100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 89 - The Shopping Game - Someone Gets Their Shopping Paid For Every Day!

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The recent ‘How Much Does Your Shopping Cost?’ Challenge got some excellent responses.

It really was fascinating reading about the different costs, and brands, and types of shopping around the world.

And it gave us an idea for another game...

The Shopping Game - How To Enter

This game is quite simple.

Every time you go shopping take some photos, write down the prices, keep the receipts if you get them - and when you get home make a post about your daily shopping.

Include as much detail as you can…

  • the shops you shopped at - names, locations and photos if possible

  • what you bought - products, brands, sizes, quantities, prices and photos if possible

If you want to include any extra comments about why you chose to go to particular shops or buy particular products or brands that would be even better.

Then at the end of the post include a summary of all the items and the total cost.

Please include the costs in your local currency, and converted costs to STEEM or US dollars or both.

Make sure the TOTAL COST in STEEM / US Dollars is clearly shown at the end of the post.

The title of the post should be in the format…

  • THE SHOPPING GAME : Date (day/month/year) : and any added title of your choice…

And make the first tag #theshoppinggame

You do not need to put your links in the comments of our posts - we will pick up your posts from the tag.

Make sure you spell the tag #theshoppinggame correctly (two g’s) and include it in the first five tags - ideally as the first tag.

The Shopping Game - Prizes

Every valid post that is correctly presented will receive an upvote from the 3M SP @steemcurator01 account.

And once a day…

We will select one entry to pay the total cost of the shopping bought through an upvote from @steemcurator01.

This will be up to an approximate value of US$50 currently which is the 50% author reward component of a full upvote from @steemcurator01.

The Shopping Game - Rules and Verification

This game is obviously open to abuse.

People could present false posts with false shopping costs etc.

But we’ve got to know you over the past few weeks - and we trust you!

And the through recent challenge we have seen a lot already about the type of shopping people do around the world.

If any posts look suspicious or false we won’t vote on them and they won’t have any chance of winning the daily prize.

The more information you can include in your posts the better it will be.

If you can include pictures of receipts with dates and total costs clearly marked the easier it will be to verify the total shopping costs.

You could even include photos of newspapers showing the day’s next to the shopping for example.

This is an experiment in trust.

You can enter every time you go shopping - but no more than once a day.

You can post in any language.

This only covers ‘real life’ shopping - not online shopping.

You can include any types of shopping - food, hygiene products, tools, presents, clothes - anything you can buy in a shop.

The Shopping Game will run throughout the month of July.

We hope you will enjoy this fun little game.

It will fill the ‘hungry gap’ between the The Diary Game seasons.

If you can tell the world about The Shopping Game through your social media that will be great. ‘Someone’s shopping paid for every day of the month’ is quite a catchy line..

If you tell your friends about the game and get them to sign up on Steem so they can join in the game that will be fantastic. And we might even find some extra recruitment rewards for that too.

Happy Shopping!

The Steemit Team

And don’t forget to join in with the Lucky 10s game.

The first 10 x $10 votes have already gone to @anasuleidy, @genomil, @hokulor, @jmor, @oppongk, @rosanita, @sapwood, @tolustx, @ulialitva1991 and @yurilaya.

Join in by making comments on Diary Game posts and get lucky!

Notes from the Community...

SPUD4STEEM Is Underway!

The July SPUD4STEEM Power Up event is now underway. Great prizes to be won....

Music For Steem Week 3 Winners

The winners of week 3 of the Music For Steem contest have now been announced.

Congratulations to @davidcentenor, @anatolianwishdom and @juliolunar...

The Knitrias Project Evaluation

The Knitrias Project for mentoring new Steemians has published its ninth weekly report which includes an evaluation of the project so far...

All the rewards from this post go to support the work of @fundacorazon in Venezuela and @thegreens in Cameroon.



As you will have noticed the comments are getting a bit 'crowded' on the 100 Days of Steem posts.

This makes it difficult for us to deal with all the comments, and particularly to spot those comments most relevant to the daily post.

Please therefore do not post links to your latest Diary Game posts - we find them through the #thediarygame tag (make sure you include that spelt correctly as one your first five tags).

Only drop links to diary posts if we have not voted on them by Day 6, or if it is your first post.

Please also do not include links or screenshots to Twitter or other social media - they should be in comments on the diary post itself.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

Hey @steemcurator01 & @steemitboard

My last 6 diary game hasn’t got upvote pls consider them
As well as my last few translation also didn’t get upvote pls that as well

Sorry for the delay, now all voted.

