Hi! I'm Yrja :)

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Hey there!

Happy to meet you all!!

This is my very first blog post outside my own website and I'm eager for it to be on a blockchain based platform. How cool is this?
A friend of mine who's been blogging here for a while introduced me to it and I jumped on immediately as I'm super fan of the blockchain technology. (You might already have read some of her posts, Susanne, check her out :))

So, who am I, who's Yrja in a few lines?

Well, I'm a passionate human being, interested in various things, mainly tech, science, future society and the human psyche.
I'm a truth seeker and always curious to learn and explore new things. I get nourished by challenging myself and putting myself out of the comfort zone.
My values are love, give and grow which is burned down to my core and the essentials of why I'm still alive, I guess.

I'm a firm believer in that finding meaning in the ups and downs in life, wether its suffering or bliss, is they key to contentment and happiness and a life of fulfilment.

I'd like to say that my mission is to spread awareness about the incredible future of technologies marching towards us, the human psyche and empower people to join in on transforming humanity.

I work freelance as a SoMe-, Community Manager & Content Creator.
Human relations where deep genuine meaningful conversations takes place is what I find the most empowering and enjoy the most in life.

I also enjoy long walks in the sun and running in the wilderness of nature and swimming.

I write on my novel and draw in my spare time and love connecting with new people. And of course I also spend lots of time reading a lot of tech, innovation and society development news and research,

Oh btw, I'm Norwegian and am located in Oslo at the present moment.

And, since you're already reading this - let's connect? I'd love to get to know you :)

If you are interested in learning more about me or connect you can check out my

instagram: @yrjaoftedahl
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1nY28dZkYve9rLu21TSOLg?view_as=subscriber
Or add me as a friend on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yrjaoftedahl
or Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yrjaoftedahl/

Or perhaps you'd like to drop me an email?
[email protected]

Looking forwards to meet you :D

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Weelcome to steemit :D

Hey @steemik!! Thank you for welcoming me and the vote! :D Glad to meet you! Happy to be aboard! Wish you a wonderful evening :)) See you around :D Excited to learn more on how this works!

Hello, @yrja ! Great post, nice photo!
I followed you and UpVoted you!
Very cool that you are here! Steem on!
I wish you happiness! You will be happy on SteemIt!

Hei @igo-steem!! Happy that you enjoyed my post (and photo he he) :D Thanks for the upvote and warm welcome! So glad to be here :) I wish you happiness too and actually, I believe I will ! Have a great evening Igor wherever you are!

Hi there! If you're into science and plan to write quality, scientific (not plagiarized) content, or generally within the STEM fields, please feel free to use the #steemstem tag to get recognition from us curators, and join the steemSTEM chat on 'steemit.chat' to mingle with the scientific community here on Steemit!

Ok cool!! Thanks for the heads up :)) I'll definitely join in on the scientific community! :)) Also, glad to be here!

Welcome to Steem @yrja I have upvoted and sent you a tip

Awesome! Thank you so much! Nice to meet you :) Glad to be here :)

Good day and welcome to the steemit family @yrja. Steemit is already a great platform where you meet with good people but it can surely be better having you here. Upvoted you and happy to meet you too.

What you need to be doing is;

• Show some love to everyone
• Engage steemit family with good post
• Follow people of positive impact
• Avoid plagiarism (copying and pasting another person’s content)
• Be happy
• You can kindly follow me @fingalenz
fingalenz border.png
Please!!! know that everything you need is already within you, be great and never surrender.

You can learn from my posts
How to design a simple but amazing wordpress website
How to reduce video file size without affecting the quality

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Nice to meet you Yrja welcome to steemit !

Hey @sisu!! Thank you so much for welcoming me! It seems like a wonderful place to be :) Glad I entered the steemit world! Wish you a wonderful day!

@finagalez!! Thank you for your kind note and warm welcome :) Really appreciate it!! Wish you a wonderful day!


Welcome to steemit @yrja. Nice introducing. I upvoted and followed you.
I collect friends so please follow, upvote me and you will get a valuable contents from me.
Thank you very much!

My introducing:

Heey @chebee thank you so much for reading <3 Thanks for welcoming me and leaving a note :) Wish you a wonderful weekend!

I wish the same good.

Welcome to the Steemit community. :)

@zararina ! hey ! Thank you! Appreciate your kind note thank you!! Have a nice day <3

Where there is love there is life.

- Mahatma Gandhi

Seems like it's lots of love here in this community :D Thanks for connecting :)

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"My values are love, give and grow which is burned down to my core"

That rhymed really nicely😄 Anyway, welcome Yrja and greetings from the neighbour; Finland🙋
May your passion thrive and your exploration be full of fortune here on Steemit.

