SteemWorld Update / New Tool for Managing Account Authorities

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There is a new tool called 'Account Auths' to be discovered on SteemWorld (also directly reachable via, which enables us to manage the Account Authorities of our Steem accounts:

PS: I know that there are already a few more new tools that I didn't address yet, but I'm currently busy² with building new stuff ('riding a very powerful wave of creativity' I would call it), so I am going to explain those in another post at a later point ;)


If you are not familiar with Steem Account Authorities and Authority Roles in general, I recommend to take a look into my recent post:
Steem Help / Account Authorities

Depending on the type of operation that an account wants to broadcast to the Steem blockchain, the required Authority Role (permission level) changes. For example, for creating or voting a post the Posting Role will be used. For transferring funds from one account to another the Active Role will be used. For administrative account operations the Owner Role will be used.

Editing Authority Roles

This is how the Posting Role Settings for most new Steem accounts look like. The 'Key Auths' (authorized keys) section contains the Public Posting Key of the account with 'Weight' set to '1' by default.

As the weight (influence of that key) reaches the defined 'Weight Threshold' of the Posting Role, the Private Posting Key (from which the Public Key is derived) is allowed to make use of all Posting Role related account operations.

Authorizing other keys or accounts

There are two different ways to authorize other users/apps to make use of our account's Authority Roles. The simplest way is to click on 'Add Account...', enter the target account's name and hit 'Save Changes'.

The second option (for example, if one wants to use Multisig with only a set of keys instead of accounts) is to add the desired Public Key by clicking on 'Add Public Key...'.

Removing authorized keys or accounts

To remove an entry just click on the red 'X' button that is sitting on the right and hit 'Save Changes'.

Can I lose access to my account by removing relevant keys?

I added multiple security checks to ensure that this will not happen and one will be informed about possible problems in a confirmation dialog (with option to cancel) before saving the changes.

Additionally the Owner Authorities are currently not allowed to be changed (button for saving is disabled) and for now I will only allow it for specific accounts on request. As you might know, the Private Owner Key can be used to change the Master Password (and all from that derived keys) at any time.

Can I already use Multisig?

Multisignature accounts can already be configured with this tool, but there are still no public apps that support them. As I think this is an amazing Steem feature, I'm already working on the implementation. More on this to discover soon ;)

Have a relaxed but still productive week and Steem on!

If you like what I do and you want me to be your Steem witness,
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მივესალმე (mivesalme, georgisch für: Ich grüße dich) @Steemchiller,

eine kleine Verwirrung hätte ich zu melden: Ich wollte in meinen finished posts nachschauen und dachte, dass die voreingestellten Last 10 locker reichen. Aber es zeigte mir nur 2 an, was mich erst mal sehr wunderte.

Nach kurzer Zeit kam ich drauf, dass die 8 active posts hier mitzählen, obwohl der Schalter ja nur bei den finished posts angezeigt wird. Ich stellte um auf Last 25 und dann hatte ich was ich brauchte.

Einen schönen, geruhsamen Sonntagabend wünsch ich dir!

You speak only from three roles. But it exist also the memo key.
When you sent coin transfer to accounts with # you need the memo key ?
Or you can sent this also with the active key ?

From a technical point of view there is a difference between the memo key and the other Authority Roles. The memo key is just a key, while other Authority Roles can have multiple keys and/or authorized accounts assigned to them.

Nevertheless I decided to add also a form for editing the memo key in the tool soon, because it makes sense to change the memo key back to the old one after changing the Master Password to still be able to read old encrypted memos.

Or you can sent this also with the active key?

I'm not sure how exactly the exchanges handle it, if the memo cannot be decrypted with the memo key. Of course, they could try the active key in such a case. If it's not stated on the exchange's website that the active key can be used, I would not try this though :)

SDS mention test...

Hello SteemChiller!!! As always, I appreciate everything you are doing to make Steem a great blockchain. I am curious about your ad space at the top of SteemWorld; do you choose the posts to promote, or do you have some payment arrangement if I, for example, wanted to promote my post in that space? Thanks again!!!

Thank you! Yes, currently I choose the posts manually. As I don't have much time over in these days, because I'm fully involved in my SDS (Steem Data Service) developments, it still shows my last post.

The problem with paid promotions is that it would cost me even more time to check payments and contents of the promoted posts. I think, if I would go the paid promotions route, there should be an automated system available, which allows users to pay amount x for x days.

