What Is Aging Anyway? Video Interview By Me

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What is aging anyway? And.. do we really have to die?

Recently I met up with Sigrid Bratlie from The Council of Biotechnology in Norway and also met Ole Martin Moen who is going to freeze himself down when he dies with the so called method Cryonics. in Arizona

How long do you want to live? Why?
Some scientists look at aging as a disease. What do you think about this viewpoint?
Would you want to freeze yourself after death if you knew there were a tiny chance that you might wake up at some point?

Silicon Valley is putting a huge amount of money on longevity research. Do you think we should spend billions of dollars on this kind of research?

_Language: Norwegian, english subtitles.

This video was done in collaboration with Office X, a project made by the largest business organisations in Norway to engage the youth in business.

As always
thank you for reading and watching.


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Very nice. Thank you for translating.

An interesting area of exploration but I have an area of exploration in relation to this topic that you may wish to explore further and which to me makes even more sense.

Hypnosis used to reprogram an individuals deep consciousness to constructively effect the physical structure we know as the body.

There will be many that will claim that this cannot be done, but they are mistaken.

As you know, the body is just energy. The brain is just energy. If you bring a person deep enough into hypnosis then very serious reprogramming can take place.

But let's not get too caught up in words. Hypnosis is just a label for a process that isn't really understood beyond conjecture and theory. Nevertheless this process can be used for profound programming/reprogramming. :-)

Just thought I would mention this to give you another avenue for exploration. :-)

thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts! Warms my heart :D Yes indeed super interesting with hypnosis, would love to learn more! are you into it? I see we have lots of the same interests :D

Thanks for your reply! :-)

Yes I've been into it since I was a kid. Here's a posting I did in reference to that. Thank you for asking. :-)

Link to My beginnings in hypnosis.

would love to listen to it, but my norwegian skills are a bit underdeveloped^^. Looking forward to the subs

I'll try to get it translated today or tomorrow. I'll comment here and tag you when I have!

@tobetada english subtitles is published!

Another very interesting topic! I think the practical biological side of aging is just a technicality and not the really interesting thing here. Someday we might be able to stop / reverse aging or maybe not. The really interesting thing is the psychologic aspect and the impect on the planet.

Even today the human population is immensly large already, imagine us being immortal and still having children... we'd better be well on our way colonising different planets as well then!

As for the psychological part, I have no idea how a human brain would cope with say 300 hears of memories. Or what about societal values? How acceptable would it be to have a relationship with a 100 year age difference? Will age still even mean something at all if our bodies no longer age? You probably cant estimate someones age by their looks anymore... lots more to consider!!

@seersalomon Hey :)) Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, some great questions your dropping!!
And yes if we will all continue to stay alive an even bigger population challenge than we see today will arise. Perhaps not to begin with as it probably will be a certain part of the world that gets this opportunity.. but I believe I've heard thats why Elon Musk wants to go to Mars, so that we can both save the human race and figure out new places so to grow our population.. !
But yes, I love your questions I have never thought about "how will our human brain cope with 300 years of memories..!!! Thanks for reflecting with me. I have another post on ageing coming up in not too long :D Have a good day!