Hey @celestal! Thank you for your kind note!! Hello back to Finland! So far I enjoy it very much here and believe it will be an awesome journey. Wondering how come I haven't stumbled upon this earlier!! So glad I did, finally :D Wish you a lovely evening!

Welcome yrja to steemit!!

Hey there! Thank you so much! pleased to hear from you :) Wish you a wonderful day !

Welcome to steemit Yrja. Here's a global community. So, I, as a representative of Africa, lol, welcomes you to steemit :)

Wow! Cool thank you for your warm welcome :) Love that its global!! Many hellos from Norway! :)

Yeah... that's how we like it :)

Wish you a good day @greenrun !:D

Thank you. It's night here though.

Hi from Estonia :) I hope your day was cool :)

Estonia, so cool! My day was great, got a happy injection from joining this community :)) Wish you a nice evening !

Thank you!! I am happy that you like it :) I like steemit very :)

Beauty! very very good post

Thank you for your nice comment and welcoming note!! Wish you a wonderful day :)

Hey Yrja, welcome to steemit, Glad to have you here, I'd love a link to your personal blog so I can check it out. In the mean time feel free to ask me any questions you may have...I'd be happy to help...I'd be looking forward to your future posts!

Would be super happy if you follow me @kingbach I follow back. We can grow together. Thank you

Hey there! Thank you so much for welcoming me! So happy to be onboard, seem like such a warm community here. Glad to jump in early on :) my website is www.yrjaoftedahl.com Ill go add it in there! thanks for asking!

Welcome to steemit @yrja, nice to meet u, proof your self as a scientist by join @steemSTEM or #science tag

Hey there @jamhuery! Pleased to meed you too :) Ill start using the #science tag thanks for telling me! Wish you a nice day!

Welcome @yrja

It is always good to have more people on here who are interested in technology.

A lot of people in the blockchain thread but not too many frequent this one.

Hey @taskmaster4450 !! Thanks for the welcome, I'm so glad to be in a community where people is interested in tech and science. And such a warm and welcoming one too! So happy :) I'll definitely start using that tag on my posts! Nice to meet you! Talk to you I guess!

Really nice to meet you too. Welcome to Steemit, I'm also new here and trying to learn as much as I can, perhaps we can help each other. Look forward to see more of your posts.

Hey @Loannethor! Glad to meet you! I'd love to help out :) Eager to check out your posts as well! Thank you for saying hello! Wish you a wonderful evening :D

Welcome to steemit! i upvoted and im following you! Love your post!

Hey @nuojesus!! Glad to meet you! Thank you for following and upvoting my post :)) Grateful for you enjoying it!! Wish you a wonderful evening!

Velkommen! You are finally here. I hope you like it as much as I do :)

Thank you Susanne for introducing it to me!! So happy to be a part of this community :))

Hi Yrja, welcome I'm new too. Good luck =)

@alexzoid! Hey! great to meet you and thanks! And of course good luck to you as well :D This is so cool!

Welcome to Steemit! I’ll follow you, please follow me as well, Upvote and Resteem so we can grow together. Thank you

Hey there! Thank you!! So happy to be a part of this warm community :) Wish you a nice day!

Hello Yrja! I love your eyes! <3

Hey @amedeo! Thank you for your lovely comment :D Wish you a nice evening :))

Thank you too @yrja! :D I am following you

Thank you!! I'm following you too :) Great community <3

Thank you too! :D

Hi @yrja!
Wellcome ! I upvoted you,you can follow me @saronet.

Hey @Saronet! Thank you for you welcome and upvote!! I wish you a wonderful day :D

Weelcome to steemit :D

Hey Matija :D Thank you so much! Pleased to meet you :)

Welcome to steemit Yrja!

Hey there abh12345! Thank you so much :) Wish you a great evening!

And the very same to you!


Awesome. Welcome another free thinking and happiness seeker to the platform. I will check back in on your posts.

We're embarking on an epic adventure here!

Hey @happymoneyman! Thanks for your lovely note! For sure seems like an epic adventure! Loving the community already! So warm :) Hope you'll find my content valuable :)) Have a great evening! Cheers from Norway!

I think the social accountability here changes the platform. People interact more as they would in face to face. So, I would guess it's more warm than other social media because people are free to be themselves with less ego.

Cheers again! Have an exciting day.

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Hey!! Didn't see this before now, I guess I need to figure out how to get notifications. I totally believe so. I love it so far, people seem great here, and hope I'll get to figure out who the most active users are. More fun to meet engaged people! Followed you @happymoneyman ! Cheers and good day! Speak later I guess!

Hi @yrja welcome to steemit, enjoy ..... @jacksonmil980

Hey @jacksonmil980 ! Thank you so much! And yes I believe I will enjoy it :D Have a wonderful evening!

