ADSactly Travel - This Is How You Spend Your 3 Day Vacation in Dubai

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ADSactly Travel: This Is How You Spend Your 3 Day Vacation in Dubai

Traveling from a city to another is not a new thing for me. Every city shares the common similarities like the lively streets, busy city life, and masses of skyscrapers. But, my first time here in Dubai is not what I expected at all. To use the word of being blown-away is a total understatement.

Dubai is a city that entirely contradicts my imagination. The luxurious high-rise architectures in the desert and the busy city lifestyle never stand a chance to outshine the rich Arabic culture that the locals seek to conserve. There are so much to do in this cosmopolitan city where you realize time passes so quickly when you’re here at this mystical bliss of Dubai. Whether you’re seeking out for a luxury escape or an adventure-filled holiday, this city will surely get you cover.

After spending quite some time here in Dubai, there is so much that I want to share with you. So, here's a guide that I hope will give you some insights about Dubai.

Burj Khalifa

My mind constantly tells me not to be a typical tourist cramping myself in the crowd to take a mandatory photo at a tourist hotspot like everyone else. As much as I dislike this way of traveling, I don't deny that taking photographs at the tallest tower in the world sounds pretty cool!

As touristy as it may be, you can't miss visiting the tallest tower on planet earth. This tower soars with the elevation of 828m and is precisely twice the size of the Princess Tower in Dubai. It is not a surprise that Burj Khalifa is known to be one of the World's Wonders. Besides it being the tallest tower, the tower is used for many purposes. For example: residences, offices, hotels, and also for some lavish restaurants.

At the 148th floor, this new 360 panoramic observation deck is where you need to be! With this great height, you can basically have a stunning view of Dubai and see how the red sandy desert has transformed into this illuminated luxury city that everyone dreams of visiting.

A ticket to visit Burj Khalifa is not the cheapest but, it is worth it for the majestic views. Be sure to book your tickets in advance online because the tickets were sold out quicker than you expected. It is almost impossible for anyone to buy a ticket spontaneously at the counter due to the high demand.

The best time to visit Burj Khalifa is during the evening because of the sunset and for the illuminated skyscrapers. During this peak period, expect that there will be many people getting their camera ready for the perfect sunset shot. Be sure to wait in line a few hours earlier to secure your spot to glimpse the sun slowly set over the sea and perish behind the skyscrapers.

However, if you're not into sunsets, visiting Burj Khalifa in the morning is a good alternative. It is a relaxing and perfect way to start your hectic day in Dubai.

Dubai Fountain

Believe it or not, everything in Dubai is bigger, better and more luxurious. This includes the Dubai Fountain that everyone is talking about on the internet. This world’s largest choreographed dancing water fountain that surrounds the Burj Khalifa is a must see in Dubai!

Dubai Fountain uses a system that is surrounded by 6,600 lights and 25 colored projectors to create the spectacular show that everyone is so mesmerized by. In order to put in this magnificent show, 22,000 gallons of water are shot 500 ft. into the air. Accompanied by a series of illuminated spotlights and tag along by an extensive range of classical to contemporary Arabic and fusion music. And the best part? It's absolutely free of charge!

To catch the show, simply head down to the fountain area that is located right next to Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. The fountain is spectacular in the afternoon and it’s even better at night! To spice things up, get yourself a ticket to access the Dubai Broadway. It is a floating platform built within the Dubai Fountain that is designed for visitors to be closer to the fountain show. You’ll definitely be thrilled to be on the vibrating platform accompanied by the splashes of water on your face during the performance!

Dubai Mall

I once pointed out that everything in Dubai is more dramatic, and The Dubai Mall is no exception. This 13 million square foot mall is bigger than 50 football fields combined. It can take up to an hour for one person to walk from one end to the other in the mall. In short, this enormous mall is a dream come true for those all the shoppers out there!

There are dozens of stores from authentic Arabic souks to luxury international brands. You name it, you'll get it. To top it all off, the mall even features the largest indoor aquarium in the world with an underwater zoo, an indoor theme park and also a largest cinema in Dubai.

This record breaking aquarium can occupy up to 10 million liters of water containing the more than 33 thousand species of marine animals. Different type of fishes ranging from the classic aquarium fish at home to the exotic marine animals like stingrays and sharks. You’ll be surprised for what you can find in this aquarium.

For thrill seeker, you can even join a guided tour to go underwater in the aquarium to see the fishes that swim right in front of your eye. So, why not take a break to pay it a visit?

Dubai Creek

The Dubai Creek separates the city into two towns which are Deira at the north and Bur Dubai at the south. The creek has been a prominent element in the city’s prosperity since before the growth of Dubai’s financial era. During ancient times, the creek was commonly used for fishing. Its warm and shallow waters upheld a vast majority of marine life that made fishing an important industry.

