Photo of the day ~ "Seals playing on the Buoy in Alaska"

in #travel8 years ago

"Seals playing on the Buoy" on the northern inside passage in #Petersburg#Alaska


That is unlawful, nothing is allowed within 25 meters of a navigation bouy ! ! !

Action should be taken, water safety is paramount ; )

I cam currently studying maritime navigation and signal flags : ) No reason except it is something new to learn . . .

@crok funny it's called camera zoom! But you are correct on the distance.

No; I am referring to prosecuting the SEALS !!!!! , not the boat / ship...
: )

We don't seem to do anything about our wildlife and just let them do whatever. Bears, Moose, or Seals just go wherever unless it is a serious safety issue.

Yes I agree, the new millennium should bring a new world order into play . . . Animals that get out of line should be forced to watch the news and to spend community service time visiting the elderly as companions in like retirement homes etc. : )

[ just kidding ] but at least the environment should pay taxes in some form ; )

Apologies over my pitiful attempts at humor . . .

Can you imagine an Elephant Seal or Black bear just ' hangin-out ' in the patients recreational area of a nursing hostel , and I bet they would wash their paws / flippers on entering and leaving ! ! !

After all ; infection control is a society safeguard : )

Very soon the moose will come too town , and stand in the road. Then they move into the front yard by February eating the flower bushes. Animals do funny things here, and help us humans with humor :-)

They seem to enjoy that exact spot. There must be yummy fish close by.

Often birds nest on telephone poles simply as a convenience, these animals are happy to free load off humans : )

So I noticed that there where diving seagulls just before so I assume there must have been some small fish in the area.

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