Driverless Bus ! Video Interview By Me

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The Future Of Transportation

Autonomous Bus Interview by me
Interviewe: Forus PRT

To watch the video with english subtitles click onn CC and then auto-translate and a various of different languages will pop up.

I'm one of those believing that traffic will be way safer and much more fun when the driverless vehicles hit the roads.
Watch the video if you'd like to see me having some fun trying out the first autonomous car in Stavanger. We have so many exciting new transportations methods yet to come. Like the Hyperloopfor instance.. I can't wait to see how those flying cars will fit in, how to use that and not make chaos?

What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the future of transport. If you'd like to share please do drop me a comment :D

This video was done in collaboration with Office X, a project made by the largest business organisations in Norway to engage the youth in business.

As always,

A big thank you for reading and watching!


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You have a great personality for video and interviews! I am super jealous, I always wanted to drive one of those driverless busses. I laughed so hard when he walks out in front of the bus and you are alone inside the bus! Ha ha!

Hahaha!! I know, so funny! Thank you for watching, much appreciate it <3 Thanks for your kind words! I actually love being in front of camera and doing interviews, I hope I'll get to do more of that in the future to come....!!!!

I have a feeling we will see more of that in the near future ;)


very good posting this. Thank you for the information @yrja

Hey @fujaxxi ! glad you liked it :D Thank you for dropping a comment!

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Very Nice! Upvoted! :-)
Thanks for sharing! :-)

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Best of luck!.