Zombie Tip #2 - Determine Your Brains

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What DO You Mean, Brains?

Before we get too deep into the new family structure of #thealliance, I eluded to something in the title of the last post I (@enginewitty) wrote. I have to signify it because we do have others posting to this account from the website and help everyone out with that great content continually flowing. Was nice to see some people have fun with it like @brisby, @kaerpediem & @elizacheng. It was @hazem91 that actually asked the question about the tip and here is the explanation. A Zombie has one primary goal - to eat brains. It stops at nothing to achieve this. It will put itself through literally anything, including the loss of limbs and crawling with its teeth if it must, to reach ITS GOAL. So I say to you, determine your brains.

Thanks @thekittygirl!

Not Gonna Lie

Going through those numbers was painful. Some people I thought were seriously on board and 'putting family first', weren't even close to what I had in mind for 'reaching the bar'. Then again, some really surprised me with their level of commitment by going above and beyond and I wanted to recognize them publicly and thank them on behalf of everyone that has been heavily supported by you:
  • @guiltyparties - One of the more 'quiet' ones out here, I seriously thought you did less than what was on the books and that was my own ignorance at play. So thank you, we appreciate you!
  • @progressivechef - This guy has been with us for ages and asked me a long time ago what would be the best way to stay engaged and supportive as he travels, runs a full time business and just has a really busy life. One of the first to delegate and hop on the trail. Thank you, you are appreciated!
  • @moeknows - Holy batshit ratman! I know life gets in the way, but you are a beast of a family member. Even though you don't have as much SP as some, you give back way more than necessary. We appreciate you!
  • @katrina-ariel - Despite the recent hiatus, I know you manually vote a lot when able. However, you have one of the highest delegation percentages and are always willing to help out with donations. Love your heart. We appreciate you!
  • @princessmewmew - Though lacking some in the delegation category, she is as hot on our trail as anyone can be. And not some piddly little vote either, she puts VP out there and trusts us and loves the fam. We appreciate you!
  • @saffisara - You do it all sweetness! I love your devotion and I'm sure everyone around you feels the same. You are like one of the best teammates ever! We appreciate you!
  • @shadowspub - For a manual curator, you get around more than anyone - probably even me! And to see that well over half of that was going to the fam, is honorable. We appreciate you!
  • @snook - Yo, this my sis, little brother taught her well. HA! Love you! Really, you're a model 'citizen' and highly respected. We appreciate you!
  • @thehive - I remember when this guy had one account and barely 30 SP. Now he is closing in on a thousand, set up our lottery and gives what he can when. You are appreciated!
  • @jackmiller - Though the numbers on that last post may seem misleading, he donates more than you can imagine. It's his hands on the website and we appreciate you!
  • @bmj - Though not as pleased with his numbers as I was, I have to give it to this guy. I believe he still runs the @stsl bot which also supports the fam. We appreciate you!
  • @brisby - Though having limited SP (but climbing!), she still manages to support us all the best she can including ways that aren't even on the blockchain. We appreciate you!
  • @byn - I never realized just how much you have put into us! Have to say I was impressed on your level of commitment sweets. We appreciate you!
  • @c0ff33a - Exactly 50%! OMG, that did take some serious skill to juggle the fam and the rest of the chain in the ultimate balance. Well done my man! We appreciate you!
  • @crescendoofpeace - almost 20% of your total SP is going to allied accounts and that is commendable. Plus, you are turning into one of the top comment specialists out there - so thoughtful! We appreciate you!


That was all in the numbers. Sure, @ADSactly smashes a post from time to time, @thekittygirl and @dreemsteem are always up for a good show or conversation, but that reflected consistency in the numbers. We are all here for generally the same reason, correct? In fact, some are even leaving because those numbers will dwindle for many of us. Which, is THE ENTIRE POINT OF ALL OF THIS. Hear me out, because it's going to sound odd, until you actually see it.

What Is The Alliance???

We have had to adapt, that is obvious with new dapps and consideration for what 'quality' really is. Why did we unfollow everyone? Because. The Alliance is anyone willing to help themselves to and by helping others. This doesn't necessarily mean things that happen on the STEEM blockchain. Right now, our best communication is done in The Castle on Discord. The Alliance family spans the globe and transcends just about every social network you can think of. We are literally everywhere.

Hey, I need 15 STEEM to get school supplies. Done. Hey can I borrow 20$ until payday? Done. Can I borrow a thousand dollars and pay you back in installments? Done. Will you send this here? Cheaper. Oh hey, take this as a gift. You like silver? Have some. You like books? Have one. You need some seeds? Plant these. HELP YOURSELF BY HELPING OTHERS. Paying it forward is a reward one can only truly believe and experience by doing. I've done and do. I know many of you, in person and not, that feel this as well. Let's embody that and make it the core principle of The Alliance.

What Are Our Goals?

First and foremost, the goal of The Alliance is to form real world bonds with real faces and names. By doing so, real relationships are built upon loyalty and love. Many of us have been through some serious shit and cried on shoulders out here. We often share our joys and pains and hopes and chains. Real support. That is our primary goal. It's also what really separates us from other 'communities'.

We are born into a family we did not choose. Here, you can. Maybe we're not for you, maybe we are. Secondary, is to see to it that we have the means to provide for hardships, stresses, and facilitate happiness. On the STEEM chain, that means money. The more we keep in the family, the better off the family will be. Look at our crew over there running the tables on Lucksacks! That's not the STEEM chain per se, but it's been staying in the family. Let's do more of that. Let's really help each other.

Why Should You Support Us?

