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That was NOT how I expected to spend my day...

I woke up (yes I sleep, sometimes) yesterday morning and got pretty excited. STEEM was over $2 USD, SBD was over $2 USD, and BTC was cruising up towards $3000 USD. Since steemit got me into crypto, things like that actually matter to me now, so I was excited about it and made a post.

A lot of people joined in the celebration in the comment section, and then I had to run to town. (The reason for the trip to town was amazing and I'll try to share about it tomorrow... I guess later today... when I wake up anyway...)

Anyway, we wound up making a home-school field trip out of it and went to the lake to learn about the creatures that fill certain niches in the ecosystem.

These days I keep steemit up on my phone, so I check in throughout the day to reply to comments and upvote posts. I noticed that one user, namely @richq11, had made a peculiar comment on my post.

It would be even better if I could turn some into cash and get something to eat!

Now this comment could mean a lot of things, so I asked if @richq11 knew how to cash out yet. Another reply came, which included the following.

If by some miracle I'm able to do that (and don't die of starvation in the interim) then into a bank account!

This time I tried to help a bit by sharing some info on how to cash out some STEEM and SBD into USD. However, there were some issue with that, and another reply came, which included the following:

My problem is I'm down to 5 packs of Ramen noodles and a few bananas... I thought about trying to sell SBD outright to somebody for cash money...

By this point, even @papa-pepper knew that @richq11 was serious. The man mentioned Ramen noodles, so you had to believe him! Trust me, I know what Ramen noodles really stand for. I've even featured them in a recipe I posted on steemit.

By this point I knew that something had to be done, but was @papa-pepper really the one to do it? I made some quick calculations and figured that from where I was, it was only about a 2 1/2 hour drive to where @richq11 was. Of course I only know the guy a bit from steemit, but I do know that he is a steemian, and that he lives in Arkansas. Plus, I made him this GIF a while back.

Since I had some cash on me, plus a full tank of gas, and some time to spare, I figured that I had better step in and help another steemian out. Soon, we finished up at the lake, grabbed some quick lunch, and were off on our drive. Since @papa-pepper rolls thick these days with the lovely @mama-pepper at my side and five @little-peppers right behind, I knew that a "2 1/2 hour drive" may take us a little longer, but we were up for it!

Before too long, some of the @little-peppers began to lose their ambition. For those of us who pressed on, we got to enjoy some amazing scenery.

Up and down these wonderful rolling hills we went, until we had another opportunity.

Should we actually go through one too? After a quick show of hands, and an honest evaluation of possible other options, the speed of traffic, and the need of another steemian, we chose to go for it!

So, there we were, speeding up, down, and through the hills!

Eventually we made it all the way to the Oklahoma border, almost. I called @richq11 and he directed me to the place. Here is where things started to feel a bit like a drug deal.

Now honestly, I can still remember a younger @papa-pepper who lived a much different life, so I have a certain understanding of the situation to which I am comparing this. Here are a few of the similarities.

  • Going somewhere you have never been before.
  • Bringing cash for a purchase.
  • Buying something from someone you have never met before.
  • A certain, strange, "okay, I guess this is how we do this" feeling

Now trust me, @richq11 seems like a great guy and he didn't make the situation weird or awkward any more than I did, but it still kind of had that feel to it.

While @mama-pepper and the @little-peppers played in the yard, we went to the computer. @Richq11 pulled up his account, made some quick calculations, and transferred his SBD into my account. I reached into my briefcase, took out a stack or twenties, and counted out the cash. It kind of felt more like trading on the black market rather than on the market, but, we pulled it off.

In the end, @richq11 got some cash for his crypto without having to go through a trading site or bank, and @papa-pepper got to invest in steemit by purchasing some SBD and helping another steemian out. It was great to finally meet a "neighboring" steeemian that I had known for a bit online.

Trust me, a lot more occurred yesterday than just this, so I'll keep you posted and be sharing soon enough. Until then, steemit like you mean it! Have any of you ever bought crypto like this?

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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I can't wait to meet other Steemers in RL!

When there are meetups in every city, I'll know we've gone mainstream.

I have gone to meetups in Wisconsin and Missouri, was even considering doing a steemit road trip.

You and the peppers are always welcome in Iowa, if you ever do that.

We've been there, and will return! Thanks!

You are an amazing example for all Steemians! Helped the guy out and got some SBD for cash! Awesome! Can't wait to read about what else you did yesterday!

