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RE: MOUNT AGUNG SEEKS ATTENTION /// Volcano eruption in Bali

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Hey Guys. So glad to see you having such a good time in Bali. Also you guys are doing great here on steemit. Like wow. Your aproach is a bit different than mine, seems like I could learn a thing or two from you both.

So I've made it Kiev Ukraine. I'm really liking it hear. Thinking of getting an apartment for the next month and just hanging here for a while. Then two months renting an apartment in Ubud Bali. Is that where you guys are based out of? How long do you think you will be there? We'll certainly have to meet up if I'm suddenly your neighbor :)

Have a great day! -Dan


Hey Dan! Glad to hear from you! Man, what are you doing in Kiev? :) Well, i've been to Ukraine few times and had fantastic time there, I hope you're going to enjoy it too. We are currently living near Jimbaran, but if we will manage to stay in Bali long enough then i really hope to meet you here. Lately we haven't been using steemit so much, we kind of lost inspiration to do it and speaking frankly, i don't really enjoy what this platform has become and the only way to be seen is to pay loads of money to bot owners. Anyway, hope to see you here and we will discuss everything with a bottle of beer. Good luck bro and enjoy your time!

Trust me. I know what you mean regarding steemit. It has me concerned that the entire platform and price of the currency will go down the tubes. I never pay anyone for anything. I just keep my two post a day going and it turns into some cash. I've been very fortunate to have some loyal supporters but we can talk steemit and many other things over that bottle of beer. I'll certainly keep you posted on my travel plans. Hope you guys are doing well! -Dan

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