Why I Want to Be an Ally: my application to #TheAlliance

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Filling steemit with quality content is everyone’s responsibility. It takes a village.


Hi, I’m Lily. I’m an artist, writer, community organizer, and creative consultant who believes that creating quality content is never an accident: it’s the product of intelligent effort, habitual practice, and a willingness to be vulnerable.

My desire to produce, curate, and absorb high-quality content, within a radically inclusive community on steemit, has led me to #TheAlliance. For those of you who don’t know, #TheAlliance is a community on steemit dedicated to making and curating exceptional content while supporting their network like family. If you keep reading, and decide you want to join, the first step is heading to their Admissions Office where you will be given instructions to submit your application!

How did I find The Alliance?

I’ve been on steemit for just 16 days. So far it’s been a wild and wonderful experience. A lot of my time has been dedicated to finding people whose work I really like and engaging them, then seeing whose work they really like, and expanding my search from there.

One account I ran across a few days in was @ameliabartlett -- a fellow theatre-maker who also has stories to tell about living in a converted bus! I’ve been following her work and today she posted a terrific article about the lessons she’s learned her first month on the platform. In the post, she mentioned #TheAlliance and I went down a rabbit hole of discovery.

One of the first things I did was read their latest Eyes On post, which gave me access to loads of Alliance accounts and authors--all of who have one thing in common--beautiful, professional, engaging posts! One of my favorite finds was an article on Canadian Ice Racing (woah, FUN!) by @edthecanadian.

Why do I want to join The Alliance?

After 16 days on the platform I’m off and running. I have nearly 200 followers, I’ve had a post be voted over $90, and I’ve been contributing content every day. However, it’s all unsustainable without a community...a family...on the platform. I’ve been finding pockets of wonderful people everywhere here, from @markrmorrisjr and the @dolphinschool bootcamp initiative, to all the folks behind #teamgirlpowa, #isleofwrite, and #steemsugars.

Every community I’m a part of enriches my experience on the platform. As I read about #TheAlliance, and their tight-knit structure, it sounded like the right fit for me, as someone who wants to combine quality content and community!

How will I be a valuable member of The Alliance?

Since day one I’ve been engaging with steemit every day. That’s not to say I won’t go on vacation someday (I will!), but my intent is to post daily content that has to do with my work and passions. I’m sure everyone feels this way about their blog; but I give it my all to create sleek formatting, include beautiful pictures, and write candidly about my experiences.

My engagement is not only in posting, I have made the commitment to commenting on every comment, on every post on my blog! I read articles I like and upvote/comment them. As I get to know accounts I pop back over regularly to see what they’re up to and offer support for their most recent articles. As a member of #TheAlliance this is the kind of connection you can expect from me.

Professionally, I am an artist and community organizer. I run large, crowd-sourced social media campaigns as part of my day-job. Connecting to people authentically online, and bringing a community together in digital space is something I spend a lot of time thinking about already. I’m very excited to bring that passion to #TheAlliance as I find more and more ways for me to contribute to the steemit world.


Hi friend! Thanks for stopping by, I’m really glad you’re here!

I’m an artist, writer, and creative consultant based in the Pacific Northwest. I see steemit as an incredible asset to artists and creatives as a way to share their work and connect with like-minded people. You can check out my intro post, read more about the theatre projects I work on, or follow me! I’m especially interested in finding other performing artists on this site. If that’s you, please say hello! See you around the steemosphere! @lilyraabe


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YAYYY Welcome you spectacular Steemit babe! Your footer is gorgeous 😍 and this application is prime. Can't wait to have you in the fam!

YAYYY thanks Amelia! I’d found The Alliance before, but hadn’t stumbled across the application process in my search, so it was AWESOME to find it today! Thank you thank you thank you for writing that post!

Very well written post. I'm so glad I met you in #dolphinschool so that I can follow along your journey. I know I've already told you that but you really are an inspiration. You will do amazing as a member of The Alliance and they are lucky to have you!

