How tech, targeting whistleblowers or #metoo meet with govt agencies, courts and how they are misusing it

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I posted this info in another piece but its truly for the concerned about tech its misuse, lack of public knowledge of its capabilities or vaste network within governments using it maliciously and gangstalking innocent people. I knee about Stingrays and dummy cell towers by being tracked or hijacked by them. Learned by process of elimination.

So here is what collusion is in a real conspiracy using tech. Like weinstein did. With the govt. I think this technology area actually cares so posting here is probably better to help inform: targeted people are real and I see this tech area has lots of people with suspicions of misuse. Well if you have the time below are examples of mass misuse and failures of system connected to the supposed non existent satanists..


Claire Felicite Chaunu vs Adam Levine, James Carmichael, James Valentine and "50 does"


It still stands, I never believed Trump colluded with Russia for elections. I believe the Russia narrative eclipsed other important things as intended. By both parties.

So Hollywood, government, military complex, and media collusion hiding under FISA HERE:

When I attempted to public with Trapwire, Prism was also present I did what I could under a lot of duress.. Note date is 2012. Note Petraeus odd resignation right after shorter whistleblower video which I am putting first.

The 2nd video details Adam Levine Behati Prinsloo having coded shh and recaps situation at that point. Please note they married on my birthday July 19th which is 2014 verifiable in hospital discharge papers. The code world is now famous thanks to Qanon etc back then people swore it was imaginary.

Whistleblower : Claire Felicite Surveillance state and then some...

Claire Felicite DAY 10 HUNGER STRIKE

*note I went to FBI in january of 2012 not 2011, I had been to Denville pd (my x husband Marc G. Long went on own also to report breaches) NJ & vallejo PD , ca in 2011 then later obviously..

First off lets clear the am I a schitz or paranoid. No. Something went extremely wrong and my mother wrote a letter saying I was sick after delusions, paranoia and schitzophrenia had been ruled out and gave it to a judge August 2012, creating a horrid situation.

She admits its wasn't true here. Years later. The damage was already done.


Judge and everyone ignored diagnosis and took my moms word. I was in hospital by own choice dec 2011 because I was suicidal from the constant trauma and fear they'd hurt my kids.

The psychiatrist cannot say whether or not I have a stalker unless they've made contact, all he based it on was I was severely depressed and anxiety was side effect of stalking.

Hospital discharge dec 2011, ruling out delusional etc.


Diagnosis months later by same doctor who'd been following me since dec in my voluntary participation in intensive therapy program


Shifting realities and blaming & shaming victims of high crimes or whistleblowers

In this NBC ties are clarified its important. They are a blackwater/academi with tv shows:

Qanon JFK cannibalism deep state JESUITS NWO AND TRUMP applying logic

Tech PSA & Îf people are afraid to share information on government abuses of laws like FISA or individual cases of illegal targeting, what kind of society are we?

Original post with added links to Adam Levine at bottom after molly post but this is about DEEP STATE TACTICS and MISUSE of STATE of EMERGENCY, FISA and National Security Letters to squash victims of 1% , whistleblowers and misuse of agencies and agents to target, harrass and ruin our lives to protect themselves and entertainment "assets".

I had a lawsuit but I also became a whistleblower on trapwire, drones and surveillace like prism.

FISA MEMO & TRUMP distraction from targeted citizens

When 85% of obama admin searches etc are illegal maybe paying attention to the 85% instead of 1% would inform better and make life better for americans targeted?

Americas JTRIG and then some, Snowden the contractor ommitted examples:

Here lays small portion of the story of a private contractor attack on a #metoo victim, whistleblower on governement retaliation and illegal surveillance programs


"he was at a payphone broke into my home and covered it up with a bunch of dudes, those animals are really sick and satanists eat humans for food"

He was served and denied it feb/april 2012. Detailed at end of post. Sorry for poor image quality.




One of 100s they put on me:

Richard Downing Piranha investigations, informant (busted in 81 in Florids for running cocaine) and the terrorizing defamator.
Note he attacks me and then gets a restraining order on me. Then goes and creates entire accounts to defamate me. Videos of one of attacks below. Mental statements he makes on me or strait up fabrications. Isolated me into homelessness. Until I fled to France.

Physical attacks happened after I reported him and family as suspects of home breaches and cyber to vallejo horror show police.

Usb given to vallejo pd with evidence of device breaches

Him in one of his many online defamation moments.

Another , you'd think he was gangstalking me and getting paid to do it, no?

Here defamation on the whistleblower video of illegal govt programs pre Snowden

Full time trauma, Richard claimed the federal marshalls aka fbi where his bosses the other guy defamating me was probably Richard role playing. He didn't care about telling me. They own justice system.

His daughter Julie Downing whom I had also reported to police as possibly been following me since 2011 as I went to LA to see me lawyer defamating me. I met her like once. She literally comes in to validate her psycho dad because she's a paid Piranha contractor as well. What a horrid person. Just saying.


For those who understand pedophile trafficking code and I pointed out somewhere along the way being I am being framed for having outed them, what do you think this post is? She posted it after commenting on my video.


So after this physical attack?

He got a restraining order against me making me homeless because just being in moms house violated the restaining order.


Heres a character reference of what it was like for my mother to live next to Richard. She was terrified of him and battling cancer. But he kept using her and his concern for her against me calling me sick? normal?

