100-Word Story Results and New Contest for 9/8/18

Hello fiction writers! We invite you to join the 100-word short story contest, hosted by The Writers’ Block.

In this post we will announce the winners of the previous contest and provide the new two-word prompt for the next round.

The Winning Entry

Thank you to everyone who participated in the first 100-word short story contest. We had some excellent stories, which made it a huge challenge to choose just one winner. The contest judges were @jayna, @rhondak, @shadowspub, and @gmuxx. The criteria:

  • Write an engaging short story in 100 words.
  • Include one or more characters, a conflict, a story arc, and a resolution.
  • Include the two prompt words.
Congratulations to the contest winner, @tanglebranch, with "The Kitten." We loved your entry because it tells a fresh and engaging story, with a complete story arc that includes a solid beginning, middle, and end. The mechanics are impeccable, with consistent POV, tense, and voice. You didn't use excessive filters, it is properly formatted, and there are no basic grammar or spelling mistakes.

New Prompt and Contest Rules

That was so much fun. Let’s do it again! Here are the contest rules, the deadline, and the two prompt words you need to incorporate into your story.
  • Write a story in exactly 100 words. (Note: This is a short story contest, so make sure you submit a story, not poetry or non-fiction.)
  • Incorporate both of the following prompts in your story: figure, someone.
  • Use the following tags: #twbwritingcontest, #100words
  • Post your story to your own blog, and provide the link in the comments of this post.
  • If you include an image with your story, it must be your own original work, Creative Commons, or legally licensed to you for commercial use. For more information, HERE is a helpful resource. Be sure to provide attribution, even if it is your own artwork or photography.
  • Submit your story by the contest deadline of Saturday, September 22th, 2018, by 23:59 EST.

This contest will have one winner, who'll receive 10 Steem.

While it is not a requirement, we will appreciate it very much if you upvote this post and resteem. Thank you!

Contest Tips

This contest is about writing tight fiction. It’s about honing your craft by writing within a strict word limit and taking the time to make every word count. Writing micro-fiction is an excellent vehicle for sharpening your skills because you have a succinct piece of content to write and polish.

How to be a contender

  • Take the time to write and edit your story.
  • To be a contender, make sure your story includes these elements:
  1. One or more characters.
  2. A conflict. This can be anything that creates a challenge for the character(s), including a disagreement, a threat, a loss or a longing.
  3. A story arc. Build the tension. Make us feel wary, excited, fearful, etc.
  4. A resolution. Bring it all to a close in a satisfying way.
  • Get objective evaluation of your work, preferably by someone with editing or critique experience.
Typically, winners of our contests (which are judged by mainstream publishing standards) are writers who've workshopped with us or with another pro-level writing group. This isn't favoritism. It is simply an acknowledgement of those who've done the work and logged the time learning how to deliver high-quality fiction. This shows in the finished product, and we won't penalize anyone for that. The same opportunities that have been afforded to them are afforded to everyone on the Steem blockchain. It's up to you whether or not you take advantages of the resources available.

We look forward to reading your entries!

About The Writers’ Block

The Writers’ Block is a community of writers and editors devoted to supporting high quality fiction and poetry, and we have many exciting plans in the works to raise the visibility of quality content here on Steemit. To read more about our upcoming plans, see the post, The Triangle Theory .

Join us on Discord! Click the gif below for directions. :-)

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Here be me submission: Figure someone out for this contest here.
(For all those that are still coming to this post, I made an extension post of my 100-word tasker here if people want to see it. I just had too much fun with this contest tasker to not make a post expanding it.)

Hearty congrats to @tanglebranch... I loved this story when I read it a few weeks back..


Thanks very much!

Hey there, @thewritersblock! Thanks for the contest, it's such a lovely challenge.

Here's my entry 😋


Hey everybody! Here is my entry!
Essence of a Promise

Congrats Tangle! And thanks for organising, TWB!


😄 Thanks!

It was so much fun to participate! Thanks for hosting the contest.... now to think up what to write for the next one!

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Nice one, I will try this out. it's been a while since i wrote a story.


Nice one, I will try
This out. it's been a while seen
I wrote a story.

                 - nonsowrites

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

here's my entry.


I don't normally do the traditional conflict/resolution curve in my work, because I find it boring and stiff, and not really competitive as a modern art form.

Still I enjoyed doing this one, thx for the competition.


That’s interesting. Can you explain? I guess I have to say that to me the conflict/resolution paradigm is timeless. It defies any trappings amongst fads and trendy thinking because it mirrors the human condition. We see or experience strife or sadness or loss or relationship complexity and we become emotionally present, interested, and keenly observant of the outcome. #mytwocents

My submission :) Thanks for hosting this contest!

Can’t wait to see the new stories! I alway enjoy reading each and every entry, thinking about the characters and storyline, intent of the author, and how all that comes together in a work of fiction. I am forever amazed at the range and variety of stories and themes that emerge from a fiction prompt. Thanks for hosting the contest, TWB!