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Hi guys, how's it going. After the testing phase complete, the new @tipU tokens sharing feature is now enabled - below you'll find what's this thing all about ;)

Basically, if you use @tipU voting service, you will receive bonus TPUs - tokens created using steem-engine platform. Every holder of those tokens receives share in @tipU profits.

Here's some more details:

  • for new posts (not older than 20 minutes) user receives twice the amount of tokens (TPUs x 2)
  • the amount of sent TPUs is set to 1% of the payment for new posts (for example 10 STEEM payment results in 0.1 TPU received) and 0.5% for older posts

I imagine that 1% is not much but remember that each token must be backed by @tipU own STEEM POWER - which is limited. On the other hand there is no expiration date and the tokens will generate profit for the holder as long as he/she holds them.

The tokens are send immediately after the upvote and right from the start they begin to generate profit for the holder. It can be monitored real-time at https://tipu.online. No further actions are required, the payouts are send every 24 hours if the profit is at least 0.001 STEEM / SBD.

Be sure to check out the demo mode to see how it works.

Of course you can also sell the tokens on the steem-engine market - it's up to you :) Just remember that they are backed by slowly increasing amount of STEEM POWER - which, at least in theory, should make them more valuable over time.

You can read more about the whole idea here: announcing @tipU tokens.

Have a great week and if you have any questions - let me know in the comments!

That's great features enabled. This is super exciting. I always appreciate your nice service.
Thank you man @tipu for your new addition

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Noice, @tipu is now my first option for paid votes!

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I Like Being a WINNER, Thank You @tipu

Now just need that reinvest in tiputoken option :P

Soon(TM) :)

How about delegator's. Do they get tipu tokens or not ?

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There already was an airdrop but don't worry - something new is coming for investors too :)

As @tipu investor , i wish to get some tipu token free . Can get some for free

There already was an airdrop but don't worry - something new is coming for investors too :)

🎁 Dear @alauddinsee,

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@tipu is helpful for new comer 💜

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Sounds interesting

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good afternoon I would like to know how to reinvest what has been won by the delegate, thanks

Cool that means you get paid forever for promoting your post. Nice use of steem-engine.

Amigo quisiera que me facilitaran una ayuda economica ya que necesito mandar a hacer unos lentes y ahora no cuento para ello,estamos viviendo la peor crisis del mundo,donde el hambre,las enfermedades ,sin agua,sin luz nos iremos a morir todos ymaduro no quiere entender porque el esta muy super bien multimillonario,saludos y espero pronto contar con usted,gracias y saludos @tipu.

delegate 30000 SP to @tipu

Hi @fw206! Special squad of highly trained hamsters prepared this delegation link for you:
steemconnect 30000.0 SP delegation to @tipu.

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