Electronic piggery:

Piranha Investigations

San Leandro, CA

Add Creation Date
Privately Held
0 to 1M 5 or Less

San Francisco, California private investigators. A full service investigation agency located in the San Francisco bay area.

P.O. Box 3424
San Leandro, CA 94578
P.O. Box 65638
Orange Park, FL 32065

Richard Downing

But Trump. Meanwhile tens of thousands of people like me "crazy" or eclipsed. Save the 1%!!!

Inconvienient truth: Florida shooting hasn't killed nearly as many as Dozier school for boys did or those snuffed in the rampant porn and child porn market there

*shh... Quick background: Google+ shadowboxed my 2015 ecuadorian asylum request — Steemit

*Bonus: does the empire called maybach literally gangstalk then run and hide? Yes. They. Do.

Xtra bonus how they tried to attack me and sent molly the actual killer of the twitter spiritcooking movement. No one noticed anything weird? Wake the fuck up! Also in nobody knows I exist... Then why?

In case the shadowbox or delete tweet video here:

Dear World and Molly the gamer, seriously?

How we got here? Oh Animals. They don't hide because people refuse to accept whats right in front of them.

Open letter to lawyer Barry K Rothman and Associates who took my money and then left me to be hunted #metoo

France? Oh. Same shit. He's happily married with a family while I lost mine, everything, almost my life even and became a targeted enemy of the state. Even France. No biggie. As long as there's no investigation, no crime? Pfft. #metoo

This is Reims and a guy in a car below my window at 3am on a tablet with 666 license plate. It was constant when I lived in a city.

I tried to force an investigation in Reims by braking liscense plate of vehicule being used by them in Reims. I went to the highest courts prior asking for an investigation all I got was retaliation.

Adams number* 222 even has a clothing line.

Also the 222 cult exists and are baby killer satanists.


The refusal to investigate even though evidence of breaches including my entire bldg being rewired going to police and my landlord had to call an electrician. My apartment electrical box was rewired into building common areas with high quality wiring they didn't install. When I turned off my electrical box the hallway lights went out. ..

When I brought evidence with complaint it included the fact I was physically assaulted twice by strangers with police reports between sept and nov. One with my keys stolen and a death threat. Beyond digital evidence. The rewiring of building & also left a gaping drilled hole from hallway into my apartment happened end of dec/jan : that was after this 2nd request for investigation/protection. That'll teach me to go to the justices of the courts...


When I realized on top of rewired violated home space, on or around Feb 4/5 I figured out my computer was breached by 14 bluetooths: tthey converted my ethernet card into a wifi one and lived in it. WHO KNEW, silly tech. So, of course I smashed the computer and threw it out the window. It of course landed on the huge van below my window illegally parked for three weeks, with the plate having 222 in it: of course.

Uh oh. What was I to do? Well my neighbor went to grab computer off roof of van by stepping on really massive protective sidebar on van. Unfortunately it snapped, the sidebar did. Revealing cables. Weird eh? So what did my neighbor and I do? We went to the bar. Then upon returning home this happened cause I really wanted this to stop so I broke the 222 plate. I went to jail. They manhandled me cuffing me when I was a willing passenger so I oulled back and said softer. Then 8 cops & I danced as I flew through the air as if I was body surfing. Well something like that. I also called them mother fucking something good for nothing crooks.

Whats a feisty geek to do? Still no investigation, vehicule owner a no show & didn't press charges. Cops on the other hand did. Just saying: anyone notice a pattern?



This is a letter from lawyer saying he thinks its odd I am requesting papers to know how long my probation from charges brought by cops bit says he can't give them me because the court clerk "transcriber" hasn't filed them.


And sent me a bill for 666€ to follow up and go civil here.


This is the family he destroyed with help from feds and government PIGS


At this stage I'l wondering if Adam and Behati are going to give their first child to mollock or marduk or whatever the demon name is. I also have wondered if thats what happened to his brother or if it was a handling. Just saying.

No they didn't. Mennel The voice France *article in French

Years of framing me includes french government pigs setting me up, now I have fraude on my record after I fled reims and they overpaid me 600€ refused to let me pay it back when they informed me even though I showed I had been attacked and fled reims so it was a hard time and had requested payments stop due to declaring inheritance once I began to finally recieve it. Nope no repaying allowed. They decided I was malicious. They are organized crime cunts. Terrorizing people like me.


*how was my mental and physical state even if posting this stuff causes me trauma and ptsd? I remember as I post : stay strong and trust in our creator this happened for a reason. Do not let others choices or words or lack of them change who you are. Use it for good even if it personally does not help, since no one ever does. As if I am a paraia. I remember if I don't defend myself or others since I can and do expose the underbelly of how entertainment has been hijacked by military and agency complex tandem to govt. Just like what was reported with weinstein cases then add the secret societies within, satanist secret cult and its human trafficking complex; literally it encompasses exposing every single global conspiracy with proof. I guess people either aren't ready or just want t do it their way.

Its just so unbelievable, cause how if real would I have survived...yet... See above theres way more than that. In standing my ground while others tear me down, knowing its true no matter what horrible things people have said or do to deflect away from the problem I find and hope to give strength to change things. Its not ok. Truth. #metoo #balancetonporc #obamagate

IMG_20180219_110940.jpg It would take a village, blowback is brutal.

The truth is stranger than fiction and thats what they bank on; the lies, distortions and manipulations are so big, so vaste no one could ever believe it. Creating pawns. I am not a pawn. Just saying.

Anyhow have a great day.

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