I've got two more posts coming, and I think they are some pretty cool stuff.

I will definitely be checking them out!

Oh, I forgot the best part. We left our bacon in his fridge as a gift!

All that and he gets the bacon!

Yes, I have posted already about how Bacon is one of the best gifts known to mankind. Read more about it here: https://steemit.com/awesomeness/@papa-pepper/the-gift-of-bacon

Yum bacon! I think my boyfriend would 100% agree with you on this.

Nice one man I like to see money in the hands of good people rather than greedy bankers!

I'm intrigued to see what else happened now 😎

Cool blog bro.

Thank you very much.

A fantastic story of human kindness @papa-pepper.
A 5 hour round trip to help a stranger out - incredible!

great story.

and people say you cant use the crypto yet.

Steem even provides food

It sure does.

Only you could do this @papa-pepper
I have a steemy journey reading your experience. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you my friend.

Hi, I also bought my first Bitcoins this way.
The seller of Btc forced us to go into the hall entrance of a bank (after closing). This place was secure for him because we were filming!

Very interesting!

This cryptocurrency situation is crazy. We have potential to make so much money. The cool thing about making money like this is you can do it while hanging out with your daughter. I followed you so I can read more of your stories

Glad you liked it. Followed back.

Nice post! Thanks. Please follow me: @martinst

Had fun reading this post, and some of your other posts. I don't know if you would mind looking at my posts and giving me some tips. I would greatly appreciate it.

Great post, deserves a follow!

I don't know why i found that as funny as i did XD but it was such a sweet thing to do :)

I wrote it to be humorous too! Glad that you liked it!

Hahah That was a fun story!
I can't wait to do my first steem trade ;)


Any Steemers in India? I don't think steemit is much popular here, as of now...

There are lots of them. Go to steemit.chat and join #India channel

It will be especially as the marketcap moves up. share your posts on FB too so they can be redirected there and see what its about

nice post @papa-pepper please vote and follow me @ichsan

i said before youre a great man, teaching you daghter like that!!:)inspiration:)

I Love a WIN WIN situation !

Great story! Thanks for sharing. Were you able to show him how to use exchanges while you were there?

No bank account or shift card, so he's not really set up yet, but he'll look into it.

This is fantastic. Community is about more than comments on a post...way to model that for the masses, but more locally, to your kidlets.

Inspirational post as always! @papa-pepper

Cool, inspiring story!

An entertaining post, enjoyed reading it. Voted :)

Nice post. Vote and follow @berkat

Lol, never bought Steem this way, but i think a great guesture to someone in need of help.

It is very nice of you the help. It is sweet when people take feew hours from ther time to help other people.

You have the best stories! And so true to steem. Original. Authentic. Heartfelt!

wow,that's very nice of you papa,helping a brother in need. what cute little pepper you have there. thanks to mama pepper for agreeing to make such bold move.

Before too long, some of the @little-peppers began to lose their ambition.

This is so beautiful

I really like your story. Keep sharing.

Its great to hear that you go out of your way to help out a fellow steemian. Your tales of adventure always intrigues me and I always look forward to your next post. Cheers bud @papa-pepper

That is an awesome thing you did there.

I told you before, you should be called Super @papa-pepper To the rescue again! I'm glad it is difficult to cash out, but, not in those circumstances. Glad @richq11 got to eat!

You are just like that new app... "Abra" where you do can become a Bitcoin ATM... now Steemit has one too. Bravo.

I have actually! Back in early 2011 I was a casual member of a local crypto fan group and one of the guys was super paranoid. He always bought paper wallets with cash from the other members. It always felt like a drug deal.

Of course, I think silk road was gaining steam about then (?) so maybe it was a drug deal.

This is sweeet! One day we have a network of Cryptocurrency Network event! =)

Nice story, great to hear about spreading the love around the steemosphere.

Haha that's a great story! Stay awesome Papa Pepper!!

One day I hope i'm a whale like you and be as cool. Til then I'll swim in these murky minnow waters.

Crypto Gawd, OUT!!

What a beautiful story! You have a great heart @papa-pepper!!

Thank you.

I remember this ramen recipe of yours way back when I was just new in the platform. Just trying to remember our early days in steemit. So much growth, especially you. How amazing steemit is.

