7 World's Continents Photo Challenge - week #31 - vote for your favorite picture of the week!

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Hello fellow Steemians,

you have a few more days to vote for the 31st weekly winner of my 7 World's Continents Photo Challenge who will be announced on Monday. The winner is voted by you based on the upvotes from the individual continents winner announcements. The winner of the weekly round receives 20 SBD from me and then enters into a monthly and possibly yearly challenge to compete for 200 SBD in total.

I have given out hundreds of SBD to the weekly and monthly winners and thousands of dollars worth of upvotes to winning participants. Now you have a chance to determine who will be the winner of the 31st weekly round by upvoting the below winner announcements over the next few days. The competition is heating up and I am getting excited to see which image will be the winning one. The choice is yours! :)

7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge – Asian Sunday week #31 – winner announcement!

@vinceboisgard Asian Sunday entry:

This man is carrying a basket full of bricks in his head. The bricks arrived by boats and are carried to the construction site by a few men walking with these basket on their head. It takes a lot of skills to do the same. Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Click on the image for a large view

7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge – Australian Monday week #31 – winner announcement!

@mibreit-photo Australian Monday entry:

Wharariki Beach near Farewell Spit in the upper north of New Zealand's South Island is a spectacular location. You have dunes, sea stacks, caves and a beautiful countryside. It's a bit of a drive up there but totally worth it. A caravan park is just 1km walking distance from the beach.

Click on the image for a large view

7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge – Tuesday of Antarctica and World´s Oceans week #31 – winner announcement!

@marc-allaria Tuesday of Antarctica and World´s Oceans entry:

I will soon share an article on this extraordinary meeting made in Maratua Island, still in Borneo. Certainly one of the most important memories in my adventure of diver as much for the meeting with this wall of barracudas as for the very particular diving strategy in a very hectic pass exit. In the meantime I propose this photograph for the photo contest @czechglobalhosts Tuesday - Antarctica + the world's oceans.

Click on the image for a large view

7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge – African Wednesday week #31 – winner announcement!

@fjorenca African Wednesday entry:

I have posted before about the White Desert of Egypt. Not too far from that, near the Bahariya Oasis, you can find the contrasting Black Desert of Egypt with its glorious black topped golden mountains popping out of nowhere. The area owes this appearance to ancient volcanoes and the presence of abundant iron ore. I climbed to the top of one of these charcoal peaks to get this incredible view. Doesn't it look like it belongs to another planet?

Click on the image for a large view

7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge – European Thursday week #31 – winner announcement!

@dmytrokorol European Thursday entry:

Often during the road trips, I don't have the perfect conditions for shooting. But I don't mind to take the photos in daylight on an interesting spot, because I don't know where I will be during the sunrise or sunset. Sometimes I don't have much time or possibility to search for the best position and just shoot from the road. And sometimes I just got lucky, like in this case on the road along Lovrafjorden in Norway.

Click on the image for a large view

7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge – North American Friday week #31 – winner announcement!

@irvinesimages North American Friday entry:

Amazing Antelope Canyon. This is probably the most interesting sculpture in the lower Antelope Canyon and my favorite spot to photograph. Its a large hanging rock formation with a hole carved through the middle of it, Beautiful! Antelope Canyon is located just outside the city of Page in Northern Arizona.

Click on the image for a large view

7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge – South American Saturday week #31 – winner announcement!

@lugner South American Saturday entry:

This picture was taken in the Atacama Desert in the north of Chile. It was an amazing sunset. The Atacama Desert is known for being one of the driest places in the world. That combined with the altitude of around 2500 meters makes it an extraordinary place, it actually felt like being on another planet.

Click on the image for a large view

For more information about the 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge and conditions see my original post: 200 SBD 7 World's Continents Photo Challenge - 2018 guidelines: 22/1 update

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Awesome entries, I feel like one of the pictures I have seen it somewhere before but I am not sure :)

Maybe on my blog as a previous entry or on the participant´s blog:)... Those are all legit and sure awesome:)... Credit to all the participating Steemians. Thanks!

I vote for the first image
Looks extremely cool, more of an African setting

Thanks, greatly appreciated.... That sure is an amazing entry.

the first one is my personal winner !
i love how natural is this image where storyteller (photographer) don't try to show us how beautiful and shiny this world but show the life as is with all the beauty and all the dirt in the same frame !
congrats @vinceboisgard on this entry !

Yep, that is the real world out there.

i call it life photography :-))

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It is incredible, from any point of view, who really can participate in the contest, but there is something that I am not very clear, it is necessary to have photos of all continents? .because if this is the case it would require an extraordinary effort and be a true traveler to get it.

No, not at all.... Just a continent you are participating in. The contest was designed in a way that all Steemians can participate.

Waoo that is great! I will try to participate, i'm just an amateur but i have a lot to share with you! Thanks!

These do not seem like pictures, they look like incredible paintings ... They are all perfect ... How hard you have them!

They sure are all amazing. Credit to the participating Steemians. We do have some amazing talents over here. Tomas

Wow! What a brilliant photography.
Awesome clicks!!
I love your post. 😍 😍 😍 😍
Very well articulated
Nice content.
Excellent job sir.
I really appreciate your work.
Wish you a great success.
Your posts are so good, it has an another level of positive vibes.
Enjoying your holidays! 🤗💙

Love,light and peace.💕

Thanks @czechglobalhosts for sharing this post.

Upvoted + resteemed your post.

Sweet photography! Thanks you for this information!

nice travel photograpy

  ·  last year (edited)

Your 7 world's photo challenge just awsome , you are so genious , you always good work on steem , i like your different work .. Your all photo is my favorite .

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @czechglobalhosts

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wow beautyful photography ,its so amazing.Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime,your post is so helpful.I always inspire of your post on my steem work.Thank you for sharing @czechglobalhosts

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What a cool bot, first time I see this one

I vote for the entry of
@vinceboisgard is undoubtedly realistic and wonderful.

very well photography ever,, i like it dear,,
thanks for shareing

I like the first, because it expresses and of very good quality, incredible and spectacular photos that can be seen in this contest. thank you very much for doing these photography projects, now I am aroused by a curiosity to study photography