Maybe the paid amount from the different users (I guess there would be at least 5-10 active users all the time) could have an influence on the display interval/percentage. I will think about it and come back with more details when I'm finished with my SDS stuff ;)

Hello @steemchiller, i am writing to you to ask if you could help sponsor a prize for our monthly #spud4steem competition, trying to grow the prize pool and thought i would ask you if you could help in someway


Hi @kiwiscanfly, I will sponsor a delegation of 1000 SP for the next competition in August ;)

Sweet thanks so much :)

I will do a post to announce this


Thanks, I was mostly curious because I wanted to support your work in some way. My upvote is not worth much, so I thought paying for that space could be a way of supporting you. I use SteemWorld so much that it seems wrong not to find a way to show my appreciation for that site! I saw that the link hasn't changed in a while and mistakenly assumed that no one wanted to pay for it. The SDS is obviously more important. Thanks, as always, for being so generous with your time and vote.

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Hi @steemchiller, I know this post is old, but a few days ago a friend received a message telling her to remove the authority from because otherwise she could lose her account. If you are informed please explain it to me, I don't know if it is a mistake, but now I am confused. I have also given authority to, but only my posting key, I have not given any other kind of authority.

Translated with (free version)


The developer of Steemauto has proven himself to be not trustworthy and technically not on a level to manage such a complicated tool. He manipulated the database in order to receive votes from whales without informing them, while he was 'in a bad mood'. There also occurred some security related issues with his services in the past that I don't want to mention here.

So it might happen that you automatically vote posts made by people that are not defined in your configuration. Who knows, what else he would do, if things don't go well. I highly recommend to switch to a different autovote service like the one currently developed by @italygame witness:

Wow, I didn't know about this @steemchiller. I will shortly withdraw the authority I gave you. I can't believe the person in charge of did that. Thanks so much for the information my friend. I was wondering if it would be possible to use your comment to make a warning post and post it in a community?

I think this is vital information for all those who use that service and should be shared. If you don't agree, that's fine. Thank you again and I wish you a happy day.

how about Steemworld making a trail following option ? i was finding out as we really trust over Steemworld after that incident of Steem auto.
As a Country representative i wanted to guide my fellow Community members to join Our trail of official Community account @steemit-pak .

So is there any upcomming update of Steemworld ? or right now we should go with this your suggested steem-fanbase ?

btw already removed all other services through yours Steemworld <3

Hey @steemchiller, this is not meant as spam, but to invite you to this week's "talkchannel" and tell a little about yourself and what your job is all about. And why we want to vote for you
Regards @xpilar (Wold and the Xpilar community)

Hallo @steemchiller.

Meine Steemworld zeigt einen Fehler, den du vielleicht noch nicht bemerkt hast:


Das Programm wechselt fröhlich die Nodes durch, es ändert sich aber nichts.
Danke für deine Aufmerksamkeit.

Danke für den Hinweis! Da waren ein paar Nodes in Replay, aber es sollte jetzt wieder laufen. Demnächst werden auch 5 neue Nodes verfügbar sein ;)

Nö. Der tickelt die Nodes immer noch ununterbrochen durch. Doch immerhin findet das Programm jetzt die neueste account history wieder.

Und jetzt funktioniert es wieder.

You are doing great, keep it up,
Is there any chance you built a tool like steemworld for hive? like hiveworld?

Thank you! No, I'm only working on SteemWorld ;)

Hallo Steemchiller.
Danke für Deinen Einsatz um den Steem voran zu bringen 👍

Thank you @steemchiller for the explanation. It´s a little bit for me
to understand this kind of things.

Thanks for adding another valuable tool for our Steem experience. Salute!

Dieses Update ist hervorragend! Sicherheit ist das wichtigste!!

Liebe Grüße Michael


Danke für all die schönen Tools, die Steemworld beinhaltet.
Mein Witness-Vote hast Du sowieso bereits - ich finde es übrigens Klasse, dass Du auf Platz 1 stehst !

All the work you are doing for blockchain is very much appreciated, this tool is useful for many people.
Thanks for everything. ❤

Nice, I've always wanted a way to edit these!

Your post is manually rewarded by the
World of Xpilar Community Curation

Thanks for this and all the work you do around here!

long waited feature. thanks lot for the upgrade.

