7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge - Asian Sunday week #37 - the absolute winner takes 200 SBD!

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Hello fellow Steemians!

I am starting the week #37 of my 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge and we are back to the continent of Asia.

If you like to participate, place your personal image from your travels in Asia in the comment section below with a short 30 to 50 word description. Only use of personal images will be accepted and only one picture can be submitted for a daily photo challenge. Ten winning photos will receive a bigger upvote from me and ten runners-up will get a smaller one.

Chosen from the ten winning entries, the absolute winner of the day will receive extended publicity in my post tomorrow morning. I will also visit his/her blog to upvote one of the most recent posts. The winning picture of the daily challenge will then automatically enter other rounds with the absolute winner gaining approximately 200 SBD in total. So far I have given out thousands of dollars in upvotes and hundreds of SBD in rewards.

After today´s Asian photo contest, the 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge will be followed as per below rotation and then starting again with Asia on next Sunday.

• Monday: Australia and New Zealand
• Tuseday: Antarctica + the world’s oceans
• Wednesday: Africa
• Thursday: Europe
• Friday: North America
• Saturday: South America

See the winner of the last week´s Asian Sunday @amyalfatasya with the following entry:

@amyalfatasya with the following entry:

Tourist destination beach lhok seudu "Aceh Besar, Indonesia" no doubt about the beauty and feel of the beach. The beach is about 30 kilometers from the city of "Banda Aceh" is one of the most visited tourist attractions of local and Asian tourists. The beach is only 10 kilometers from the highway is very beautiful when the sun sets. Even some time ago there was a sailing ship belonging to foreign citizens who are enjoying the beauty of this Lhokseudu beach.

Click on the image for a large view

For more information about the 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge and conditions see my original post: 200 SBD 7 World's Continents Photo Challenge - 2018 guidelines – 09/05 update

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645 sunset at the lovers rocks (14).jpg

Sado Island, Japan

One of the more remote places here is this small island on Japans's west coast. During Edo time, the shogunate used to ban people who fall from grace so there are still some interesting places to visit. However the most stunning part is it's nature, empty beaches with clear water, fresh sea food and the quietness especially on the western side of the island. Some off-the-beaten track destination.


Tremendous image! You just gotta love that red color!

Difficile de parler de l'Asie sans évoquer la culture du riz. Omniprésente dans tout le continent, elle nous apporte des paysages étonnants et des scènes de travail souvent touchantes. Celle-ci vient de l'intérieur de l'île de Bali.It's hard to talk about Asia without mentioning rice growing. Omnipresent throughout the continent, it brings us amazing landscapes and work scenes often touching. This one comes from inside the island of Bali.


D300 - 200mm


Yep, the sign of Asia:).... those rice fields are incredible!


Yes they are. I can't imagine the work to build its...


These are the Lycian rock-cut tombs in Myra, Turkey. Myra was an ancient greek city where the town of Demre is today. Lycia was an ancient region at the southern coast of Turkey. These rock cut tombs served the Lycian people as a necropolis.

Complete post: https://steemit.com/travel/@roadtrips/the-ancient-tombs-of-myra-7-world-s-continents-photo-challenge-czechglobalhosts-en-ger


What an incredible place. Thank you for you post as well. Tomas

This is my entry to the contest @czechglobalhosts. This picture was taken at victorya park memorial which is situated at kolkata.This was built by marble in 1906.Inside this memorial you can found a museum. This is really wonderful place to visit.


What a great place and wonderful image. Thank you so much for sharing. Tomas

Hi there,

I wanna share you all the long exposure photo that I took about 2 weeks ago.
This place is named Eo Gio in Quy Nhon, Vietnam - one of the spectacular landscape in the beach of the Middle of Vietnam.
I really like to go to the beach in summer, how about you?!


My gear and camera setting:

CameraCanon 6D
LensTamron 17-35mm
Focal length27mm
Exposure time3.2s

@jumartphoto All rights reserved


I love the beach myself! Thank you so much for your contribution to the challenge. Tomas


Many thanks for your comment! :D
Hope to enter to more your contest :)

Every once in a while it always good to see things from different perspective :)


I took this aerial picture when i was on my way trekking down the hill to get to Seganing waterfall , in Indonesia. Its a beautiful waterfall, located next to the ocean. From above it looks like a little jacuzzi in a turquoise colored water. Its a totally a hidden gem in a paradise, as not many tourist come here yet, considering the rough treks.

Hope you guys enjoy this picture :)


You just gotta love that crystal clear water! Wonderful.


Going to the beach is an old story never missed by the people of Aceh before the month of Ramadan. They often call it last week. Aceh people who go to this beach in addition to bathing activities in the sea are also often to eat together, because tomorrow in the month of fasting should no longer eat there morning-afternoon and evening. This last week I recorded on the beach of Gampong Jawa Banda Aceh.


