7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge - Australian Monday week #22 - the absolute winner takes 200 SBD!

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Hello fellow Steemians!

Welcome to my 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge - Australian Monday - where the winner of the weekly round will be able to participate for the total of 200 SBD! Today, you can participate by submitting your personal pictures from your travels to the continent of Australia. I am also adding New Zealand to the same challenge as there were some concerns from other Steemians as to which continent NZ belongs to.

Sydney. Cityscape image of Sydney, Australia with Harbour Bridge and Sydney skyline during sunset. Source: Shutterstock, ahuthor: Rudy Balasko

Your entries need to be submitted by 8 AM Central European Time in order to be considered for the challenge with a description of approximately 30 to 50 words. Only use of personal images will be accepted and only one picture can be submitted for a daily photo challenge. Ten winning photos will receive a bigger upvote from me and ten runners-up will get a smaller one.

Chosen from the ten winning entries, the absolute winner of the day will receive extended publicity in my post tomorrow morning. I will also visit his/her blog to upvote one of the most recent posts. The winning picture of the daily challenge will then automatically enter other rounds with the absolute winner gaining approximately 200 SBD in total.

Please see the winner of Asian Sunday and give him your support if you like his image to be the one winning the weekly price and entering the other stages of the 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge. You can vote for him by upvoting his winner announcement post below:

7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge – Asian Sunday week #22 – winner announcement!

@thuylannguyen Asian Sunday entry:

This is my photo taken during a trip to Sa Pa in Lao Cai province, Vietnam. Sa Pa Town is located in Lao Cai Province, north-west Vietnam, close to the border with China. Sapa Town is famous both for its fine, rugged scenery and for its rich cultural diversity. Sapa is oriented to make the most of the spectacular views emerging on clear days; it overlooks a plunging valley, with mountains towering above on all sides. Views are often subdued by thick mist rolling across the peaks, but even when it's cloudy, local hill-tribe people fill the town with colour.

Click on the image for full view

For more information about the 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge and conditions see my original post: 200 SBD 7 World's Continents Photo Challenge - 2018 guidelines: 22/1 update

Please feel free to check out some of my other recent posts.

Quote of the day: If we were meant to stay in one place, we'd have roots instead of feet.

Prague voted the 11th best European destination for 2018!

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North of Sydney there is a place called Wiseman Ferry where there is a short car ferry service that let you cross the Hawkesbury River. After crossing, if you follow the road you will drive along the river, through fields, then eventually reach this cross road in the middle of nowhere, where there is a pub, and a park on the opposite side of the road. The park was extremely quiet and tranquil. As we were strolling along the park on a find morning, a truck drove past, creating dusts that made sun ray visible through the canopies of the many trees in the park. I quickly took a shot before the dust dies down and this is one of the pictures.

Wisemans Ferry is a lovely place. I lived in Penrith for a while and would fish the Nepean and Hawkesbury regularly. Now, they have cut out all the scrub that fronted the river and it looks like some sort of wasteland :(

I haven't been for a while. I remember really enjoying the drive once we crossed the river. It's a pity if it looks like some sort of wasteland around the river now

Looks like a great place to relax! Great pic! Tomas

Thanks Tomas. It is a real gem that is not too far from Sydney 😊


Sunrise over Belougery Spire. First ascended by Eric Dark and Osmar White in 1932 the spire is is composed of peralkaline trachyte and was once part of a large shield volcano, that first erupted about 17 million years ago and stopped about 13 million years ago. Grand High Tops, Warrumbungle National Park, NSW, Australia .

Image taken by and remains the Copyright of Robert Downie - http://www.robertdowniephotography.com

Thank you so much for this wonderful entry. Tomas

Hi Tomas,
I am currently travelling so I am unable to submit my photos to your challenges every day as I do normally.
However, together with @for91days, @adonisabril and @rimicane I have launched a major project to improve the experience for all travel bloggers and people looking to discover travel-related content on Steemit. Since you are posting about travel yourself and care about the future of Steemit, I would like to ask you to have a look at our introduction post:
Thanks a lot and greetings from Morocco where I am currently travelling and taking photos for the African Wednesdays to come!

And I also have a photo submission for today :)

Australia is a paradise for surfers. They even named a city after that: In the background of this photo, you can spot the skyline of Surfers Paradise, a city in Queensland on Australia's East Coast. I loved the sunny weather and the beaches!