Imagine if you will, that @thealliance was gifted a 50,000 SP delegation. Knowing that we pay it forward and keep it in the family, what kinds of things do you think would get the most support? We have a lot of people that visit The Ramble. There are tons of free writers. We have about a hundred pirates we associate with. We love our photographers. Musicians are everywhere. Those less fortunate? They would be more fortunate. We don't forget. We know who does what and what they have at their disposal. We also know there are some that are simply ignorant. So why should you support us? Because we aren't going away.


One of the ways you can help yourself help others is through delegations. You may be asking yourself why delegations matter so much. I kind of look at it as a tithe. Anyone that is familiar with religion should know the word. Most ask for 10% and after seeing the numbers, it seems to be a fair request. The best account you can delegate to is @thealliance. This will ensure that your SP will go to others working towards our goals in the fam. With the pending 50/50 split, we also vote on you and the curation will build the family support account that much faster to help everyone.

You can also delegate to @alliedforces, our little voting bot. It sends 10% of all earnings to @thealliance, and you'll also get a kickback on that every day. Easiest place because of all the other tools, is Steemworld. @jackmiller has an easy tool you can use too. You can also check your current delegations and do a little math and see - if you are 'up to par'. We all would appreciate all you can and know some people just cannot do that. It's ok, we know who you are, just stay visible. There are other accounts and if anyone wants to add to those, just leave a comment or get in touch with Witty.

The Voting Trail

I strongly urge those that are under a 25% scaled to up that to as high as possible. 50% is a perfect balance for almost everyone else that is on the voting trail. I know, some of you are heavy manual curators and I have no problem with that. Especially since most of the curation is done for family. For those that want to ensure their SP is being used to help those that are helping them through delegations and the like, this is the best thing you can do. The only way I can see justifying much less than a 25% trail follow is if you have over 100k SP and hand out 2000 votes a week. I don't think anyone here has or does that (yet). But the sentiment is appreciated and hopefully, this defines what we are asking of you.

#thealliance Tag Usage

Since we have unfollowed everyone, this is going to become the primary way we curate. We will first go through the family tag - and you can also use #fambalam if you like, I have an affinity for the cuteness of it, LOLz! You see, the beauty of a trail, is you trust us to MANUALLY vote on tons of things. We aim to support those that are supporting us and you above everyone else, and then, after a few rounds of that, we may go out and find something interesting. It's never required that people use the tag, but now you know what we look for first.

In Conclusion

Let it be known, NONE OF THIS IS MANDATORY, it is simply me asking you to participate on a level of commitment I feel we should all be able to feasibly 'afford'. If you have 200 SP, delegate 20. If you have 20,000 SP, delegate 2000. 10%, not a lot to ask I don't think. It's all a matter of how much you want to be invested in the family. Together we stand, divided we fall? Did you see it yet? You already know how much I put in. Thank you to everyone that reads this and is giving what they can. I look forward to the comment section and everyone's thoughts. Oh and - REMEMBER TO BE YOU & YOU'RE ALL BEAUTIFUL!

#thealliance new pagebreak.png
"We may not all be on the same page,
but we can all read from the same book."

~ @thehive ~
"A rising tide lifts all boats!
If one of us lifts up, we can all lift up!
We simply help each other. Like family."

~ @bluefinstudios ~
"Far from a circle, we are a unit."
~ @grow-pro ~

#thealliance new pagebreak.png

Want to support the fam too?
Come visit with us in The Castle!
Join #thealliance curation trail!
Delegate to and use our caring bot - @alliedforces!
10SP - 20SP - 50SP - 100SP - 250SP - 500SP - 1000SP - 5000SP

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okay, I think I have everything sorted......finally........ YOU made me do math at 2 AM :P

Oh but I couldn't figure out the voting trail doohicky........

Can get that situated tomorrow. It's a weird interface for an unfamiliar user, but flows well once you figure out :) And I saw the rework on your delis, most appreciated, we love you!

Oh! I took the zombie thing to mean complacently shuffling along and not making adjustments to how we give and help as we grow. 🙃

🤗 Thank you for the sweet shoutout and for seeing. It's another testament (among many) to how much you (along with so many in the fam) care.

For too many reasons that won't fit listed under this pic.

Moving toward the 3K mark ;) in SP, It's just not all in the same place ;)

Ha ha! And there are others that delegate from other accounts too like @phelimint that aren't shown 'in the numbers', but are in my brain. BRAIIIIIINZ lmao

Thanks for the generous words. Yes, STSL is still ticking over in the background, supporting #thealliance, and delegators to him. Once you have updated the members list, I'll update stsl to match. He may be a little outdated in his list right now, but I think he's catching most current members posts.

I will get you a list over soon buddy :)

The first thing that went through my head was the first two lines of this song

I will stop clowning around and work something out once my laptop comes home

Sad song :( but, glad you are willing to take it to the next level and start getting more serious about this place. Have to remember, what we do now, carries to the future.

my voting % goes up and down - there are times when I have to travel to meet people, you know. And driving and voting doesn't match up LOL

just kidding. But there are times when life gets in the way of online life LOL

Isn't that every day? HA!

Yup. Pretty much. But some days more than others LOL

@thealliance I totally agree with you , if you have you can donate and make this better place. Its kind of family we support each other. If just you can comment that also Matter a lot to everyone. Thanks enginwitty for this eye opener united we stand divided we fall. @adityajainxds #thealliance #fambalam

Indeed. We going to make it through the tough times, it's going to be together.

You guys are wonderful, doing so many things and keeping the spirit of the family alive. Kuddos @enginewitty to keep the form going all the time.

Thank you sweets. Will talk to you soon!

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