100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 37 - Steem Tools

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We were delighted to see today the launch of SteemScan.com.

This is a great new Steem blockchain explorer from @futureshock.

It has been very encouraging over the last few weeks to see a number of witnesses and developers move forward with the development of a range of tools and apps to help people use the Steem blockchain more effectively.

To ensure Steemians know about all these tools we are keen to compile an up to date and comprehensive list of what is available.

What Tools and Apps are Available

The tools we know of currently include…

Are there any other useful tools that we have missed?

Please do post in the comments below any others you know of.

What other Tools and Apps do we need?

There are some tools and apps that are no longer operating on Steem.

Are there any that we particularly need to replace?

Please post in the comments any you think are a priority to get working again.

We can then explore ways to get replacements developed.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team

Notes from the Community...

Steem Witness Forum - Sunday May 10th

@greenhouseradio is organising another Steem Witness Forum on Sunday.

The main topic of the forum will be Abuse on the blockchain, picking up on the 100 Days post about this a few days ago.

We strongly encourage all witnesses to attend and participate in the forum...

Contests and Challenges on Steem

The @steemingcurators team set up by @ciska and @cryptokannon has compiled a useful list of contests and challenges currently running on Steem...

World of Animals Video Contest

@xpilar has extended the closing date for round 2 of the ‘World of Animals’ video competition.

The contest has a total prize pool of 2000 STEEM...


What other Tools and Apps do we need?

An easy to use app to post and permanently save videos directly in one's blog would be very useful.
Apps like 3SPEAK, DTube and DLive are not operating on the STEEM blockchain anymore.

That's also my Opinion. Greetings Michael

Bummer, I thought dblog loved steem.

Where is the correlation between my comment about needed video apps and dblog?

I thought dblog was a steemit exclusive app, your comment made me realize it wasn't.

That looks useful. Have many people signed up with this system already?

Thank you

The Steemit Team

90-100 people signed up with this system.

Thank you!

That is very good.

Thank you

I will try to join in wiht https://steemcoinpan.com ...







These look interesting. Are you still developing them? And do you have links for each of them?

Thank you

The Steemit Team

Yes, they are constantly updating.

And links are here :

Great, thank you

I think we need calculator for steem-sbd debt ratio.

http://steemreports.com/steem-sbd-info/ is shutdown.

I wonder if any Steem developers would like to pick this one up?

Maybe @steemchiller could add it to Steemworld.org, or perhaps @justyy could add it to his tools?

Thank you

The Steemit Team

Sure, I can add it to the Market Info tab. There is currently only the capped debt ratio being displayed, but I could add the real ratio in the empty space on the right.

Will see what I can do ;)

That will be good, thank you.

I think it is a good idea.
Greetings Michael

That's sounds pretty easy. Maybe I'll have something like that made today.

Hey @steemcurator01 ,

Hindi translation is ready for Indian community now reaching more people with resteem of @alokkumar121 & @rajan1995

Link:- 100 दिन STEEM : दिन 37 - Steem Tools

There are some tools and apps that are no longer operating on Steem.
Are there any that we particularly need to replace?

If the tool is useful, I think it should be replaced.

If you should miss any useful tool, just let us know ;)

Please make an editor and our Steemworld is more perfect.

I would like to point out @platuro, a programmer / developer who is currently working on a publisher for Steem / Hive. Here you don't need any knowledge of Markdown to create a contribution and can immediately publish your contribution on one or both chains.

The programmer was also involved in the game Next Colony and has already programmed several smaller or larger tools as a study for Steem. He also brings out a VR game that he has designed, developed and programmed completely on his own in the near future. This however on Steam and not on Steem.

Also if a little more air and time is a witness node for Steem is put on.

By the way, he is my son :)

Here you can download a version of the dPublisher for all operating systems



🥰 Yeah that´s a nice tool, I stated it already on the first day of offering it to the community, it´s a quick and handy tool way better than others less complicated and easy to use, even for guy´s who yet not haven´t found their domicile (Steem, or HIVE). I guess we need more of this handy Tools like this,maybe with some more Features but hey developing needs some time 😉

Hello, i'm the developer of this application.
Yes, i will continue the development of dPublisher soon.

Thank you!

That will be great. Keep us informed of progress.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

It is a very nice Tool. I used it too and it is helpfull and many features will come soon.
Best Regards Michael

thanks for the mention

A clear resteem :-)

Me gustaría tener una herramienta con la cual poder ver estadística de visitas a mis publicaciones distribuidas por hora y fecha

Steem did not become network №1 due to the lack of a translator of posts, and most importantly, what it lacks is built-in polls that people could use for direct democracy

without GINAbot somehow don’t hear anything at all

Thank you very much for the mention! We are glad that the Steemit Inc, is appreciating the tools that we've developed. We also have SteemLogin for an easy and secure way to log into Dapps.

Hope that our tools could motivate others to go forth and to trust in Steem as much as we do. In SteemScan we've added a Dev Tool category so that current and new dev on Steem will have a place to find all the informations needed to start developing on the blockchain. Also, our CTO is always open to talk and give some tips to devs so feel free to message us or our CTO - Hightouch.

Moreover, we are glad that you ask this question: What other Tools and Apps do we need?
Because we are also super curious, and as we mentioned before, we work to expand the Steem ecosystem and to develop useful, ergonomic and designed apps/tools for Steemians.
Steemians: your opinions and feedback are highly appreciated and needed!

What else there is to say except let's work together for a better future and a better Steem.

https://www.steem.center/index.php?title=Main_Page is our very own Steem Wiki that should be made available on the Steem home page.

And don't forget about Steemauto.com for setting up auto-voting and scheduled posting.

The tools by @justyy are wonderful. The site is packed with great tools. At least, i know i can make transfer to multiple account now.

Hopefully, more will come to the Stee. Blcokchain.

I Think what we really need is a Search Engine!

Best Regards Michael

Not much into tech. There used to be a tool called steempress ...it was a wordpress plug in. I believe it does not work for steem anymore ...wonder if there is a replacement. Will help many wordpress blog users to leverage the blockchain.

Also steem does not seem to be compatible with RSS aggregators. Which also should be looked at.

There are millions of wordpress sites out there. Steem stands a very good chance to getting into that eco-system. Just like there are millions of video blogs with most of the videos hosted on youtube. Imagine if we can provide a facility where people can post on the blockchain. Monitise their content and post the seven days pull the same content into their wordpress using RSS feeds. That way the wordpress owners become indirect brand ambassadors of the blockchain. Every click will bring the user to steemit.

@steemitblog Gracias por todas las nuevas herramientas para nosotros.

Hi Steemit!

These tools are disabled but atm present on the Steemit.com website when not logged in (new users and visitors see this)

* Please remove these third-party services from the sign up page.

* When not logged in, the welcome to Steemit link brings you to a page were on bullet point 5 steem.chat is promoted.

Tools I would like to see on Steemit.com and Steemitwallet.com

  • Easy SP delegation to other users in Steemitwallet
  • Option to lease or lease out SP to/from other users, (Stinc.?), (like dlease)

The most tools that left or about to are auto voters and bots. I am not sure if I want these to be improved or to stay. IMO, bots, auto votes, auto comments, auto this, auto that, has nothing to do with building a social platform. Bots aren´t social creatures.
The reason engagement is a problem is because we are used to do nothing. For every little task that requires empathy and some social skills, there is a bot that does that for you.

Sincerely yours, Ciska

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