What an incredible image and story behind it! Love it!

Aceh, the westernmost part of Sumatra island, holds a myriad of beautiful natural beauty charms.
Like Banda Aceh which is the capital of Aceh with Baiturrahman Great Mosque as city icon.
On this occasion I will share a little story about the activities of Traditional Fishermen in the coastal city of Banda Aceh.
Namely, Kampung Jawa is named.
Located in the western part of the city of Banda Aceh or 15 minutes less than the city center.
Yes, here we will find various activities of coastal communities of Banda Aceh.
Starting from fishing, relaxing with family and even Fisherman Activities when catching fish in the sea using trawl (nets).
Here the sunset is a sight that is always served for the visitors.

Setting f/10.0 | 1/125 | 18.0 mm | IS/100

Warm regards @czechglobalhosts


Thank you so much for your contribution and have a great day. Tomas


thanks again @czechglobalhosts, appreciation.
Warm regards

Activities that have been hereditary since the past until now and still done traditionally to this day.

Original Settings Photo : 18.0 mm | 1/40s | f/22.0 | ISO 200 : @mata.lensa

"Tarek pukat" Is a daily tradition for local people living on the coastal periphery.
Uniquely this activity is done mandatory in men and performed 6 to 9 men

Warm regards @czechglobalhosts


Wow, that image is just something else and great story to. Truly wonderful entry. Tomas


thank you @czechglobalhosts
that's a very special thing.
I am pleased

Gampoeng jawa beach is the most captivating to enjoy a very beautiful sunset. many local people and foreign countries who come to enjoy the sunset and buy fish from coastal fishermen because here every day there is activity "Tarek Pukat" or catch fish with seashore.


I have also posted this photo on my blog


Stunning image! Thank you so much for sharing and have a great day. Tomas


Hello Steemian's

This shot i took at Koh Similan's Marine National Park. Its group of 8 islands and and my picture its from biggest one call Similan Island. View point its on the highest hill and it will take about 20-30 minutes to get there ( up to your physical condition). The sea here is very clear with visibility about 35 meters. If you will be enough lucky you can meet here Caretta turtles or massive Whale sharks.

Extremely diverse. Overflowing with history. The historic city of Jeruzalem is a world on its own, with such great religious diversity. It is home to Arabs and Jews, Israelis and Palestinians, monks and rabbis, but also everything in between. Go and visit the Temple Mount complex, which has both the Dome of the Rock and the golden beautiful Al-Aqsa Mosque, holy to Islam.

Considered to be the largest living museum of the Miao minority ethnic culture, Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village is located in Guizhou province in Southwest China. The locals have been living for centuries in these traditional wooden houses on the slopes of hills. Look at how people's residences blend with the natural settings in such perfect harmony!

click the image for a better view

More photos and details: https://steemit.com/cn/@itchyfeetdonica/101-follow-me-to-a-typical-miao-village-in-southwest-china-1-first-impression

This is the wonderful of color at dusk at Lhoknga beach, Aceh Besar district, Aceh province, Indonesia. This beach is the most popular tourist attractions in Aceh, tourists from various regions including foreign tourists also visit this beach because here is the perfect place to see the sunset and enjoy the atmosphere of dusk.

However, to be able to see the colored sky like this is a moment, because not every dusk at Lhoknga beach is colorful and beautiful, especially during overcast weather conditions.


1/160s; f/4.5; 10mm; ISO 400; Photograph : @zikmaulana



Hana lawan


Sangat indah dua anak dara berjalan di tepi pantai.

During national day in Bangladesh, everyone is putting a flag out of his windows, car or else.
you can easily find a flag anywhere on the streets from any mama (polite way to call someone) who are adding colours to the country with all these flags.

click on the image to see it full screen

Location: Dhaka, Banglasdesh

Boat at Monkey Beach in Penang, Malaysia

On Monkey Beach in Penang, Malaysia I had one of my best couchsurfing experiences: I couchsurfed with a Malaysian guy who lives in a tent on the beach and runs a small beach bar where he sells coconuts and beer.

1/200s; 24mm; f/11.0; ISO 100

I have also posted this photo on my blog.

My entry to the asian sunday is a photo from my visit to Angkor Wat in Cambodia.
This photo were taken by me in August 2017. I have been there just for one day, but believe me one single day is not enough.
The temple complex Angkor Wat in Cambodia is on a site measuring 162.6 hectares the largest religious monument in the world.

For full view, please click on the image!

Hi. This is my entry for this contest.
The Dragon Bridge
This is the Dragon Bridge in Da Nang city, Vietnam. It is the symbol for the dream to become a Dragon city of Danang, also become the new Dragon in Asia of my country, Vietnam. Danang is the most beautiful city, the most worthy to live in Vietnam. This Dragon can spray fire or water through his mouth. It will create the spectacular view for the tourists. This photo was taken by long exposure, created the reflection in the Han river. We warmly welcome you to the Danang City - the city of the bridges.

