Best Trip Ever #5: Bali's most beautiful sunset spots

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Sunsets on Bali can be magnificent, you just need to know where to go and be a little bit lucky.
Tanah Lot is one of the most popular places to enjoy the sunset, although it is a tourist trap. You need to pay an entrance fee, it's full of people trying to sell you things, there is a huge crowd inside, but still, the temple looks amazing.


Climb over to the big rocks for the best view with the temple and the sun setting behind it. Be aware that the waves can be sometimes very big and even if you think it won't come to you it's better to observe for a while and see how far the water is going to. Then find your place and enjoy the beautiful scenery.


Go there with your own scooter if possible. On the way there you can find taxis which will be on normal price - Go-Jek, grab, uber, but on the way back those wouldn't exist and only overpriced taxi drivers will be there, taking advantage of the situation where you can't go back in any other way.


Canggu beach
Canggu is becoming very popular during the recent few years among the travel nomads, expats and all kind of a people going to live in Bali. The other popular place Ubud is quickly becoming overcrowded and if you want to get to the beach you need about 2 hours. On the other hand - Canggu has the Beach and the rice terraces all together, so many people are moving from Ubud to it.



The best sunset I have seen on a seaside is exactly in Canggu. It was so spectacular I couldn’t stop taking pictures for nearly one hour. Every few minutes the clouds were changing their colors and I couldn't stop running from place to place to make a better picture. In the end, I gave up and just enjoyed my coconut under the magnificent skies.



Kuta beach
Going south you can enjoy another beautiful sunset in Kuta. The place itself I didn't like. But the sunsets close to the airport while you see planes landing are really nice. Kuta is the closest place to the airport, so every tourist arrives first there. It has good spots for surfing so most of the Australian people go to it and never go other places. Anyway if you are looking for six packs Australian surfer :) and a place full of bars, you can enjoy it there, plus a bonus - a really nice sunset.



Ubud is a place full of people and vehicles, but if you just go out a little bit outside of the main streets you will see how charming and calm it could be. There is a small trek taking you a little bit of the city to rice terraces. It is called Campuhan Ridge Walk. It's higher than the city itself and you can witness magical sunsets from it. Go two hours before the sunset, so you can walk to the village at the end of the trek and have delicious mango juice. Go back to the trek right after the swing and find your place to enjoy the view of the sun setting down.


The Rock Bar
You will find in every article that you need to go to this one. I will go against it. It will make sense to go there only if you would like to impress some girl paying ridiculously overpriced drinks. Yes, they have an infinite pool and yes, they have a fancy elevator to the bar, but the view will be the same from the close by points, and the difference will be only that you won’t be sitting on a chair, surrounded by a people, also sitting on a chair. Decide depending on the occasion if it suits to your plan. I have to say that the staff was very polite, so I guess they can get some extra points for that :).


Pantai tengal wangi beach
A really nice place and a spot for amazing pictures. Be aware of couples making their wedding photos there :). Pay attention to the waves, because I have seen a person which lost his flip-flops going too close to the water and then dragged in it by one pretty huge wave. Go down to the beach and you will find a cave for the best experience and best shots.


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The picture of the picture was taken in Neka Art Museum, Ubud
Thank you for reading and upvoting :). Cheers, Eva


wow, each sunset is uniquely beautiful. great job!

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