10 Random Things About Me

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There's this 10 Random Things challenge started by @twodorks. What is this all about? Well, just like what the words says... 10 Random Things about ME... Thanks to @enginewitty for the tag... And the question asked... What question? What is the most embarrassing moment in your entire life?

Uhm... This is kinda embarrassing... Me being super Dory (yes, the Dory from Finding Nemo and Finding Dory), I can't really remember what's my most embarrassing moment... 😅😅😅 So if this question is being asked on stage, I can imagine me standing on the stage, Uhm... Ahhhh... Hehehe... Hahaha... Dead Air... Pretty embarrassing, right? @enginewitty does this count as answer to your question???

OK, straight to the point... 10 Random Things about me...

  1. I am super Dory... Haha... My memory is almost like Dory... Can't really remember lots of things... So please forgive me if I forget something, I didn't do that on purpose... Please remind me if you know I forgot something. Thanks!

  2. I am super blessed and lucky. I am always being surrounded by awesome people. Just like here in Steemit, I have my home team, Team Malaysia. Also a proud member of @TheAlliance (although I am a quiet one). Then being a mama... I am also a proud mama with @SteemitMamas...

  3. I love coffee. So coffee cheers to all my Coffee Kaki (a.k.a. coffee lover friends).

  4. I fell in love with Korean BBQ last year. Dunno why... I have always love Japanese cuisine over the Korean. But then now I am totally in love with Korean BBQ. So @zord189 when are we gonna go BBQ again ah?

  5. I am borned in the month of November. I used to be almost the youngest in most of my groups... But now... Time flies...

  6. I wish I am more of a risk taker... I missed out many opportunities of being a millionaire... LOL... If I would spare a few hundred bucks to buy Bitcoin back when it started in 2009... Yes, I stumbled upon Bitcoin that early... But I have no idea what that was. And then a second time when it was USD 400 per bitcoin... I didn't do anything other than collect it for free. If I would just pump in some fiat... Imagine how much wealthier I would be now... But nevermind... If it's not meant to be mine, it won't be mine anyway... Move on...

  7. I don't make up. I am too lazy to cleanse later. And I would rather use the time to sleep or space out...

  8. But if I do make up, I like mascara and lip gloss...

  9. I don't like my lip to be red. Just not my style.

  10. My natural hair is straight... Yes, real straight... So I like to have my hair permed... Will grow back my hair and permed it to be curly... Hopefully by the Chinese New Year of 2019.

OK... That's it from me... 10 really random things about me... And now is the time of me passing this challenge on to the next one... So who wanna do this? I will choose a few of you... And to accept it or not is entirely up to you.

@ireenchew @happycrazycon @iamjadeline @fitinfun @nomadicsoul @bboyady @htliao @deanliu

And my question is If you are given a chance to time travel, will you go back in time or will you visit the future? Why?

Rules of 10 Random Things

This challenge doesn't have to do anything with Steemit. Each person who decides to do the challenge will have to say at least 10 facts about yourself! Pretty easy right?! After that you need to ask one question and you have to tag that person to play along! Don't forget to use the hashtag #tenrandomthings so we can find your post!

And as usual to end my post... My MomentCam selfie... Embarrassing moment...

Image credits to @littlenewthings, @sireh and @skyleap

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If you are interested in the communities and groups I am in, you can find more details below here: -


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I am also one of the proud members of @ladiesofasia


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No really, I'm right here if you need anything from me. I want to do whatever I can.

That's just a copy and paste-stolen response. You really aren't that impressive.

Nobody will be able to drive again after January 19, 2038.

Who is Frank?

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No, yesterday you said your name was Malik and you told me you loved me, even though I married Altair.

No! You are cleverbot.

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Haha you are making me laugh 😆 and you haven’t even started yet.

1 oh dear are we some kind of soul sisters? Haha I have a bad memory too!

2 oh hello 👋🏻 I’m also part of steemitmamas haha also just quiet over there! Now we know! Hahaha

3 coffee is life! Everybody loves coffee except for my husband lol he is missing out!

4 Coffee is life but FOOD is lifer! Lolololol. Yummy KOREAN barbecue!!

5 Yep I feel you! Lol 😂 oh life! Age is just a number, it is our personality that makes us younger!!! So yep, you know what I mean, LMAO hahaha never use that term just now! Hahaha so LIT 🔥 hahaha ok enough.

6 Aww maybe there’s a Bigger plan for you. Maybe not becoming a MILLIONAIRE. Who knows it’s meant to happen but to your children!

7 i can relate! We moms doesn’t have time to do makeup. Though I put light makeup on cus yah know I might scare people with my face! hahaha

8 see what I’m talking about hahaha lololol

9 but our lips are naturally red?? Hahaha nah i get you! I’m running out of words to say hahahahhaa me?? i like it like blending like a natural look, oh wait just remember the right word for it, OMBRE. See?? I’m slow. Lolol

10 FINALLY hahhahaha i talk way too much! just like me i have straight hair and i like my hair to be curly too!! Haven’t tried to get it permanently because some days I appreciate my natural hair how it is sooo i just use curlers when I feel like it!

I love you entry! Thank you for accepting the challenge 💕 and for tagging me!!

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Thanks for reading through... I am glad I am not the only Dory... 😂
Seems like we have many in common too... 😋😀

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Oooo... I love this game. And you had to post it at past 12 midnight ? It's either doing it now or tomorrow morning.
Oh no ! I might not be able to sleep if I don't do it now...
No.. no... Decisions 😱

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Lol... I should post it before 12... Coz it's supposed to be my yesterday post... But I can home late... And by the time I finish writing... It's already past 12... 😅
Sorry for the dilemma...

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Can’t wait to read yours!!!!

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Ha ha awesome, thanks for playing 'Dory'😋😎🤗

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Haha... 😉🤣😘

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I'm late seeing this, but I am in! No make up for this lady either, but I will not use this fact!

Just stumbled upon this post and make me crave for BBQ again... the meat.....

Hahahaha you already crack me up when you mentioned DORY!! My family is an avid fan if dory and nemo! Like we watch the movie like the nth time!! 🤣😂

Who does not love coffee?!! Haha we all do!

I have never tried korean bbq but i have heard they are delicious.. i will have to try it some time. I hope next week! 😄

Waaaaaaaahhhh! You should have been a WHALE now if you had just kept all the bitcoins!! 🐳🐋🐳

I dont do too much make-up either. I just draw my brows which i dont do before but @twodorks is very contagious!! So eyes and brows are my primary artworks everyday and just baby powder. Thats it!

I envy your hair!!!!!
I want straight one not wavy.. every year i have it rebonded!

It was nice knowing you @elizacheng!! I had fun.. hehe 😍

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Thanks for dropping by... We should exchange our hair...
Kids just love Nemo and Dory...

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I would love to exchange hair with you anytimr hahahaha!

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