Travel Tip: Pancava Waterfalls, the tallest waterfalls in the Czech Republic

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Dear Steemit friends and followers,

Welcome to my Travel Tip series where I promote some of the most beautiful places, interesting landmarks and impressive architectural sites of my homeland, the Czech Republic.

Today, I will take you to one of the most impressive natural places of the country, the renowned Pancava Waterfalls.

Source: Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons)

Located just above Spindleruv Mlyn, a popular ski resort in the Krkonose Mountains, the Pancava Waterfalls is a series of water cascades, totaling at a height of almost 150 m (490 ft), making it the tallest waterfalls in the Czech Republic.

Fed by the Pancava Stream, the waterfalls is carved into granite bedrock and surrounded by the breathtakingly beautiful nature of the Krkonose National Park. The waterfalls has been a sought-after tourist attraction but since it is a part of the national park, the access has been limited to protect it from the detrimental affects of mass tourism.

Source: Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons)

There are currently several look-out spots offering great views of this amazing natural wonder. Spring is the best time to visit the site as it is when the massive thawing of snow makes the waterfalls bigger and even more fascinating to look at.

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Wow..amazing..capture dear..thanks for sharing..

Hi @czechglobalhosts, Pancava Waterfalls is most adorable looks indeed beautiful naturalize place who want to enjoy or visit awesomeness place in Prague. Absolutely wondering to see there creativity. May be It's magical power of the nature in Prague. Sure I'll see Pancava Waterfalls in future Thomas. You're the best travel promoter When I see.

The waterfalls has been a sought-after tourist attraction but since it is a part of the national park, the access has been limited to protect it from the detrimental affects of mass tourism.

It's automatically nature given facility to protect around environment. Nice location nice founder. Smart travel assistance.

@czechglobalhosts, I am really proud of you. Because of You would like to show the origins of your country. When seen this waterfall it is beautiful. As traveler i like very much

  ·  last year (edited)

Is it natural or made by humans?
100 % natural.i think. Its really a gift if God.
150m long, how beautiful will it look when we will see. It through some distance ♥♥♥
Just loving it sir.
My love for prague has increased one level up ♥♥♥

extraordinary photograph .
the water fall thats looking so cool .. you captured this water fall very nicely. the click was awesome .i always wanted to travel like this place and enjoying this adventure that you did. that's the definition of real life.
but seeing this photography i really feel awesome . thank you for share this

Tracking waterfalls was one of the most fun things I did while I was travelling in Thailand. Just all the effort you need to make to get to those places makes it fun to do.

And at the end you can enjoy the view and swim in and arround the waterfall to clean yourself up after that long road!

I enjoyed the read, wish I could travel as much as you do! Keep it up! :)

Wow... I love the way you include so much in your blog post. It was really nice to read it all and see the photos. It was more than just a story for me.. I felt like I just went on an adventure. :) Very awwesome waterfall dear. Thanks for share @czechglobalhosts

hey @czechglobalhosts Pancava Waterfalls waterfall and Fiji is a stunner with three cascades falling side by side. Once you reach the base it's only a short trek to the waterfalls.. such beautiful places.

@czechglobalhosts Pancava waterfall is tallest in Czech and it measures 148 m. It cascades down to Labsky Dul. Waterfall is easy to access from Labska bouda or Vrbatova bouda. there is pretty big view point above waterfall. Really beautiful waterfall. Thanks for share dear.

the perfect photo ...

lush green landscapes, and beautiful waterfalls seem to be a place to soothe the head to be fresh.
you are a very reliable and perfect photographer,...

wow another gem of prague!
its beauty is just awesome
i wish i was right there this time keenly observing the waterfalls ,the greenery and peace .such an amazing place
hope one day i will visit all these special places you introduce in your travel trip series!

  ·  last year (edited)

I hope you are good. You have given a nice travel related post. I learned a lot from your post. I like the waterfall. I love finding your photo and how you travel, I will try to thank you for your walk. @czechglobalhosts

Beatiful place. Water fall making it more attractive. I show you some photos of these kinds from my beautiful pakistan. I show you how much my mother land is beautiful like you country. Overall i impressed you work. Wish you very very good luck. Keep it up.


This photograph is very beautiful. It is incredible all the wonders that Mother Earth gives us. Each country
It has wonderful landscapes. Thank you


It's a beautiful waterfall. Czech republic is a wonderful tourist attractions.

Based on the fact we see from our view all that science comes from various writings, information, and news. So I really like to read about news that makes me interesting and want to read it over and over again .. Like that make this news. Thank you for the very useful news

Beautiful place. Thanks for the post.

Beautiful landscape friend your homeland seems to be an amazing place. Regards..

Your homeland is a very beautiful place, it is incredible that you promote and you feel proud of your roots. what a peaceful place I hope to visit it some day

Hey @czechglobalhosts your this travel trips is so helpful..thanks for share..

  ·  last year (edited)

Definitely Czech Republic is a very interesting place for tourism, has for all tastes, beautiful landscapes and not only natural. I liked the publication Mr. Tomas. Greetings.

Hello @czechglobalhosts, With all those beauties that present us in a newspaper of the Czech Republic and I want to know, what beautiful places and landscapes. Thank you for this photo of Pancava Falls.

Great post!
A good place to go there.

Hello @czechglobalhosts
What a beautiful detail of nature.
Friend, I congratulate you for such a work of art. It seems carved by man.
Regrettably, authorities must limit access so that the only animal that causes damage to the planet does not end with them.
This is the case in my country.
By the way here I put a photograph of Angel Falls, Venezuela, water fall of 907 meters.
Greetings and Thanks for the article

Que detalle tan bello de la naturaleza.
Amigo lo felicito por semejante obra de arte. Parece tallada por el hombre.
Lamentablemente las autoridades deben limitar los accesos para que el único animal que causa daños al planeta no acabe con ellas.
Así pasa en mi país.
Por cierto aquí coloco una fotografía del Salto Ángel, Venezuela, caída de agua de 907 metros.
Saludos y Gracias por el artículo

Great, it is like a cascade :)

@czechglobalhosts beautiful neture