🧠Zombie Tip #4 - Be Yourself At All Times

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Sound Familiar?

One thing you'll often find at the end of a post from my (@enginewitty)'s hand, is REMEMBER TO BE YOU! There is a finite truth to that. A zombie doesn't care if their hair is messy. A zombie doesn't care if his or her clothes match. A zombie doesn't even care if you understand what it is trying (if it really is trying) to say to you. It just is and has its goals in place. It stays the course not caring what anyone else thinks about its looks, style, attitude or demeanor.


Getting On The Same Page

These next few paragraphs are hopefully going to reiterate and explain as simply as possible, why we have implemented the 'ten percenters'. I think some people are misreading what was written and so, it needs to be addressed. We want clear communication and for everyone to 'be on the same page'.

Family First

This has been said time after time and we are putting the people that choose to sacrifice their time and energy first. We are honoring more unity and support for one another. THAT is why we are asking for a minimum threshold for The Alliance family. We want to provide the best support we can because we love seeing you succeed! Why?


A family is a unit. They all share the same goals. That's what we do, and we enjoy helping each other get there! Since the change and being more selective about who we support and why, all those involved have effectively doubled their support from us. If not more. And there is a beauty behind this change and the way it responds to HF21.

The 50/50

It is happening whether any of us like it or not, but, that doesn't mean we can't leverage the changes to maximize everyone's efforts. Here is the hidden gem of HF21, WE ALL SHARE IN THE CURATION AND EFFECTIVELY GIVE IT RIGHT BACK TO EACH OTHER. How frig'n cool is that? Let us ease your mind knowing that the fam is ready to assist and appreciate your efforts. I want to be here & I'm family all the way.

Saying Thank You

Going to close this out today by honoring the generosity of our team. These are the people we will be paying the most attention to because they are paying attention to us. STEEM WORK IS THE TEAMWORK THAT MAKES THE DREAM WORK. Pretty sure I've said that, been awhile, but now I hope it is starting to make more sense and everything has been explained in plain view. So, thank you all and once again - REMEMBER TO BE YOU!

  • @crescendoofpeace - almost 20% of your total SP is going to allied accounts and that is commendable. Plus, you are turning into one of the top comment specialists out there - so thoughtful! We appreciate you!
  • @guiltyparties - quietly being on of the most supportive people out here, we love having you as part of the team and we appreciate you!
  • @emjoe - always willing to help and really a stand up guy, he's been just a plugging along and showing his faith in the blockchain. We appreciate you!
  • @felt.buzz - one of the very first freewriters and now STEEM published author, we definitely applaud your initiative and we appreciate you!
  • @jackmiller - another of those quietly helping in so many more ways than what is seen on chain, we appreciate you!
  • @jayna - the ever active editor is a recent family member and we couldn't love you more! She's in 'Dead Silence' with @felt.buzz, great read! We appreciate you!
  • @kaerpediem - never say quit, we are more than happy to have you join our humble team and know that we appreciate you!
  • @katrina-ariel - our lovely singer/songwriter/poet/author - what don't you do? Ha! Very loyal and dedicated to the family, we appreciate you!
  • @latino.romano - he has been keeping content flowing and embracing the Latino community and we love you for it, we appreciate you!
  • @leyargoz - fantastic photographer and long time family member, she was on point before we made it a point and we appreciate you!
  • @monchhichi23 - despite having less SP than others, she still puts her best foot forward and helps as much as she can. We appreciate you!
  • @nainaztengra - recently reaching that two year milestone, she has been with us for ages and hope she knows we appreciate you!
  • @naltedtirt - this guy come from out of no where and has been a wonderful addition to the family tree. We appreciate you!
  • @omra-sky - we'll have to say, this is our newest member. Wonderfully articulate writer and always up for some good conversation. We appreciate you!
  • @phelimint - often overlooked and not as active since having a child, we see you and you are appreciated!
  • @saffisara - who doesn't love your generosity? It's a fair claim to say she is also the queen of the castle as she is the chattiest one in there! We appreciate you!
  • @sayee - modest poet and loving heart, she keeps coming back to the chain because we're just so lovable! We appreciate you!
  • @shadowspub - The Ramble and The Alliance have literally 'grown up together' and it is a pleasure to have such wisdom in our walls. We appreciate you!
  • @snook - big sister to many and loved by everyone she comes in contact with because she knows how to put a smile on your face! We appreciate you!
  • @solominer - a multi-faceted steempeep more than willing to help as much as he can, we appreciate you!
  • @tibra - our family scientist and instructor, she has been with us awhile and has always been supportive despite her busy life. We appreciate you!

"We may not all be on the same page,
but we can all read from the same book."

~ @thehive ~
"A rising tide lifts all boats!
If one of us lifts up, we can all lift up!
We simply help each other. Like family."

~ @bluefinstudios ~
"Far from a circle, we are a unit."
~ @grow-pro ~

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Aww! It’s so nice to be adopted into a family that treats me as one of its own! I don’t get to Discord as often as I would like but I’m trying to give “the family” love and support. 😁

And we thank you for the generous gestures of good faith in us! :hugging:

A family is a unit.

Yup! 🤗 People never laude the families that are splintered off only looking out for themselves and hardly ever contacting each other. They celebrate being a part of a close knit group that cares for each other and is always there.

Happy to read the list of wonderful people pulling together to make this a true fam. 🥂 To you all!

So am I, the list is steadily growing and putting smiles on our faces seeing the love shine in!

  • Zombies don't have bank accounts. They don't care about payouts :D
    They just keep doing what they do because they have no other choices ...


@thealliance soon my name will also coming the list try hard to get more visibility.

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