted me that Agung has erupted and this time lava came out!

I checked the recent news about it and pictures I saw, were incredible. I told our company maybe we need to go there one more time? They absolutely agreed and we started to think how to get there.

While me and Yan were driving home to take the camera, other organized the car for the whole night. We left at 1:30 in the night and in two hours we reached the first spot.

Unfortunately, it was super cloudy and we couldn’t see anything, so we had to change the spot.

Around 5:30 in the morning we arrived to a village called Amed, there was a sunset point with a view to volcano with tables and chairs. We felt like we were VIP guests, because there were almost no people, complete silence, the ocean was quite and THE VOLCANO!!!


And one more time, unfortunately, but we arrived too late. Lava was gone and only a small territory of forests were on fire. We were not sad, because the sun started to rise and the view got more scenic. We spent there around 2 hours adoring Agung. It was totally worth it to go there.



Everything was safe during both eruptions. Only when the first eruption happened, the airport was closed for 1 day.

Still can’t believe that we were able to see this beauty.

Have safe, but overwhelming travels!



Extreme Romance


Oh! Be very careful guys, even so I think you have taken the best pictures of your life, I have seen all your publications in Bali and you have conveyed that love for this earthly paradise, the more I see the photograph of that place the more I get to know him Bali is a living postcard, an Indonesian paradise that seems to be fantasy. Enjoy the sun on an expanse of fine white sand or come in contact with tropical creatures by diving through coral reefs or the colorful remains of a World War II ship. On the coast, the extravagant jungle hosts stone temples and naughty monkeys. The "artistic capital" of Ubud is the perfect place to see a cultural dance, participate in a batik or goldsmith workshop, or revitalize your mind and body in a yoga class. I have read your publications and others about the beautiful Bali

WOW! How amazing! That must have been soooo cool, and crazy! What experiences travel brings:) we never know what we will see and learn😀

The ash cloud looks massive and awesome, did it cover the sky, or did ash fall onto the roads causing any problems?

Also, did you hear the eruption?

When I was in New Zealand I saw steam coming out from some volcanoes but no eruptions...

What beautiful scenery, in such a beautiful part of the world :) great to see you both having the best time in Bali, I feel that sometimes you have to stay somewhere longer to really see what it’s about and love it!

Peace and love to you both - keep living the dream 😀🌅

It was such an incredible experience and luckily we felt a little earthquake. For people who from a country with no volcanoes and earthquakes it's a great first time experience :) Thank you for your comment!

Nice photos! The shrine photo, in particular, is a really nice composition. Being near an erupting volcano sounds dangerous, but I can totally see myself going there with my photography gear, too! Did you see any of that fascinating volcanic ash-cloud lightning?

Great story. We had the same experience last december with mount Agung. Small eruption, dust everywhere, cancelled flights, nice view. I love Bali

Really it was incredible, we also read about lava in our student life. So get it to real life would be definitely amazing feelings. You described everything with beautiful photographs that really amazing ,so i also enjoyed this, thanks to share.

Also check my story...


Great post, many volcanos are erupting at the moment as we enter the 'grand solar minimum'.

Hey Guys. So glad to see you having such a good time in Bali. Also you guys are doing great here on steemit. Like wow. Your aproach is a bit different than mine, seems like I could learn a thing or two from you both.

So I've made it Kiev Ukraine. I'm really liking it hear. Thinking of getting an apartment for the next month and just hanging here for a while. Then two months renting an apartment in Ubud Bali. Is that where you guys are based out of? How long do you think you will be there? We'll certainly have to meet up if I'm suddenly your neighbor :)

Have a great day! -Dan

Hey Dan! Glad to hear from you! Man, what are you doing in Kiev? :) Well, i've been to Ukraine few times and had fantastic time there, I hope you're going to enjoy it too. We are currently living near Jimbaran, but if we will manage to stay in Bali long enough then i really hope to meet you here. Lately we haven't been using steemit so much, we kind of lost inspiration to do it and speaking frankly, i don't really enjoy what this platform has become and the only way to be seen is to pay loads of money to bot owners. Anyway, hope to see you here and we will discuss everything with a bottle of beer. Good luck bro and enjoy your time!

Trust me. I know what you mean regarding steemit. It has me concerned that the entire platform and price of the currency will go down the tubes. I never pay anyone for anything. I just keep my two post a day going and it turns into some cash. I've been very fortunate to have some loyal supporters but we can talk steemit and many other things over that bottle of beer. I'll certainly keep you posted on my travel plans. Hope you guys are doing well! -Dan

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