Let's steem India

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Hello Steemians, I would like to introduce myself

My name is starling Rupsi I am from Assam,India.
I am glad to join the big and multinational family of Steemit, and I would like to contribute to the idea of this project.!

I like travelling around the country and discovering the lifestyle of different people.

There are a great number of cultures and countries in our world. And you can never understand them from the outside, however, you can feel it from the inside.
Let me show it to you. I am going to post photos of those things that are meaningful and important for me and for you:

India, streets, cars, rivers, birds, new houses,farming,natural organic foods,ayurvedic medicine herbs etc.. In other words – it's all about life, ordinary at first sight, but this very life forms the culture. am really excited and glad to meet you all here at steemit social media one of the fastest growing blockchain and game changer.

Lets Rock and play the game well.


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