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Hola Pirates! (Pass This Beast Around )

And anyone else that digs the photo and clicked on this shit. I am thinking of raffling this off and have to get a scope as to how many people would be interested. I also need a suggestion for raffle ticket prices. This is a 5 OUNCE PIECE OF BADASSERY and should be treated as such.



It even has a COA that comes with it. So tell me my peoples, how much would you give for a ticket for this? I'm thinking it's worth about 60 - 75 dollars, give or take, just for the precious metal itself. That skull is totally wikkid awesome too, so that adds what? An extra thousand dollars to the price? Bwahahahahahaa! Seriously though, throw me some comments and lemme know what you think!


In The Comments Below,

Tell me how much you think a good price would be for raffle tickets and if whether or not you would buy one/some. Maybe you'd buy some tickets regardless what they cost for a chance at this monster. Up to you, but whatever you do, REMEMBER TO BE YOU! I always am, even when I'm feeling the itch.

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Holy shitballs Witty! That thing is freaking sweet! I would buy multiple at 1 sbd per ticket but even 2 sbd per ticket is a bargain.
Coming from someone that raffle a lot of silver here I would think it might be hard to sell enough tickets to break even but I could be wrong.
Maybe put a minimum amount of tickets sold before you draw and just return the $$ if you don't make enough. Damn I want that thing!

That is a good idea! Thank you😎

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Actually, SilverPrice.org is showing a spot of USD $17.07 right now so 5 ounces would be $85.35
What an awesome, hefty piece that is! 😃

Oh snap, gone up a bit since I last checked 😁

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That's a real big Hobo nickel.

Chunky monkey for sure😝

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Nice score. Big fan of the hobo nickels.👍

They are pretty sweet for sure. Love the artwork😎

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That is a really badass 😜 I looove it!
Heaviest I have is 2-3 oz.... This bad boy is frkn awsome!

Right? Like having a brick in your pocket😆

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Love hobo coins, and actually enjoy the hobos carved from nickels. Great pick up and addition to your growing collection of silver. Have a great day, @enginewitty.

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Thank you sweets, trying to get up there😊

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Thank you sweets, trying to get up there😊

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I would enter this raffle. But if it is easier for you I can just DM you my mailing address and you can send it over without having to trouble with a raffle. 😁

Bwahahahaaa! I like the way you think😜

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