Hello Julian! I was wondering why I have not had any entries from you recently! I did check your new project and have to say that I am very, very pleased you guys have come up with something like this. The more people we will have to take care of curation of a good content (does not necessarily have to be a photography), the more talent we will be able to attract and retain here on Steemit helping its future growth! Do I qualify to use the tag:)? Tomas

PS: Enjoy your travels and take heaps of pics!

Thank you so much for your support! I am sure many travel bloggers just found out about #travelfeed thanks to your resteem!
Of course you qualify to use the tag if you meet the requirements (most importantly at least 250 words), we will be very happy to find your travel tips on #travelfeed!

Fabulous! Thank you so much for your submission. Tomas

Minutes after the sun rises and the weather cleared up I faced this awesome view from the northern New Zealand island, close to Robin hood bay.

What a spectacular view for a classic morning after spending the night sleeping in the car.

Location: New Zealand.

that's a beautiful picture, you got my vote Sir! :)

Thank you so much for the compliment and your support :)

Awesome View!

Thank you :)

What a view! Worth sleeping in the car to wake up to that!

Definitely worth it :)

My entry for today ;

I passed this dessert road, on my way to Wellington. After many days of rained, i felt so grateful that finally the sky is blue, and i could see the mountain on the backgrounds. I stop on the side of the road and captured this contrast pictures of blue and brown scenery. I also love the clouds shape above the mountain peak.

Is that Mt. Taranaki? Beautiful shot!

To be honest im not so sure 😄 as i was just drove by, but it looks like it 😊

Thank you so much for participating with this stunning image. What a shot!

Thanks Tomas :) NZ is a beautiful place to make stunning image!

A shot taken while driving the Indian Ocean Drive near the coastal town of Kalbarri, Western Australia. The town is located just outside the Kalbarri National Park, an amazing park famous for its scenic gorges, red and white banded sandstone and its soaring coastal cliffs.

Kalbarri Coast

Thank you so much for your wonderful entry. Have a great day. Tomas

This is Mount Cook National Park in New Zealand. Mount Cook is the tallest mountain in New Zealand at 3,724 metres (12,218 feet). The park has glacial surrounds, pristine blue lakes and towering alpine peaks, and offers some of the most impressive mountain walks in New Zealand.


Thank you so much for your submission. Amazing place, beautiful image. Tomas

Another photo from my road trip along Australia's east coast back in 2016. This was taken at Cape Hillsborough during sunrise. This is a very special place, because you will encounter kangaroos and wallabies at the beach in the morning. Unfortunately they had decided to play at the other end of the beach that morning, so I didn't manage to photograph them.

Just wow! Another stunning image of yours.


New years eve 2016. We did buy tickets for a party at the botanic garden. We had a great evening with nice food, drinks and entertainmaint and of course a spectaculair view at midnight.

Yep, great view indeed:)

In a hot afternoon last month, we drove to the beach of Watsons Bay in East Sydney, and found it's incredibly packed. So we walked on a bit north to the Camp Cove Beach where it's quiet with lots of free space. Soon the sun started setting, when I clicked this photo overlooking the city center.

File Feb 19, 22 36 24.jpeg

Another great entry! Thank you so much. tomas

On our way to Mount Cook we stopped at Lake Pukaiki to see the amazing color of the lake. The lake’s blue tones are from finely ground minerals carried in the glacier-fed waters that runs to the lake.

Location: Lake Pukaiki, New Zealand.

We took this photo on the Bondi to Coogee walk. These two beaches are one of the most famous ones in Sydney and to see the two beaches over the one path is definitely something special. There are many scenery around for photo enthusiast and also a great path for people just want to do some exercise.

IMG_7529 (1).jpg

rotnest island-5.jpg
Just off the coast of Perth, Western Australia, you will find Rottnest Island, this Island is home to these little guys. Quokkas. The are known to be the world's happiest animal. So I had to get a photo of one while I was over there :)

Such a cute pic! :D

Wombat :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)


I took this photo while taking a hike at the Wilsons Promontory in the Gippsland region of Victoria in Australia. There are lots of beaches, scenic trails for walking and diverse wildlife throughout the park. Had a really amazing weekend exploring it.

Story Bridge in Brisbane Australia
This is located at Bradfield Highway, Kangaroo Point, Queensland, Australia. It is one of the well-known bridge in Australia. Actually, that’s the famous landmark of Brisbane City. My brother lives to a nearby suburb so we usually pass that bridge whenever we visit my other sibling who lives in Morayfield. I went there last year but now I'm back here in the Phlippines. At night time you can see the sparklng different colors of the bridge and that time it so happen that its the purple light shines on the bridge and it reflected as well to the river as you can see in the photo.