Hey @steemcurator01 & @steemitboard

My last 6 diary game hasn’t got upvote pls consider them

Wow!, I was very happy when I grasped $7.15 Stern from commenting, I thought it was my original post. In fact Steem has become more and more lovely to join. Thanks very much to @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 for this reward.

This is the second-best initiative after the diary game. Whilst some lucky fellow might cover his expenses by full up to $50, most of the people will cover a part of their shopping expenses.

That is how people live in Steem Blockchain everyday.

Steem on

Glad you like the idea!

Yes I see this #theshoppinggame as next best sequence to #thediarygame

Steem on.

Thanks @steemitblog and @steemitcurator01 for the upvote !

Congratulations on being a Lucky 10 winner.

Great challenge @steemcurator01 @steemitblog i just went to shopping this morning I'll make a post in next few hours.. Thank you for This.

Wow. This is an interesting game. Come to think of it, I went on shopping yesterday, and I posted it in my diary game. I coincidentally almost followed all the rules stated above, except for the tag usage. Good one team.

This challenge does not mean for those who are just starting to be active again because it is not valued and useless, only the same person gets votes every day, it's really miraculous but it's actually what I see happening.

Good luck to all..

Greetings, @steemitblog and @ steemcurator0.

5 days ago I made my first post #thediarygame, and it has not been rated by @ steemcurator01.

Day 1 :


Then make two more posts and they have not been taken into account either.

Day #2:


Day #3:


I even made my presentation for the game and it has also not been taken into account.


Thank you for your attention and sorry for the inconvenience.

Now all voted.

@steemcurator01 @steemitblog
Ah, what an amazing fun you have come up with for us!!! Super!
Magnificent idea! This can really attract people to Steemit!

@steemcurator01, how could I get the keys for curation?

and please look at my old post of 6 days: https://steemit.com/the100daysofsteem/@vipnata/100-days-of-steem-day-83-wednesday-challenge-this-is-me-introductory-post-for-the-diary-game-by-vipnata

Thank you very much!

What a creative idea!
@steemcurator01, My following two posts has reached 6 days. Please have a look when you available. this and this

Sorry for the delay, all posts now voted.

Hey @steemcurator01 ,

Hindi translation is ready:- 100 दिन STEEM : दिन 89 - The Shopping Game - Someone Gets Their Shopping Paid For Every Day!



post promoters

Today one more promoter join the list with over 1350 followers which will make the translation more reaching to Indian post promoters have more than 3k followers

Promoters are ,
@rajan1995 &

These are the list of beneficiaries which are increasing day by day.

this game is gonna to be fun, and yes, this is obviously open to abuse, but don't worry, I only make original post and picture, I know the Steemit Team can tell in my past 2 months posts. Will take part in this game soon. thanks

Wow amo este juego!! Son brillantes, definitivamente debo unirme, creo que muchos venezolanos se uniran jajajaja
Y el juego Lucky 10s es increible... Definitivamente ustedes nos tienen consentidos, Mil gracias!!

This is a brilliant idea. Agree that it will make a catchy line for social media promotion.

Hey @steemcurator01 & @steemitboard

My last 6 diary game hasn’t got upvote pls consider them.

Heres the link of all the posts
25th June 2020 - 6 days completed for this post.

26th June 2020

27th June 2020

28th June 2020

29th June 2020

30th June 2020

Thank You.

Now all voted.

A very interesting challenge for all people who are members of steem, shopping is a routine that is carried out by someone in meeting the needs of life, success is always for you. Increasingly more challenging day in life with steem.

Apparently you were not hurt by quarantine. They go to the store every day. Yes, in Russia the average salary is 450 dollars monthly . And the products cost the same.^)

Hi @steemcurator01 team @girolamomarotta had prepared another part of the discord tutorial and we would be grateful if your curation team could give it support too. Thank you. https://steemit.com/hive-172186/@girolamomarotta/how-to-use-discord-part-2

100 DAYS OF STEEM : The Diary Game. My 3th day Jule 1

Buen dia... @steemcurator01. Aca dejo un link de una publicación que no a recibido curación
De ante manos, Gracias
Hasta la próxima...

Estupendo estaremos dando apoyo a esta nueva semana de compras #theshoppinggame @steemitblog

Great we will be supporting this new shopping week

Super moves being made. it's my turn to take up thedairygame challenge.