Thank you so much! I am also glad that we met in #dolphinschool! Are you going to keep playing along with some of the contests and prompts that @markrmorrisjr has been dropping there? :)

I didn't even know there was more from the Dolphin School. I had to take some time off after the course ended. Being completely new to anything that has to do with writing, I got way in over my head. It was well worth it, I just wasn't mentally prepared lol I am going to check it out now though, thank you for the heads up!

Awesome! Ya, Mark decided to move the project to another account @dolphinschool so that we could have a space that isn’t his personal blog to gather and whatnot. So far so good and there’s already a nice bit of engagement in the first week. :)

I feel my application was inadequate compared to yours. You deserve to get in.

PSSSH. You chase storms and have AMAZING photos and interesting stories. They’d be lucky to have you. Fingers crossed. #Dolphinschool takeover, lol.

Aw thanks! :) I think #dolphinschool has a bright future ahead of it. We were the originals! :D

Ya, I really hope so. It’s a great idea, and with some more time and development I really think it could flourish!

Well, they like me, butttttttttttttttttt... I'm back in class again. This is what I get for forgetting English class haha.

Nice! So you’re in their bootcamp phase? That’s still cool, you’re going to meet lots of awesome people. :)

Yeah I guess. Someday I might get it right! Markdown is just so alien to me. I'm used to Microsoft Word! lol. Did they let you in?

I don’t know yet, guess I’m still in line. Ya, using markdown/coding stuff for the first time is a lot to pick up! You’ll get it though, once you use it for awhile it gets a little more natural.

I’m in the class too, so hey fellow classmate (again!). Looking forward to seeing you around the classroom on discord.

I don’t know if have the right stuff, but I will have to look into this too. No matter what, if it helps, I endorse you for the club! Best of luck.

Hey! Thanks for reading, and hope you can find out more about The Alliance and see if they’re a good community for you as well! See you around and I appreciate the support. <3

Yay!!! @lilyraabe, you have wonderful energy, appealing posts, and I'm always happy to see artists on Steemit. #thealliance is an incredible family. So glad you're applying. :)

Thank you so much for the support! :) Are you part of #thealliance? (I hope so!)

You're most welcome! ;) Yes, I am grateful to call #thealliance family. I'm not a gatekeeper, so I can't officially welcome you into the fold, but this is a fantastic application, and I think you'd make an excellent addition. :)

Oh no worries, just cool to know I’ll be seeing more of you around if I get in. :)

Really great application and very interesting reading 😉 nice to meet you and good luck.

Thanks for stopping by to check it out! Nice to meet you too! <3

You deserve to be at #TheAlliance, as a creative consultant they will be lucky to have you. Wishing you all the best. SteemOn!

Aw, that means a lot. Thank you so much!

Hey there beautiful artist woman, I'm Oatmeal Joey, and I'm from Forest Grove, Oregon, and I may join The Alliance, #TheAlliance, and that reminds me of Star Wars. I love your photos and your hair and crowd sourcing is ground breaking and so is Steem and Bitcoin and Bit Torrent and Ubuntu and many things. We live in a world full of revolutions.

We certainly do live in a world of many little revolutions all happening at once! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a thoughtful comment. :)

Awesome, we the people, in the revolutions.

#TheAlliance Power ;) Supporting Man & Women on Steemit without any difference LoL...

Yay! Thanks for stopping by to check out this application and showing some love. See you around!

You have definitely proven yourself to be a quality, community involved individual on the steem blockchain (and in general!)! This place is all about community, and Steemit could definitely use more genuine people like yourself. Keep it up and I hope you are accepted :)

Thank you so much @falseydols I really appreciate the vote of confidence and your support. RMAe discord is a wonderful place and it’s another one of those “pockets” of great people I’ve found that I’m talking about up above. <3

Definitely been trying to grow the RMS and RMAe groups, and having people like you are what make it great! Glad to have met you :)

i'm definitely following! you've already achieved a lot of things considering you are just new. I'm more inspired to do more quality contents now. Thanks for visiting my blog and the motivation.
I will definitely look into #thealliance

Thanks for stopping by! And awesome that it led you to finding out more about #thealliance! Good luck and see you around. :)