100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 68 - The Diary Game - New Leaderboard

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The Diary Game has definitely taken off.

It is now just about to surpass 100 participants and is still growing every day.

This meant we got a bit behind with checking and curating all your posts - but now we are almost caught up.

The New Leaderboard

We’ve tallied up all the different points for the content, promotion and all the bonus points and this is the current top 10...

@atyhChina (Hong Kong)49
@randulakoralageSri Lanka32


How to Earn Points

As mentioned in Saturday’s update post there are several ways to earn points.

Due to difficulties in tracking we are dropping with immediate effect the ‘Promotion Plus Points’ and the ‘Comment Points’ - these can still earn upvotes but NOT points...

The Prizes

The prize pool now totals 2750 STEEM, with a first prize of 1000 STEEM along with nine other prizes.

There are still well over 300 points to play for so it is still definitely worth joining in to get in amongst the prize winners.

How to Enter

It is very simple.

Starting making diary posts every day about your daily life.

Include photos, include details and keep at it.

Make sure you tag your diary posts with #the100daysofsteem and #thediarygame.

Please also include the date of your diary post in the title.

Diary posts can be in any language.

Anyone that is found to be abusing or cheating the game will be excluded from the prizes and upvotes.

The point scheme may be refined as we go along to balance the game and avoid any exploits.

We may include links to the best diary posts in our ‘Look What’s On Steem’ newsletters.

We do enjoy reading all your posts for The Diary Game.

We hope you will enjoy the upvotes and the prizes!

There is still plenty of time to enter and be in with a chance of winning one of the STEEM prizes.

Even if you don’t make it into the prize winners every eligible post gets an upvote from the @steemcurator01 account which now has 3 million SP!

Get posting and keep at it.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team

Please note, the posts must be your own original work and not published elsewhere. All images used must be either your own, or copyright free with sources quoted.

Notes from the Community...

The World of Animals Video Contest - Round 3

Judging by the community is now underway for round 3 of @xpilar’s ‘World of Animals’ video contest...

Steem Africa Community & Contest

Community Curator @beautychicks is running a short contest asking for people to post about the state of Covid-19 in their country.

A new Steem Africa Discord community has also been set up...

New Account Management Tool for Steemworld

Witness developer @steemchiller has added a new tool for managing account authorities in the popular Steemworld.org app...


Thank you for this great update that allows us to strengthen the community with our participation. All participants do an excellent job. A big congratulations to the members the "TOP 10".
Keep going with the same spirit and encourage others, we are all winners.

My translation into Spanish.// Mi traducción al español.

Thank you @mariita52 you are doing great. Also congratulations to others who have joined the dairy game so far and made this a great challenge. #the100daysofsteem #thediarygame

Thank you for the support you bring to the ecosystem. Let's keep up the good work.

Ohh Muchas gracias por ser siempre tan atenta.

No podría ser de otra manera, ¡la vida es bella!

thank you for mentioned. will try my best

@yethui 感谢您的回复。 只要保持良好的工作。 做得好,我喜欢您的作品结尾,感谢您的一天,所收到的一切以及带有您名字的照片,祝您生活愉快.

Your post is manually rewarded by the
World of Xpilar Community Curation

@vipnata - Ты первая! Ура!

Ohhh Wow... Que felicidad que mi nombre este en esta lista... Felicidades a todos los demás compañeros que están divirtiéndose escribiendo el diario.
Gracias "Equipo Steem" sabemos que hacen un trabajo increíble, y que cada día somos mas los que estamos activos en estos increíbles desafíos.
¡¡Saludos desde Venezuela!!


Muchas gracias!! 😃


Un millón de gracias!!

Thank you very much @steemitblog for the current updates of the Diary Game post we share every day. I think it worth much to be among the first 20 of the leader board. We appreciate every support you Guys are giving to us in this challenge. Like you put it, even if we could not make it to achieve some of these prizes the upvotes that are coming to us are something great. It has been wonderful been with you in this challenge, and we anticipate to this to be fruitful in many ways.

Thank you for the game..

woow..glad to learn of this contest too. I am joining in the fun. Thanks so much, @steemitblog for sharing this valuable information.

I am so happy I am still on the Leader board, will try my best to write different topic of diary in the rest of my Diary challenge. Here is my new entry:


WOW, the news is excellent! I'm happy!
Thank you very much for the emotions that you gave me and all the participants of the game diaries.
I admire your work @steemcurator01 @steemitblog.
You are very attentive to each participant, you write a lot of comments for each post, you spend a lot of time on all this work.
My admiration and we all still have a lot to do for Steam it!
Thank you for your support!

Сongratulations to all the winners!

Thank you for mentioning my contest. Anyone can still join the diary game for fun though the chance of becoming the winner is not visible. I regard all participants on the list. I love every move on steem.

wow! thank you for putting so much effort to read all the contents... will keep writing after my busy work day at site or office!

Hey @steemcurator01 ,

Hindi translation is ready:- 100 दिन STEEM : दिन 68 - The Diary Game - New Leaderboard

Beneficiaries of the post are


Promoters :-

Hi curators, here's my diary for #thediarygame dated 2020/06/10. Thank you.

来自于 [WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

Hello Steemitblog team, this is my entry to my diary game of Jun 10, hope you will like it, thank you!

来自于 [WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

Hi there

Please pay a litlle bit atention for my participation in Diary Game

우리 스티미 가즈앙~! ♨♨♨

The results are magnificent. We hope that more people will join the dynamic.
Good luck to everyone with your posts, give your best effort.
The Diary Game is the best / Perseverance is the key to success. #SteemIsTalent 💥💕

Thanks very much for providing us update on the leaderboard of the diary game.

Excelente labor, Felicitaciones a los mencionados hacen un buen trabajo...

Hello friends, I find this challenge interesting and impressive, I love that more participants continue entering
Here I leave my post from yesterday: https://steemit.com/hive-185836/@tocho2/the-100-days-of-steem-the-diary-game-un-dia-dedicado-al-estudio-09-06-20

Hi steemit team☕️
This is my diary link entry on June 10th, thanks.


来自于 [WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

Dear Steemit,
This is my diary game on Jun10.thank you! https://steemit.com/wherein/@marygong77777/wherein-1591837486114

来自于 [WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

I am a newcomer who just joined and hope to meet more friends here. Thank you. This is my diary game 2020.06.10

Good morning, my new diary 11 June is ready, I am still thinking about promote steemit in my local area, hopefully can submit it tonight. cheers


buenas... aca esta mi tercer diario en steem
espero sea de su agrado
hasta la proxima y que las estrellas los guien hasta un nuevo amanecer

otro twitter


y otro twitter mas


So happy to join it. Below is my diary for #thediarygame dated 2020/06/10.


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