The creek now is being utilized as a tourist attraction. Many Dhows have been restored and converted into tourist boats that bring visitors across the river or to take them on a cruise for tourist to learn about the triumphant stories of times passed along the creek.

Souk Madinat Jumeirah

Never leave Dubai without visiting the souks. To visit the traditional souks, Deira is the best district to go to. The hustle and bustle of the market with fresh spices arriving cart by cart make your anticipation to shop spike. However, if you didn’t already know, Dubai is famous for their gold jewelry. Visit one of the gold souks to find yourself some dazzling golden chains to bring home. If not, window shopping sounds like a good idea too.

Besides these buzzing souks, souk Madinah Jumeirah displays a very distinct atmosphere from the traditional souk. It is more relaxing and less populated but you'll still discover many interesting souvenirs here. For example the Arabic incense, spices, gold, Arabic lamps, etc.

Here at this souk, you can even have a cruise along the canals. It's an excellent spot for those who prefer to have the perfect view of the Burj Al Arab without a mass crowd. The views along the canals are spectacular with the castle-like architecture surrounding the area where you almost forget that you're in Dubai.

Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is the world's largest man-made island. It stretches around 520 kilometers from Dubai's shoreline. This island is believed to be one of the man-made Wonders of the World. Along with the Great Wall of China, you can see this island from outer space.

Many believe this island was built in the shape of a palm to symbolize the myriad of palm trees in Dubai and to maximize beachfront property at the same time.

To visit Palm Jumeirah, the Atlantis offers more than just a hotel. Waterparks, a pristine beach, and shopping malls are available within the building and give you so many reasons not to leave. If you want to splurge on a luxurious stay, give this underwater suite a try.

Lebanese Cuisine

Nothing is impossible in Dubai. You can find everything you want or crave here. Among the food selection available here in Dubai, Lebanese cuisine definitely stands out the most. From kebabs to plates, your options are endless.

Never leave Dubai without trying the renowned hummus, tabbouleh, and the famous desserts like baklava which is a sweet pastry that is filled with chopped pistachio nuts and sweetened syrup.

Authored by: @explorernations

Photographed by: @explorernations

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LOL! So true :-)

They have a tendency of doing everything bigger and with more grandeur. I have never personally been to Dubai but over the years have come to know it from countless friends and relatives. I lived in France for a year and I visited Paris a few times. Yet I'll say that I know Dubai better than Paris.

For me it has to more with getting to know that heart of the place than the buildings.

They have made more efforts in making a name for the city in the desert than most cities do. That shows in the architecture of the city and sometimes it even comes of as a little 'too much'. Still I think the mixture of Emirati and subcontinental cultures more than makes up for it. In fact it probably could be one of the nicest things there.


Absolutely love your comment! But, I have to disagree with the fact that Dubai is better than Paris. These two cities are very distinctive and unique in its own way. However, I guess it's very much depending on a person's view. Anyway, wishing you all the best and hopefully, you'll make it there soon :)

Very beautiful place I think the place is the most beautiful place in the world, and the place of good and touring place in the place of first place. When you came from there, thank you so much thank you so much for sharing with us in the photography and try to make comments with them very carefully dubai City is beautiful and the world's famous supercar is dipping and the only place you have in Dubai is Sir Just shared among us I evaluate because we have to travel so much for sharing our beautiful content. Thank you so much. Sir, this photography and articles spend money to share with us. I think the only economic self-sufficient is for those traveling to their country and The people there spend a lot of money and they live in a splendid life.


Thank you so much for the compliment :) I am glad that I brought you some insights about this beautiful city. Dubai is definitely a rich man heaven, but there's also another part of the city where it shows the authentic culture of the UAE. Thanks for supporting us! Regards from @adsacty & @explorernations

Oh wow!!!! I hope I can visit Dubai one day. Those pictures are awesome!

Hah, i'll be the first one to comment? :) Love Dubai too, so reading through your impressions relived it once again, so thanks for that. Nice photos helped too. By the way did you ever see LV fountains?


Thanks! A photo speaks a million words. Unfortunately, not yet. Hopefully I'll be able to make it there one day. Finger crossed.

Wow, Dubai looks very impressive. Thanks for the photos.

WOW what an incredible place and an incredible location. I would love to go skydiving in dubai, that's been on my bucket list for years!!! Thanks for more tips.


Skydiving in Jumeirah is really awesome! Wishing you all the best :) Thanks for the support @adsactly & @explorernations

Dubai is such a beautiful city, One of the creations of modern day 21st-century man.A city powered by the wealth and riches of the oil holding shakes.It makes people belive that even man can create a heaven on earth.