Bless you @papa-pepper for reaching out to a fellow Steemian, and to your family for going along with you. You are teaching valuable life lessons to the little peppers.
I also appreciate your willingness to be flexible enough to do this, instead of caught up in the day-to-day to do list that can very easily control you. Taking the time to listen to that small whisper that guides you on what you should do.
Thank you for your post, you and Steemit are making me realize there still are good people out there.

Hallo papa I just joined steemit and please guide me, I want also like papa and please follow me papa @ papa-pepper

That is very nice of you @papa-pepper.
I got my first cash for my crypto by transferring to @fisteganos who then sent the naira equivalent to my bank account. I had no idea how to convert Sbd to naira then.

Way to go @fisteganos!

I'm glad to hear that I am not the first! Very cool @woleybabz!

I always try to be a good big brother 😊

Looks like you are doing a good job!

I think I have to find a money printer who prints some paper steem.

You're a really good dude my friend! We need more people like you

Wanna be one? Or are you already?

I'd say I am one but we could always get better and do more good in the world

That is actually super rad you traveled that far to help a brother out. Not even about the steem part thats rad too but just having compassion. The world is lacking that these days atleast on the west coast everybody is going 100 mph and cant stop.

I'm glad that you appreciate it!

Very good post :) and this must be taken seriously .

Thank you. I agree!

you are welcome :)

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Always does feel kinda sketchy - especially when they ask you to use Wickr and all that haha.

This is amazing. You're great papa-pepper, I want to see steemit filled with stories like this one.

Your posts are really cool @papa-pepper
Waiting for more such posts!!!

Excellent post brother! Way to be the hands and feet! You and @mama-pepper are setting such an excellent example for your children on what it is to be Christ like! Steem on!

Lol, @papa-pepper carries a briefcase?

Dude,.. papa-pepper you got a new follower, I must say hands down this is one of my favorite poat on the site.. the drug dealer feeling, helping another person out.. and you can just blantly see rhe honesty because of the ramen noodles i been there before to.. this is just awesome I wish the best to you and yours. Good post

I read this post and enjoyed it, but all I can think is, "How did @papa-pepper grab the throat of an Alligator Snapper without losing a finger?!"

That's a great story. Nice to see you help someone out like that. Someone who wants to cash out of some STEEM posed a question about the logistics of it. The transaction you did avoided any tax consequences for both you and @richq11, but do you know how to address the tax consequences of converting STEEM to fiat via say a checking account tied to your tax ID? Perhaps you can educate both this gentleman and myself by responding to his inquiry? Thanks. And I hope what you did for rich comes back and repays you ten fold...altho I doubt the 1000% gain will come via further appreciation of the STEEM price. :-)

Wow! @papa-pepper, this post got me curious, your dollar proof made sense but not convincing enough. Did you forget to take some pics with @Richq11 ??? Boom!!!

He prefers not to put his photo online. His post about it may convince you.

fascinating story, the adventure really! so glad to read. you are brilliant.

I gave cash to a Bitcoin ATM for some Bitcoin. We have to support our robot overlords.

Wonderful story!!

Now that's a cool post. I'd been thinking of interviewing @richq11 as being one of our older Steemers. You could have done that for me!

Your a good man Charlie Brown!

You should interview him. I think he's 71!

Hey, @papa-pepper,

That's great news!

@richq11 has been very supportive, often visiting my blog with encouraging comments. I'm really glad you were able to reach out to him this way. ;)



I figured that someone should step in and help out.

Hahaha! First of that's kind of a crazy, but awesome story. Second--I live in a fairly big city and I know NO ONE who trades crypto. I think I would probably do the same just to meet someone else who is obsessed!!

What a great uplifting story. We always hear about the negative and not much about these interactions between one another in this world of super tech. This proves that perhaps there is hope for this techno evolution after all. Kudos to you!

On another note, good for you for taking the bull by the horns and home schooling! It's a commitment that is well worth it.

seems to me like a brotherhood or a fraternity. its one for all and all for one.

and were off on our drive.

YEAH, Roadtrip!

Sent some mail today. The black seeds are Green Chinese Noodle Beans and the maroon seeds are Red Chinese Noodle Beans.

I'll be looking for them. Already searching for recipes. I suppose I better not count my beans 'til they sprout. Thanks

Well your post is very good to always look, if this goes on I can give a hundred until there.
Thank you for posting useful for us all, good luck bro, hopefully always in the protection of god

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