Hey Yira,

welcome into this wonderful community.
I wish you a very good time here.
May your dreams come true.
If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Hey @modernpastor! Glad to meet you :) I've noticed the magic of this community! I'm so happy to get aboard. Grateful to make friends from all over the world! Thanks for wishing me well :)) Right back at ya! And fur sure, will reach out, you too! Wish you a good evening :)

Thank you very much. You're welcome.

Good thing having you on this platform. Enjoy your stay!

Hey @s3rg3 thank you for welcoming me! And I'm certain of that I will enjoy this Steemit journey :) Wish you a wonderful evening !

Interesting post, and very authentic, which is a huge trademark of a good friend, since I am a novelist, I decided to follow you, hoping to be good friends

Hey John Nyray! pleased to meet you and thank you so much for you kind note. Thanks for following me and I'd love to be good friends :D It's such a warm community here. I love it. Thank you ! Speak soon :))

Yay - der va du ombord :D

HAHA JA :D <3 du og ser eg haha :D

Welcome to Steemit! I wish you a good days and inspiration to create in our community! Please follow me :)

Thank you! This is so cool :) Wish you a good day as well! And will definitely check you out!

Welcome to this platform. Hope you'll bring some quality in the desert of non-information. Upvoted and followed.

Hey @technovedanta! Thanks for welcoming me! Hopefully I'll give you something worth reading :)) Thank you I wish you a wonderful day!

Hey @technovedanta !! Thank you for welcoming! And I hope I'll serve you something of value :) Thank you!!

Hejaz, welcome to Steemit. I am sure you are going to flourish here. Looking forward to see your posts. Followed, upvoted and resteemed

Hi @traderdad! Pleased to meet you! I really hope so, the community is so warm and I'm so happy I came here! Thank you so much for following me and showing me some love!! Wish you a nice day :D

4welcome to our community! I look forward to reading your blog. what sort of Novel are you writing? Namaste 🦁

@coryrayleslie80! Thank you so much for welcoming me! Makes me so happy that you read it and looking forwards! The novel is based on a true story of a close relationship of mine where his mental unstability was heavily present and got out of hand .. the story is related to how I experienced it. Pretty interesting! The story Funny beautiful, sad and loving at the same time. Writing in english, so perhaps everynow and then I might post some short excerpt here.. Is that something people would enjoy you think? Wish you a wonderful day! Greetings!

Aloha! Welcome. I'm glad to read your heart's message here - we share the same direction. <3

Aloha back :D Thank you! It warms my hear that you enjoyed it!! And especially since we share the same direction, seems like the community is full of nice and cool people here! I wish you a wonderful day and thank you soo much for greeting me <3

Welcome! Great introduction post, you will do great here. Followed

@quhectic24! Hey there!! So glad you liked it! I hope I'll serve you some more valuable content! What do people / you here enjoy reading the most, short or longer posts? Have a wonderful day! :D

U're welcome Yrja...Be Happy

Thank you @fethysidi!! I think I will, this community is lovely. You too! Wish you a wonderful day!

Your awesome! Welcome to Steem. I myself am new to but i am truly loving it!! I just wrote an intro post as well. take a look!!

Hey @hilladigahackles! Thanks for welcoming me :D I will check your post! I believe we both will love it!! This community is so warm, excited to start on this journey :D

i just found the reply section! ha! only took me for days. ha. thanks for checking my post. i am following you so i will be checking your post as well!

Haha! Yes i wasn't sure how to figure our replies and comments from others at first but figured it out that it actually was right in front of me in replies and comments section next to blog haha! following you too! looking forwards to your updates :D

Hello pretty , welcome to steemit family 😉😉 i had followed you n return a favour if u wish 😄😄hope u like this platform :) i had upvoted u too :)

<3 Thank you so much!! The family seems so wonderful! Why didn't I enter faster!!! I really believe I will love it!! Wish you a wonderful day :D

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Welcome to Steemit, cheers from Mexico! I'm following you now.

@gcervera!! Thank you so much! So cool! Mexicooo! Love to connect with people from all over the world!! Thanks for following me :)) WIsh you a lovely day!

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Hey! Thanks ! I'll check it out! :D Persistence beats luck for sure! Wish you a nice day :)

Hey Yrja, nice to meet you 🤗! Last time I have been to Oslo there was a loooooot of snow and it was gorgeous 😉. I will be looking out for your posts coming up 😊! Greetings @travellove

Hey @travellove!! Nice to meet you too :D Wow, yes indeed Norway can be so beautiful when covered in snow, I prefer summer better. It's absolutely stunning. you should come back! If so, let me know :D Have a great day!

Welcome to steemit. best regards @isbrai

Hey @isbrai! Thanks for welcoming me! Really appreciate it! Wish you a wonderful day :):) Best regards from Norway!

