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RE: MOUNT AGUNG SEEKS ATTENTION /// Volcano eruption in Bali

in #travel6 years ago

WOW! How amazing! That must have been soooo cool, and crazy! What experiences travel brings:) we never know what we will see and learn😀

The ash cloud looks massive and awesome, did it cover the sky, or did ash fall onto the roads causing any problems?

Also, did you hear the eruption?

When I was in New Zealand I saw steam coming out from some volcanoes but no eruptions...

What beautiful scenery, in such a beautiful part of the world :) great to see you both having the best time in Bali, I feel that sometimes you have to stay somewhere longer to really see what it’s about and love it!

Peace and love to you both - keep living the dream 😀🌅


It was such an incredible experience and luckily we felt a little earthquake. For people who from a country with no volcanoes and earthquakes it's a great first time experience :) Thank you for your comment!

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