Alaska Photo Tour Part I

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King Crab of Alaska

Alaska is a tremendous travel destination, and one that can give you a adventure of a lifetime. From the far north to the remotes islands of the South East, and everything in between. Here is a small photography guide of posts, and pictures of places you can see with a selection of Alaska's own foodie favorites.

Enclosed you will find links under each photograph, and they will take you to other posts here on Steemit. Some are small descriptions, and others are articles about locations you will want to visit.

Skagway Alaska: Gateway To The North

                      Preparing to dock in Petersburg's shallow harbor in Alaska ~ Photo of the day!

                                                        Photo of the day ~ Petersburg Alaska

                                                  Photo of the day ~ Dungeness Crab fishing

                                          Photo of the day ~ Petersburg Alaska's Little Norway

                                            Photo of the day ~ "Seals playing on the Buoy in Alaska"

                                               Photo of the day ~ Snowcapped Patterson Peaks in Alaska

                                 Photo of the day ~ Juneau echoing the old Gold Rush days in Alaska

                                      Photo of the day ~ Whittier in the beautiful wilderness of Alaska

                                            Photo of the day ~ Portage Glacier Valley in Alaska

                                                         Photo of the day ~ Tundra in Alaska

                                         Photo of the day ~ The many mountains near Anchorage Alaska

Northern Adventures

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Always such incredible photography. Easy to vote for this stuff @exploretraveler. Always a pleasure.

Thank you very much. Still working on the CSS mark up to get centering just right. :-)

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