They are more than just profiting from oil & gases. The financial industry and tourism have contributed very much to the economy. But, I do agree that Dubai is like the heaven on earth :)

Dubai truly is a Jewel in the Middle East. It still preserves it's Arabic culture and religion but in a way which is friendly to visitors and Non-Muslims. Also, it is taking the money earned from a non-replenishable resource like oil and investing it into the cities infrastructure to create opportunities for business and tourism. When the oil runs out in places like Saudi Arabia and Iraq I don't know what will happen to the countries economy and political state, but I think UAE will be able to survive on it's own once it is completed.


Wow! I totally agree with your opinion. Dubai is definitely a self-sufficient country that can flourish without much depending on the oil & gas industry. This city definitely sets a very good example for others to strive and thrive like them. Thanks for dropping by and all the support! Kind regards from @adsactly & @explorernations

I have heard alot about Dubai. I wish i can go there one day, but that is not feasible for now due to non availability of resourses. What a nice and beautiful place!

Dubai is a beautiful place to visit for about a week. I've been a few times, had a good time. It's modern and comfortable, if you don't know anyone local to take you inside the real local families, etc. and you stay in hotels, it just feels Western(ized) in the same way Vegas or Singapore does. Good shopping, spectacular architecture, international food.


Absolutely true. Since Dubai is a cosmopolitan city, everything over there is pretty much westernized. So, you'll definitely find a lot of similarities with the US.
Thanks for supporting us! Regards from @adsacty & @explorernations

Great post, although not the best time of year to come as it is awfully hot and these days very "sandy". Not sure if you noticed but during the day you can see a kind of fog which is just light sand floating around, decreasing your views from the Burj. You seemed to have visited the main spots, although I heard the new frame is pretty cool although I haven't visited yet. To any tourist in Dubai I recommend a quick trip down to Abu Dhabi, to visit the mosque. One of the most amazing buildings I have seen worldwide!


It's hot all year round except during the winter time which I highly recommend one to travel at this time. It's way more comfortable. I visited both the main attraction and also the laid-back side of Dubai. This is a 3 days guide which I suggest for first-timers to Dubai. If you have a longer time in Dubai, I am pretty sure I can recommend some less popular places to visit. Totally agree with the point that everyone should travel to Dubai on the way. The mosque is magnificent! It's so much to learn about the mosque and the architecture just blew me away!

Dubai looks fantastic modern city in the Middle East rich people, modern school, and buildings but in the middle east there are millions of people in refugees camp in need of a safe place to live why they dont open their door to the brother around the M.E that are running from war shame on them


There's always a good and downside of a country.

Dubai is awesome

Dubai is out of earth.
A perfect location for a vacation.
Dubai is a most visit,if not for any other thing , for the pictures with colour Lamborghinis.


Haha. Totally. Just for the sake of those exotic vehicles, I would travel to Dubai again and again!

Two factual errors. First, Abu Dhabi is the largest emirate in the country. Second, the Burj Khalifa is NOT the tallest "structure" ever built. There is this radio tower in North Dakota that's the tallest structure in the world.That being said, I expected better from an post. I expected to read more of the lesser known historical sites and culture of the city, instead of the "luxory tourist stuff" for which the city is already known


First of all, I don't recall me making the statement about Dubai being the largest city in the country. Secondly, I guess you need to get your facts right before criticizing. Burj Khalifa has surpassed the height of the radio tower you mention like 8 years ago. The tower now is ranked to be no.4 highest tower in the world. I guess you need to read up a little before making your statement.

IMG_4319.PNGIMG_3601.JPGa25f1023-d9b5-44cd-b687-cde2d59eca4e.jpgiTHIS IS BEAUTIFUL. In as much i am in love with this and wish to make this journey to Dubai someday. I would ask, have you visited AFRICA. probably the opposite of DUBAI but certainly going to give you a different feel than any other place. The noice , the heat , the food?? Nigeria especially with the best jollof rice. can't wait to see a post of you in AFRICA someday


Finger cross that I'll make it to Africa one day! I've heard so much about the good food over there!

Wow, what a beautiful buildings, Bucketlist +1

I like Dubai, very beautiful place

Dubai city is very good
This city is big cinemas and roads
I like you Dubai city

muy interesante y las fotos muy bonitas

@adsactly Seriously the tower look like that!! I want to go!!!!!!


Yes! It looks like that :D

Dubai is very lovely city i want to go there @adsactly i think this is very excited journy?

Your photos are beautiful, very good photo, thanks for sharing. Greetings from Venezuela @adsactly


Thank you so much :)

What a beautiful city view. Dubai is such a nice place to stay, live or visit!

Earth paradise is Dubai now. Great post and nice pictures

great guide to know dubait, is the country of wonders. Many luxuries and money. as in ada's story.

Dubai is very good country in tours
Please vote me

so nice photography i appreciate your travel thanks for sharing this city..


Thank you :) Hope it helps, see you around~