[ Trading ] Bitcoin still bullish, but waiting for more Bulls!

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Bitcoin is holding $6300 and we are up from 14 Aug lows, but we need more bulls to break $6600 to make higher highs. We are in a bear market, but you get the feeling we are due a bounce to $7000.

Will we see good news bring back more bulls this week?

Here is Dan from the Chart Guys with his views.

Zukul Trading Update:

Jeremy Rush announced a new bot to join Zukul soon, but not sure when. The bot will be trading Binary Options. This looks very risky and more like gambling. But maybe this bot will work better than the crypto bots because it can make money with buy and sell calls.

Here is the hangout where he does a manual trading on the Binary Options:

What do you think of Binary Options? Do you know of a successful Binary trading bot?

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Thank you. :)

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I have been cloud mining for the last 2 years, but stopped promoting it due to the low returns from Jan 2018.

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when bullish
its down 8500 to 6500

Bitcoin chart has been very frustrating for the last 7 months.

Buy in Bulls!

I don't think we're up for the run yet.. The BTC/USD shorts keep rising, while the longs continue to fall. (as I mentioned here). Besides this, the market sentiment on Tradingview is bearish and Bitcoin is ranked as "strong sell" (See here).

Cheers! ✌

Bitcoin is still very bearish. Not good.

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