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happy to be friends with yrja @isbra. from #Aceh

Welcome @yrja Nice introduction ..... Ive decided to FOLLOW you. Looking forward to more of your posts :)

Hey @Paulieg!! Thank you so much! I'm so happy to be here and I hope I'll serve the community something of value :) Thanks for welcoming me <3 Greetings from Norway!

welcome to this community ...hopefully you can reach what you want on this community ...

@lopezdacruz ! Thank you for welcoming me :) I hope I will! It seems like a community with a spark of magic and I love it! So glad to be here: ) Wish you all well and a wonderful day!

Nice too meet U' upvoted & follow u'.

Hey Uliselion!! Thank you soo much :) Pleased to meet you too!! Thank you <3 Wish you a wonderful day!

welcome to steemit @yrja nice to meet in this platform

Hey @rudel!! Glad to hear from you and meet you :) Exited to be here! Wish you a wonder ful day :)

Hello @yrja From Aceh Sumatra, Nice To You !!
Welcome TO Steemit and esteem
Thank you good friends to meet you.
The best and amazing
Nice to Meet You All steemians
My name is Alıne Cappelları from the National Liberation Front of Sumatra (ASNLF)
I Say Welcome And Happy For You Here #steemit or esteem.
Do not Forget Follow Me Also @chocolate20180
I would like to express my gratitude.

Hey @chocolate2018 ! Pleased to meet you! Thanks for welcoming me :) <3 I wish you a good day and journey here at Steemit :D

Congratulations @yrja!
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Hey there @arcange! That is SO cool! Thank you so much for wrapping that up and letting me know :D Appreciate it and super grateful! So glad to be here :) Such a warm community :))


Hey!! Thanks for getting in touch! Wish you a nice day!!

welcome to steemit community @yrja good to have our fellow steemians on board upvoted you follow me for any steemit related help

Hey @minmentors!! Thank you for welcoming me :)) Im so glad to be her! The community is wonderful. Excited to see more of your stuff and stay in touch :D

Hey girl welcome!!!:)

Hey @marylaluna!! <3 Thank you so much!! :) sooo excited to be here and pleased to meet you :) Wish you all the best, hope to talk to you! cheers !

glad you've come to join:) welcome!

Hey @doitvoluntarily!! Thank you! Soo so excited to be here :) Finally I'm onboard <3 Wish you all the best! Have a nice day!

Nice introduction post! Glad you made it onto this platform. It’s going to change your life, hope you have a good time.

@firepower!! Thank you for saying such warm wonder, hope that to, I feel I have something to contribute with :)) And I definitely well. Seems like you have it so far too! :) Talk to you alter I guess. Enjoy :D

Welcome to Steemit! I wish you a good days and inspiration to create in our community! Please follow me as i follow you :)

:D Hey there @adechris ! follow you right back! Thank you so much for a warm welcome :) Wish you a nice day!!

Welcome to steemit @yrja...You have such a good writing style. Looking forward to your future posts. BTW, what does 'yrja' mean?

Hey there! Thank you Souhl, made my day :D I'll try my best to serve you great posts :D Yrja actually is an old viking name meaning "the one who loves the earth" really happy with that actually he he :)) What about yours? Wishing you a good day!

Thanks :) . I use 'souhl' as a short for Solomon.

Welcome! I am new as well. I visited Norway a few years ago and loved it! Hope to go back and visit again sometime.

Hey!! cool @clairvoyant that you went to Norway and loved it ! It's beautiful here but the weather is not always so. Even seems like summer is over now :/ Thanks for welcoming me and welcome right back at ya!! Have a nice day :D

Welcome to the community. i'm new also.


Upvoted and followed.

Mike Bryant

Hey @rebele93!! Thank you so much for your welcome and for the follow :D and welcome right back! It seems like such a wonderful community and I believe you'll like it as much as I do :D Wish you a wonderful day !

Welcome Yrja... may the Steem be with you

@sea-cottage ! Hey! Thank you :) May the steem be with me hehe I hope so too! So far it seem very nice in here. Thank you so much for reading and writing me this note! Wish you a lovely day!

Welcome To Steemet
I hope you enjoy in this community
and i vote for nice personality

Hey @gunwanramli!! Thank you so much for welcoming me and your kind note :) I believe I will love it so much here :) Hope you enjoy it too! Thanks for reading! :) Have a nice day!

first comment :)

:D Thank you ! yey!

your welcome , i followed :)

:D Thank you :) Wish you a wonderful day @bleekpatterson! This seems like a lovely community :)


I love your blog. It's very entertaining. Thank you for being here.

Hey @husamia ! Thank you! Glad to hear that :)) Thank you right back for being here creating such a wonderful and loving community. Have a nice day!