Setting : 15 sec at f/12 ISO/100 12.0mm + Gnd "Filter reverse09"

Aceh is one of the provinces in Indonesia. Aceh is also known as a privileged area. Starting from culture, tradition and even tourism. One of the most visited tourist attractions by both local and foreign visitors is the tourist destination of Lhoknga beach. Lhoknga Beach is famous for its big and long waves. Enjoy the natural beauty of the sunset on this beach no doubt. The ocean directly facing the strait of the Indies, a favorite place for the lovers of twilight.

As the sun sets at the west end of your rays you will get used to making the sky redden as if the sky were burning normally. That is the momentum we are waiting for photographing while waiting for the sun at dusk.



Hahahaha haha..... 😂😂😂😂😂
Thank you 👍

Torii Gate


Click on the image to view full screen!

Settingsf/7.1 @ 1/800
CameraPentax K10D
Lens88 mm
LocationLake Ashi, Japan

Canoeing across Lake Ashi in Japan and came across this bridge and torii gate. Thought the setting was beautiful because it was so isolated in the trees with not much else surrounding it. The red against the green was highly visual.

All Content and Photography is Original.
Enjoying my content? Please help support my efforts by resteeming.
Thanks So Much - Liquidtravel

My entry:

It shows the gate to the Sun Yat-sen (Zhongshan) Park in Shaoguan. This is the new year decoration of 2007. Esp. in the city center of Shaoguan they put up a lot of colourful decorations for every new year.

Today I am entering to Tomas’s challenge with one of my favorite cities – Dubai. I love the city and my favorite part is Souk Madinat Jumeirah and vicinity. Typical architecture mixed with modern touch. Would love to take a walk there now…

Please click on the image to enlarge

Link to original post:

Every once in a while it always good to see things from different perspective :)


I took this aerial picture when i was on my way trekking down the hill to get to Seganing waterfall , in Indonesia. Its a beautiful waterfall, located next to the ocean. From above it looks like a little jacuzzi in a turquoise colored water. Its a totally a hidden gem in a paradise, as not many tourist come here yet, considering the rough treks.

Hope you guys enjoy this picture :)

your contest is a great one. then photography in it is just world class. more over the images are beutiful and authentic

Patient waiting for his treatment at a vet in Ho Chi Minh City. I did a whole series on street animals in this city. All the cats and dogs we encountered during our for 91 days.


@czechglobalhosts I got a questions, would I be allowed to post to a related link to an article from where the picture was taken from.

This is from my recent trip to Turkey, at the Istanbul beach what a sight this was. I was disappointed to miss the sunset but got this gorgeous shot in the midst of everything.

Sunset Red in the West end of the Island of Sumatra. Aceh, one of coastal areas that make the Sunset as the appeal of tourists. Both local and foreign. Lot of the Ocean in Aceh that will give Panorama Sunset for those who waiting. Today I mendapatlan Sunset with Red so beautiful. Sunday Red. Maybe it title Sunset for today


Sorry I can not participate, I have no talent for photography ... and the contestants here are really excellent

Currently residing here at Singapore. Walking around the CBD during golden hour is worth it😍 Got to see different play of lights complementing the sky.

(I also talked about it on one of my posts)


Ujung Pancu is the name of a village in Aceh Besar, Aceh, Indonesia, located at the tip of the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. Here we can enjoy the beautiful sunrise on the eastern horizon and fishing activities.


This is one of the pictures I took through my phone.
This photo I took at the end of my country, almost every day this beach filled with visitors.
This beach is very beautiful, clear water becomes the main reason for visitors to come to this place.

Sunset can not we deny he has a beauty so amazing I myself never get tired of enjoying the beauty of sunset over and over again even though the sunset just come briefly but the beauty makes anyone who see it will be fascinated, and this sunset I found on the edge of rice fields in the village I.

Hello, here is my submission for Asian Sunday week.
the sunset and the river. this shot was taken at the time of sunset when i visited bikrampur, Bangladesh. it's really a amazing place to visit.
Here is the photo :

That picture from @amyalfatasya
seems like it is made in heaven, and animated by the god itself.

it is truly a masterpiece of an work.


Hi friend . thanks you so much..


Hi friend . thanks you so much..

Hey All, I'd like to submit this photo to the Asian-Photocontest.
I took it a few months ago on Koh Phi Phi Lee, the "Beach" Island in the south of Thailand. A beautiful but too well known paradise!
I love the way how those skippers maneuver their long tail boats.

5 (1 von 1).JPG

Views in the city of banda aceh at sunset I saw a very beautiful moment in the underpass in the village beurawe banda aceh.Underpass this one of the new building is ready to work in banda aceh. Aceh is very safe to be visited by tourists in the country or abroad let alone to the city banda aceh. Hopefully my friends love this photo thank you.