My Birthday in the TALLEST Building in London!

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I want to share my experience celebrating my Birthday 2 years ago in the tallest building in London (4th tallest in Europe). The building's name is The Shard. The Shard (also referred to as the Shard of Glass) is a 95-storey skyscraper. The Shard has various cool restaurants and for my birthday I decided to go with Chinese cuisine, so I chose the Hutong restaurant, which is located high up on the 33rd floor.

This is how The Shard looks like…

The construction started on March 2009, and it was completed by July 2012.

pic source

I chose Hutong mostly because of the décor and the view.

View from the restaurant…


Bar area..


..and this is me starting the celebration with my family.


Our food…


Food was good, but to be honest I tried better Chinese cuisine. But I would still come back!

Me with my aunt taking pictures with the London view from Hutong restaurant.


And later, we took a drive around London and went to another place..

I did not know that it is legal to drink in the car! It is illegal in USA. It was a very fun experience!




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Lovely pictures. Before everything, happy belated birthday lol
How was you last year and how did you celebrate it?
You are asking about drinking in the car, in my country it is not allowed anywhere lol. It is banned here.
My birthday is in july, I don't know where I will be and how I will celebrate.

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good pictures I love the photo of the lamps

@Ella-Kay in the dress you look great.

thank you :)

Hi @ella-kay!

Congrats!!! That's a beautiful place huh?

I wish one day I could go, that would make me very happy. And well, why not, give a trip like this to my girlfriend, that would love.

You're a really lucky girl!

thanks. I hope you have an opportunity to go to London :) its a beautiful city.

Beautiful birthday, i think. and in January I visited another skyscraper in my list-the Lotte tower in Seoul, but, true, because of the fact that I was unwell, I did not attend any restaurants thereIMG_20180103_141148_AO_HDR.jpg

looks very cool. looks similar to The shard design

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Beautiful pictures. Happy birthday in arrears lady, do well to extend invitation to us next year and then, Perhaps we take it to twin towers in the state.

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That seemed like a lot of fun!

indeed, it was a lot of fun! especially when I realized it was legal to drink in the car and even outside! I felt like I was in Vegas at that moment lol thanks for stopping by :)

It would be grate fun dear. I am sure u will never forget that birthday ever

oh yeah, I loved that night! so much fun

really amazing shots youu look gorgeous

thank you :)

Great post . Thank you for sharing . Looks like you enjoyed the fullest . @ella-kay

What a cool way to spend your birthday ! Much love from the #steemitbloggers fam.


Great post and wonderful photos!

Hey happy birthday
It’s been mine to yesterday Same day different city and restaurant hihihicheck mine one for next time if u come to Barcelona!!! Wishes Aquarius!!!:)

Very beautiful.
It seems like a birthday to remember.
Here's hoping you aren't afraid of heights!

Great pictures, it looks like you had an amazing night! Happy (super) belated birthday!!

lol yeah thanks :)

We had a fantastic meal in the Shard too. We were fortunate enough to get a table at the window. It was a Christmas present and a huge treat! What a fantastic experience. Not quite such a glamorous evening as yours though by the luck of it. Glad you had a good time too!

heeey, thanks for the idea :O
we are going to London next month, and now i want to go "upstairs" too..

how much in advance did you have to reserve the seats?..

Looks like you had a lot of fun! View is amazing!

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I had never heard of this place. You are stunning and your images look like it was a wonderful day.

thank you :)

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