This definitely could be a life changer for many of us struggling with the diary cost of life, and of course a palpable way to confirm the value of Steem in the real world. This is an awesome initiative that I hope bring much happiness to many homes all over the world. Thanks for this great support!!

We arrived to the second month of the Knitrias Project and I want to thank you for your constant support and confidence. I'm glad for you considering to level up our team to 3000 SP which is a big step for all of us and has a lot of meaning!!

The best wishes for all the great projects you are running through the Steem Blockchain, reconstruction was successful and joy with creativity achieved!!

Best winds for the Steemit Team!!

Even this challenge looks good and now i can say the @steemitblog team is really working very hard to keep this platform alive and for sure this is working out and as even this game will be having lots of participants and it will open up more and more work for the team.and as i have already posted my application so i really wish to work with the team for the Indian community do consider me or give me an opportunity to prove myself. @steemcurator01

Hello @steemcurator01 sorry to bother you but my post for the challenge "who's playing diary game in your country" have not been curated it now 6 days old please check it out dropping link below thank you.

Hola me encanto este nuevo juego me parece una súper iniciativa

Would like to draw your attention @steemitblog to my article of 5 days old without upvote :


Hey @steemcurator01 & @steemitboard

My last 6 diary game hasn’t got upvote pls consider them

Hello Steemit team, my post as below will be closed by today but still not get your vote, can you please vote for me? Many thanks.

[WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)


i was just gonna buy a labmo , where do i sign up ?

i think you're not doing too shabby on the interaction front actually

i just dont see it reflected in the price BUT

since its THAT stable i can only assume there's a reason behind that :)

if anything its more interesting than it used to be although

$7 STEEM would suit my palette a lot better

Fundacorazón agradece el apoyo

I think what I can say now is! Ohhhhh !!! What a great blessing steemit has become! That is a great and super help for many people who are living difficult times, thanks for this great initiative.

Here I have 2 posts from my diary that have not been voted. One from 6 days ago and the other from 5 days ago @steemitblog @steemcurator01:



I also made my request to work as a game assistant:


Thanks for everything! 🤗🤗

Excelente iniciativa amigos de @steemitblog muy agradecida con ustedes por todo el apoyo!! SALUDOS!!

Hi @steemitblog, I wonder if you also handle the steemitcurator01 account directly.

Can I please ask why I got downvoted on two of my posts so massively? I would like to know the reason, so I can adjust. It may not look like it but I work towards steem growth. I am setting up a physical hub in the Philippines in coming weeks to help with this and in illness as well. I also have a dapp on https://marlians.com that is on steem and I have helped more than 200 people join steem and opened accounts personally for up to 100 people. As recently as yesterday I helped someone open a steem account and sent 5 steem to start their power down. I have been here for more than 4 years and whatever it is, I can adjust it. So what do I need to adjust? Can you at least tell me, so I adjust it?

This is a livestream on a YouTube channel with 74k subscribers where I talked about steem:

Disagreement of rewards. Excessive use of bidbots.

What is "excessive use of bidbots" exactly? Is it $10 in paid votes, $50? Please define so that everyone knows what is acceptable and what is not.

Also there are several on trending every single day that are promoting as much or more than @surpassinggoogle yet you have yet to downvote them even one single time, why is that?

Okay. Thank you for notifying me. Can you please consider removing your downvote? I will adjust that. I will appreciate this. I have a few others voting me as well the bidbot aside and it affects them. The only bidbot used is upmewhale. Kindly please! I normally overlook this as I understand it even though I never downvote but the timeliness of this was very devastating. I take care of an ill dad 247 and I am ill myself and well, just before this downvote, I spent the day scouting a hub and all among other things, like dealing with 5 months of rent issues etc. Thanks again

Actually I am interested in participating in the challenges organized by @steemitblog. it's just that in the past few days I've seen that getting curated is only the same person. And every day happens like that. I want to ask one thing, do we have to go through curating the admin first, then we will get a vote, because the admin in my area does not work well, he is not fair. If I have to get approval from him, I'm not interested in participating.

He only voted for his family and close friends.

For entries to The Diary Game you must make sure your posts are about your daily life activities and you use the correct tag #thediarygame (spelt correctly).

I have done according to the rules, but the admin here always skips my posts. the one He chooses is always his wife and close friend.

I am sorry, but for talking complete nonsense about the voting, you will no longer be participating in the game.

Yes, never mind, I'm only talking about facts. Is it wrong to speak truthfully?

thats fascist !

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