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Hello steemians, first of all i would like to wish all my Indian friends on Steem a very happy rakshabandhan to all of you! I hope you all had a wonderful time with your siblings and cousins.

What is rakshabandhan?

It is a popular hindu Tradition festival, This Festival is dedicated for the Siblings love. It is celebrated in India, Nepal and other parts of Indian sub-continents .it is celebrated by people from all over the world who are influenced by hindu culture. Raksha and Bandhan literally means the Bond of protection, obligation and Care.

How do we celebrate it?

Rakshabandhan is a ritual of never-ending love between brother and sister, which perfectly defines the strong bond between them. When words are not enough, a holy thread(RAKHI) is simply tied to the brothers' wrist by their sisters. This unique way of showing love is indescribable

Ideally, on this day, the girls put tikka on the forehead of their brothers and tie a colorful thread of love and blessings on their wrist who in return promise to protect her for the whole life. They also offer gifts as a symbol of commitment( Mostly chocolates)


In the morning time today i woke up early by 7AM because i had put Alarm for same. I was so excited for this day and i knew it's going to be a really busy day but really exciting and good one. A day when i was really confident that it will be a "A day well spent". I woke up early then got ready to go village as soon as possible.

After getting ready i called my friend @golusingh we are from same village and so do @jatinthakur, @anuragthakur, @arjuskrwr and @nidhu we all are cousins. After a while @golusingh arrived at my home by 8 AM and we headed to my village in the morning.

It took like 10 - 15 Mintues to Reach my village. It's nearby to the place i currently live. Approx 9 Kilometers. We went there with bike

In the village there are my 3 little cousins sisters they are 4, 6 and 14 years old. I went there so i can celebrate rakshabandhan with them.

I reached their after a while they all came and tied Rakhi on my wrist one by one. They Tied Rakhi and i gave them some chocolates and some Cash. They all were so happy i took a selfie with the younger one..

I went there on Bike, so my hair got messed up. She's my youngest cousin and her name is "LAVI"

I also had some great conversations with my uncle and aunt. I also played with all of my sisters. Then after an hour i returned back because @golusingh had to do some unfinished work.

I came back to home i was all alone because my parents also went to meet their brothers/sisters. I was feeling hungry because i didn't had any breakfast today so i had to eat something.

IMG_20290731_143563.JPG .jpg
Rakshabandhan special food. It's very comman i asked many of my friends they had same food at their homes

After having food i called @jatinthakur because now we had to meet @arjuskrwr and @nidhu so we decided to go there together. Within next 10 minutes @jatinthakur arrived at my home and we headed to our cousins home @nidhu and @arjuskrwr

We had to purchase chocolate so while on the way we Went to Kitchen store to purchase chocolate for cousins.
We purchased a variety of chocolates.

Variety of chocolates i and @jatinthakur purchased for @arjuskrwr and @nidhu
I paid a total of 480 INR (6.39USD)


We finally reached there together, we noticed that there were already so many people and mostly our mutual relatives so we said hello to everyone there.

After all this without any delay my cousins sister tied rakhi on my wrist

This one was tied by @nidhu

This one was tied by @arjuskrwr

Then they tied the same on @jatinthakur wrist and we both gave them the chocolates we brought for them. Both of them were happy to see so many chocolates although we ate some there together.

all of together in a frame after celebrating rakhi

***@nidhu @arjuskrwr @jatinthakur @rishabh99946

After, we all had so many funny conversations. It was really fun.


In the early evening time i was feeling really exhausted i returned home and directly headed to bed because i really needed to sleep. I slept very less yesterday night a total of 5 hours barely so went to sleep as soon as i returned from her home.


Later i woke up in late evening around 7PM or so. Now it was time to do some work as i been out entire day and didn't do any work on steemit.

I did work for a couple hours then it was time to have dinner for me.

IMG_90200776_1461456.JPG .jpg
chapati with Matar paneer a very comman food

After dinner i was feeling all great, i spent sometime on social media to check All the news feed, after this i did some more work as i slept in late evening so i wasn't feeling any sleepy till late midnight.

Then in the midnight i finally i went to sleep. So that was for my today's activities.




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Good diary writing ..

Hi Rishabh,

I always read your diary. I really like the way you explain each and everything in detail. Puri, Sabji, and Paneer gravy is looking yummy.

Thank you for your kind words brother!

Hello Rishabh, i really appreciate the way you express your daily routine . In this way we easly understand what you want to express. And the content seemed to be good while reading your diary . Keep it up

Particularly in UP and Rajastan, the kind of taste you get from "Puri and Aloo ki sabzi", I bet no where you can get the same taste and flavour. They are very unique. I have generally experienced it in Varanasi, UP.

You are lucky to have a lot of sisters(including cousins). God bless you all. And Happy Raksha Bandhan to you and your family as well.

That was perfect treat to have such a rich dinner at night.

Have a great day.

Steem on.

Particularly in UP and Rajastan, the kind of taste you get from "Puri and Aloo ki sabzi", I bet no where you can get the same taste and flavour.

True that, thank you for visiting!

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Столько вкусной еды и красивых браслетов) очень позитивно всё описали. Хочется улыбаться :) все выглядят счастливыми 🍬🍛

Waw... Such an amazing post.. Seriously, I came to know the traditional fact why we are celebrating Raksha Bandhan after reading your post. Thanks a lot

Thank you for visiting. I'm glad you find it interesting!

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