Prague voted the 11th best European destination for 2018!

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Hi everyone,

I am excited to inform you that Prague, the capital city of my beautiful homeland Czech Republic, has just been voted the 11th best European destination for 2018 by readers of the renowned travel website European Best Destinations.

Source: Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons)

The online competition lasted three weeks and there were hundreds of thousands of people voting for their favorite cities in it.

The website also said it was not surprising to see Prague among the winners as it is generally considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Source: Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons)

If you check my Prague/Czech Republic Photo Challenge regularly, you cannot be too surprised either as the Prague photos submitted by your fellow Steemians are usually amazing. You can see the last collection of some of the best shots featured in the contest here.

To see the full ranking by European Best Destinations, check this article.

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Prague is regarded by many as one of Europe's most charming, colorful and beautiful cities, Prague has become the most popular travel destination in Central Europe along with Vienna and Krakow.

Completely agree. Prague is beautiful, it's near my country and i always wanted to visit this city. Now i think i definetly will and maybe share some photos of my own.

Keep up the good work, i appreciate it.

Kind regards,
Anna , @arhitekt


I hope you will and once you do make sure to take plenty pics so you can participate in my daily photo sharing challenge of images taken in Prague and other various locations within the country. I do give decent upvotes for such images. Feel free to check my blog to get an idea. It is also a good place for inspiration. Tomas

Prague should be in top three position.I am following all your post.Photos of Prague what we already seen is superb,breathtaking.So Prague deserves to be top three as per me.Thank's to you because of you we have seen some superb photos of Prague.@upvoted and resteemed


Absolutely agreed!

incredible beautiful scenery and charming

its very informative and important.
please go ahead...
thanks a lot for sharing you # photography #

I have been lots of city but Prague is the best !

I want to go there , but i know that it's impossible for me but what about this idea.



why impossible ? :-)


Nothing is impossible... Dream big and work hard and you will be able to do anything you like...

Beautiful post,thanks for sharing.

Prague is a beautiful city. Prague is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. and Prague has the top 11 European
destinations 2018 that you know from this post. . Thnks for share @czechglobalhosts

Hello @czechglobalhosts. This is a place to be. I hope to be there someday in order to behold its grandeur. It is indeed a very beautiful city

Beautiful place <3

I really wish to visit :)

extremely fantabolous

It doesn't surprise me - it's a great city! :-)

I knew Czech Republic would be the best

It's really no wonder, Prague is among the most beautiful cities and got 11th position. I've seen the pictures and all are great. Especially this one.


I can feel your excitement as I can remember, when I read a news that "Islamabad" which is Capital of my country Pakistan was ranked as 2nd most beautiful capital in the world. Here's glimpse of one of the beautiful pictures of Islamabad. Hope you would like it.



I haven't checked which destinations are in the top 10, but knowing how wonderful Prague is, the top 10 must be out of this world. On my part though, Prague is way up the top of my list :-)
And let's cheer with a celebratory upvote for you! You are doing a fantastic job promoting the beauty of your country.

I miss the beautiful Wenceslas Square.
This is Lake bled.( Blejsko jezero/Veldeser See) in Slovenia, .
. We launched our first boat in the early morning calm, diligent Korean. This picture is waiting for a year for my expression to be upgraded.20180219_094512.jpg i am @raah.

congragulations.. I am also not surprised by the result.. Your country deserves this..

Beautiful place. I wish i could go there someday and explore beauty of this city.

very beautiful photo

I absolutely disagree, for me it is the most beautiful capital ...


Nice view your capital city historical