Sunset over East Basin, Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra sets not only the sky on fire, but the water also. Black swans cruise across the water like silhouettes framed by the pink tinge in a way that can only be observed for a minute, but which will be remembered for ever.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Last year we went to Magnetic Island and were unlucky because the koala sanctuary was closed. So we took a huge hike instead and that's were we found this mummie koala with her baby. Barely 5 meter above us sitting all relaxed. It instantly made our day!



Though I would share this pic from Daydream Island in the Whitsundays - this was my view while I was relaxing in a hammock with a cocktail in hand celebrating my birthday a few years back :D


A view of Melbourne CBD towers from the royal botanical gardens. On a clear sunny day, I decided to explore the gardens and was fascinated by the peaky holes between trees. I love how the trees create a leafy frame and the contrast between the man-made buildings and the natural form of the leaves!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

That's my best photography as whole around in shooting spot of Bridge in Brisbane Australia, think you would be like this challenge


This was taken at lake taupo in new zealand on possibly one of the darkest skies ive ever seen. The numver of stars visible was truly astounding

Amazing shot! Sometimes the night sky in the Southern Hemisphere is so eye-catching right? I have to visit Lake Taupo one day! =)

Beautiful sky :)

Hello. Unfortunately, your entry is short of the require 30-word description and cannot be considered for the challenge. Thank you for your understanding. Tomas

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Hey everybody!!

This is my contribution for Australian Monday Week #22
I hope you like it :)


I took this shot near Wharariki Beach in New Zealand.
I love the landscape there! For me it looks just magical :)


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Melbourne before White Night. Event started at 7am yet there was heaps of time for me to take a bunch of snaps including this one. Love this city so much yet live in the outskirts as it’s soo expensive.

Nice! I like the colors ;)

Hello. Unfortunately, your entry is short of the require 30-word description and cannot be considered for the challenge. Thank you for your understanding. Tomas

This giant kangaroo suspects something is wrong :) Perth, Australia. 2013

Hello. Unfortunately, your entry is short of the required 30-word description and cannot be considered for the challenge. Thank you for your understanding. Tomas

Thanks for your reply! I will carefully read the terms of the competition next time)


This shot was taken at the Blue Mountains, NSW Australia

Hello. Unfortunately, your entry is short of the require 30-word description and cannot be considered for the challenge. Thank you for your understanding. Tomas

Oh no,I hope too in Indonesia

Thanks for doing this @czechglobalhosts, this will go a long way prevent plagiarism at least on steemit.


This photo is quintessential New Zealand -- impossibly green grass, the bluest of skies, whispy clouds, jutting snow-capped mountains, and of course - sheep.


IMG_1296 2.jpg

Hi! Thank you for your submission. However, your entry is short of 30-word description to qualify for the challenge. Thank you for your understanding. Tomas

Here we have a zoomed in screenshot of one of Australias around 2000 species of native bee.
This guy was snapped in the northside of Brisbane in Queensland in my old vegetable garden helping to pollinate my Citrus.
The scientific name for this particular bee is Tetragonula carbonaria and is commonly known as a Stingless or Sugar bag bee.

Very beautiful photography.

Hello @czechglobalhosts

You are doing a good job here. This is another way of appreciating the nature and giving back to the community. Keep up with the good job.

how can i participate in this challenge ??
is it applicable to us citizens of indonesia ??

Hi! Thank you so much for your interest. Anyone can participate. Kindly follow the guidelines at the bottom of this post. Have a great day. Tomas

thanks for the information

I'ts incredible how God created such beautiful sceneries just by speaking words.."LET THERE BE...." and it was.

When we contemplate the whole globe as one great dewdrop, striped and dotted with continents and islands, flying through space with other stars all singing and shining together as one, the whole universe appears as an infinite storm of beauty.

Good picture, amazing

Amazing photography sir can't imagine sir


thats great to see this photo in your austrailian mondya

Wow this is very breathtaking view of nature. I really love nature and love to see photos like this. Congrats to you @thuylannguyen for such a nice entry.

Thank you @sweetnaomi05 <3


unlucky, i am from pakistan couldnot participate

Atardecer en Isla Mujeres

Wooow. Beautiful place n beautiful photography

wau beautiful photo I like

wau beautiful photo I like where the location let me see

Wow! What a wonderful and an amazing Cityscap image of Sydney, Australia @czechglobalhost. And the view of Sapa is also very fantastic and so gorgeous.
Thanks for sharing these beautiful images and great information.

A lovely view catch the camera