The main thing that has been missing for a long time in the Steem project:

  1. polls in posts;
  2. alternatives to GINAbot;
  3. interesting mash-up-feeds, where already read separately from unread

Thanks for the valuable posts on your page
I am grateful to be here in the community with you with love and respect No monopoly No racism No discrimination This is what we need Love, appreciation, respect and cooperation
I will be happy to join my page and support me permanently

This is an important update that can helps us to implement the account authorities by adding or removing, thanks for your hard work and dedication for steemit.

Thanks a lot !!

Thanks for this one, very useful!!

Very useful tool!!!

Really good tools!!

Very good tool!

Hi steemchiller can you teach me how you calculate the voting efficiency of particular account in regards with curation rewards. What's the formula used?

Coming to the top, buddy
With love, respect, appreciation and continuous support towards our great goal

Hey @steemchiller, I have used steemworld for a very long time now and I was enjoying for a while until I noticed that you are basically trolling us by keeping the website up and showing a BLM banner? As somebody who is part african I am pretty offended that you think that is appropriate. Yes, black lives matter, but keeping the site live and not providing people with what they expect from it is like saying “you don’t matter though, because you prefer hive, fuck you, get off my website.” Care to elaborate on why you think this is appropriate? The site should be taken down entirely if you don’t plan on supporting it anymore. I wish I could have stayed on Steem (was on for almost 3 years) however there is a legitimate risk that Justin sun will just continue to delete and censor anybody that doesn’t like him. That is messed up. Wish things could have happened differently. Sorry if you feel like EVERYBODY on hive does not like you anymore because that is certainly not the case. This BLM thing does feel like you are just trolling hive users though...

What are you talking about? BLM? Beeme is not being developed by me and it never was. That service is maintained by some kids who uploaded my old local version to their server. I'm only working on SteemWorld.

All lifes matter ;) Peace ~

Hi I have one question maybe you are the person that knows the answer. Hive is showing me delegating 100 hive . I can’t remember who it’s delegated to so that I can undelegate it. Do you know how I can go about finding out. I know with steemit I go to Thanks in advance

I lost my master password in my stolen device!! I only have the posting key which was saved in my browser. Now I can't perform other authorities ! please any remedy to that???

If you only have the private posting key, there is no way to recover your account or change its master password. You are lucky that it happens now to you, where your account does not hold a big amount of STEEM/SP.

So, you need to create a new account. The lesson you learned is: Always store your master password in a safe place! I strongly recommend to also keep an offline copy on paper.

If you need help for creating your new account, just let me know.

Hello @steemchiller I am trying to undelegate steempower through steemworld from @smartsteem that turned out to be absolute scam, but unfortunately I receive this error: "AssertionError
Expected version 128, instead got 191" when I enter my Private Active Key to approve my undelegation. Please help me, it is 485 steem power that I want to undelegate from this scamservice.

Did you really use your Private Active Key? The message normally appears when someone uses a different type of key.

@mima2606 denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient!
@mima2606 thinks you have earned a vote of @investinthefutur !

I'm grateful to be here with you in this community, and I hope we'll always be helpful.
And we support each other with love and appreciation.

A short time ago I joined her, I hope it will be continuous support between us
He promised to support by voting with love and appreciation

Appreciate your work in this direction. Ability to easily configure and manage multi-sig accounts would be awesome!

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Phenomenal work as usual. If I had to name one thing missing on HIVE but that is on STEEM, it would be you and

Hello there @steemchiller, I noticed that the main steemit account just started powering down. Any ideas as to why? Thanks in advance!

I don't know. Maybe to spread the SP to the curators accounts without having to delegate. I will try to find out more ;)

Hi @steemchiller,

gerade habe ich gesehen, dass Steemit den Power Down fortsetzt.
Die STEEM werden wohl an die Börse transferiert.

Bisher konnte ich keine Erklärung/Bekanntmachung von Steemit dazu irgendwo lesen.

Der Umstand dieses gewaltigen Power Down von Steemit verunsichert Investoren und User und bedarf dringend einer Erklärung!

Vor 13 Tagen wolltest du beginnen, in Erfahrung zu bringen, was die Pläne/Perspektiven von Steemit sind.

Als Top-Zeuge musst du ja darüber informiert sein.

Bitte, wie ist dein Kenntnisstand?

