Millennials: What Does The Future Hold ? Video Interview By Me :)

in technology •  last year

What Does the Future Hold For Young Ambitions People?

"Future Leaders" on the Future of Business

Millennials are now the ones to enter the leading positions in various companies and organisations.
What does this involve? What will they be demanding from their employees and other people in the industry? What do they think the future beholds? Which competence is needed? What does it mean for us as individuals?

Language: Norwegian, english subtitles.

This video was done in collaboration with Office X, a project made by the largest business organisations in Norway to engage the youth in business.

As always,

A big thank you for reading and watching!


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There sure is a lot of construction going on over there. I hope Elin's right hand is all healed up! I like your videos; thanks for sharing them here!


Cool! Glad you like them :)) thanks fot watching!

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I'm kind of nervous, the future is in our hands hehe!
Nice video, very good quality, excellent topic and a very cool microphone!
Best wishes!!


Hey Martin! Thank you for watching :D Haha, yes the future is in our hands, so I guess we better start shaping ! hehe. Glad you liked it. yes the microphone is hard core haha! Have a nice day :D Thank you for dropping me a comment! Nothing makes me happier than engagement in here :D

I request @yrja
I hope the video can be translated in Indonesian too, so that I can understand the contents of your video
because the motivation you provide is very in need right for us, especially for us who are still young


Hey @kachful19 ! That's awesome that you think so! So glad that I can be of help and give you value in some way :D I think there is this youtube feature where you can translate into all languages if its just translated to english first. I need to figure out how that functions! Thanks for dropping me a note and sharing some requests! Really appreciate it :D Thanks :D Have a nice day!


Thank you for the advice
hopefully I can learn again and understand more: D
thank you also the knowledge you give @yrja
Have a nice day!...


:D Have a nice day you too :D <3