100-Word Story Contest | Thunder

Oak Fractured by Lightning, Maxim Vorobiev | Wikimedia Commons

The hills bled this morning.

We never saw them coming. They came out of nowhere, mounting horses faster than the wind, their curved swords cutting the air itself.

They ransacked our homes, took our women and children, and burned the rest to the ground.

The few men who survived organized a counterattack with whatever weapons they could muster.

Fools. The raiders turned them into minced meat.

Only I survived.

I went to our praying grounds, searching for an answer to such an injustice.

The heavens answered me with thunder. A hammer fell from the skies.

The hills will bleed again.

This short story is participating in the 100-Word Story Contest by @thewritersblock featured here!

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This is a very intense and powerful story @bohemian.machine. Thank you for participating in the contest!


Thank you for your kind words as well, @jayna 😊🤞

Hey, saw you in The Block just a bit ago. Sure do hope you stick around and talk with us. We all love this story.


Thank you, @rhondak 😋

The pleasure is all mine. I really hope to learn a lot with your support ✌