Moin @double-u! Ich habe bisher keine Antwort erhalten. Fakt ist, dass es nicht möglich wäre so eine Menge einfach auf einem Exchange zu verkaufen. Das wäre, wie jeder von uns weiß, ein riesiges Verlustgeschäft.

Man darf nicht vergessen, dass in anderen Accounts auch noch viele Millionen SP liegen und diese nicht angerührt wurden. Vermutlich hat es also ganz andere Gründe, als wir uns vorstellen können.

Als Top-Zeuge musst du ja darüber informiert sein.

Nicht wirklich. Es würde mich natürlich freuen, wenn ich mehr Details darüber wüsste, aber die Firma hat keine Pflicht die Witnesses darüber zu informieren, wie sie die eigenen Gelder nutzt und verteilt.

Ich sehe den aktuellen Powerdown nicht wirklich als große Gefahr, aber bin natürlich auch alarmiert. Wenn ich weitere Anzeichen in anderen Accounts sehe, werde ich entsprechend handeln.

LG, Chiller

Vielen Dank für deine schnelle Antwort!

Thank you, I appreciate it. Let me know what you find!

yeah. try it, it is by trying that one gets better, Give it a try. it is worth it.

Hast du den neuen SteemWorld-Klon Hivetasks schon bemerkt oder ihn gar autorisiert?

Bei der Gelegenheit erlaube ich mir zu fragen, was du von Blurt hältst. Auf deren angekündigte Änderungen wie Abschaffung der Rewardkurve und die Festlegung der Reward-Verteilung durch den Autor warte ich ja hier sehnsüchtig! Auch die Abschaffung der Downvotes sehe ich überwiegend positiv.

It is really very important post for everyone. Really great and helpful post. Thank you sir good job

Hi @steemchiller This post presented in your fluent language has been very helpful to me.I hope this beautiful post of yours will help everyone.Thank you very much for the new update.

I have a question about this paragraph:

Can I lose access to my account by removing relevant keys?

I added multiple security checks to ensure that this will not happen and one will be informed about possible problems in a confirmation dialog (with option to cancel) before saving the changes.

Once the relevant key is removed, can't it be added again? Say the posting key is removed (while other keys are kept intact), can we add the posting key back again?

Yes, the lower keys can always be added again (as long as one has access to a higher key). Removing the owner key is currently not possible (disabled), so there can not really happen anything bad in the current configuration.

If something should go wrong with the posting key and a user can no longer login to the platform, he can just change his master password (from which all new private keys will be derived from) with his private owner key here:

Thanks for the information
I'll study it @steemchiller

Thank you, @steemchiller, for your kind response.

1) I presume that active key is higher than posting key. 2) For those who had lost their master password, can their active key come to the rescue and restore the deleted posting key?

Thanks again.

Yes, the active key can be used to add a new posting key. The different key roles are as follows:

  1. Posting (can be changed with active or owner key)
  2. Active (can be changed with active or owner key)
  3. Owner (can only be changed with owner key)

The master password is being used to make things easier and derive the other keys from a single word/string. The blockchain does not know your master password, same as it does not know your private keys. It only knows public keys.

When you broadcast a transaction (for example, with one vote operation), it will be signed locally (in your browser/device) with your private key. Only the resulting signature will be sent to the Steem node and checked against the required public keys. If the public key matches, the transaction will be added to the blockchain.


I have lost my master password; so here, I entered the ACTIVE key in the hopes of changing my POSTING and MEMO keys. But it resulted in "broadcasting error" for want of master password perhaps. Question is, WHERE and HOW may I change the POSTING and MEMO keys by using ACTIVE key?

I have lost the memo key also in addition to losing my master password; so I really want to be able to change the memo key, at the very least.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your kindness, @steemchiller.

You could use to generate a new set of keys for your account name and only change the posting and memo keys with

But after looking at your current account stats (Rep. 51, 16 SP), I would recommend to just create a new account. You won't be happy in future with an account you don't have full control over.

Hi @steemchiller! Is there a way to get a new account that's created in 2016 or 2017? I thought I wanted to do this final check before creating a new account.

The only way would be to find someone who created multiple accounts at that time and who wants to give them away or sell them :) Chances are not that good I guess.

Hi. I am new here. I want to know more and more with all of Your support. Thank you

Ein jeengervote für dich von @mima2606

I was looking at this post now, which is very useful indeed. But the steemworld logo is called lención. It would look good on a t-shirt for me.

Wow.... Das ist super! Danke!

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