The pain I am going through and noone is around...

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You see me around crying...crying in pain with those emotional thing from my heartaches down to my failures in life...The melodrama of leaving by everybody. I have cried over those and still crying everytime I see things that reminds me of the person. Maybe It's part of my life.

<center>I am emotionally broke...


Now physically in pain..</center>

I was diagnose to have a peptic ulcer 15 years ago...but I felt the pain since I am in my high school days. I think I am second year high school. I am the type of a person   who  stays long in a certain task even without eating. Because of this attitude that it may have been cause.  I also have a migraine that I can't tolerate because maybe I overwork myself staying long hours at night without sleep. That trigger my migraine more. I felt the pain killing me each time it attacks. That is why I need to take a pain killer. I stayed long hours crying if not...and it caused me so much pain for days. 2-3 days is the least. I am not physically fit of anything and this really burdened me. 

Since last night I can't do anything nor have a post for my steemit account, I can't even hang-up in discord or facebook because I am in bed tremendously ill with my stomach again. I felt the pain once again that I have not going to for years now since I transferred here in Agoncillo. Because of the fair weather here. my migraine don't attack much so I don't need to drink pain killer. 

I have research  about  my sickness

Peptic Ulcer are open source that develop in the lining of the stomach. It is 


Burning stomach pain



Vomiting blood



Regular use of pain reliever

This is really making my life miserable. Especially now that we have no companion in the house for days. But anyway though not tolerable #greatkid is always there to help me. He gives me milk to drink and ask water. He even mix my oatmeal. as I cannot eat rice as of the moment ...each time I eat, It cause me a lot I need to go back to basic again. Soft diet...It so hard to have suffer this especially if  what I have in the house is just a kid.

Back to sterilize milk for drinks...bye coffee for days. Well I love drinking coffee especially in the morning

And skyflakes for snack...again I am with this bored life of eating food I have been eating for years..

And tonight and the nights after this...sharing a moment with greatkid very disappointing having the worst moment of my life...

It's too hard to be alone...the more I am in pain knowing I can't lean on to people I used to care about. It is at this moment that I felt more pain.


Thank you @surpassinggoogle for the @teardrops SMT...And for the support you are giving to us and the community.

To @beanz who always there to support...thank you so much ma'am.

To @enginewitty you are such a great help...thank you for your concern and teaching me the things I need to know.

To @c0ff33a sir...thanks so much you are a great help to me...and all the rest who helps me a lot.

#VOTU, #Thealliance and #steemitdiversify

Family is a family...thank you guys.

Photos are all mine

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You are not alone, we pray for your well-being and recovery of health.
@teardrops SMT imaginary of @surpassinggoogle has sent you a tear of hope.
We mention you here

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Kaya mo yan


sakit eh

Sorry to hear you are not well @baby07, I'm sure I am not alone in wishing you a speedy recovery from your illness. It must be very difficult not being able to eat and drink what you would like to, hopefully with a little rest and care you will be better again soon.


thank you sir...need a soft diet for maybe a week or month huhuhu...not again..I have been into it for a year before

I'm sorry you have been dealing with this and feeling alone on top of it all. I can't imagine the pain for you and can only imagine how you must be feeling. It's good you at least feel like you have a bit of support on discord even if life itself feels a tad empty. I do hope that you get at least a bit of relief from the pain so you can just kind of enjoy some stuff.


yeah thank you...discord is really a great help to manage the pain and you guys are the best

I understand the pain you go through @baby07 as I once had hyperacidity or ulcer. Someone advice me to drink an aloe vera gel from the real plants not commercialized gel, mixed it with sterilized milk every morning with your empty stomach and it works. For two weeks drinking, I test my stomach by eating solid food like what we usually eat and it's good. I don't feel the pain anymore so I'm back to normal. That was 2012! Until now it never comes back we'll it doesn't mean that I'm waiting for it to come back he he. With your migraine just drink plenty if water.


thanks sissy wanna try this I hate soft diet are a superhero! with migraine precautionary measure to I will surely do that thanks a lot

I'm so sorry to hear about your illness and all the pain and tears you have to endure 😔
It's not easy to se the light in the tunnel when all feels dark. But know your not alone and here are people caring about you 💕
I wish for quick recovery for you and that the pain will loosen its grip of you and give you piece. Change in your diet can't be easy eather and I just hope it's only for a while and then you can start eat things you like again.
Thank you for sharing this, can't be easy to share. My thoughts and wishes are with you my friend 🤗💕💕💕 love


thank you so much...I will remember your words

I'm so sorry you are not feeling well. I know what it's like to have to spend days in bed. Your mind then has way to much time to feel sorry for yourself and then it becomes a terrible cycle in your head to get out of.

you sound like me and keep busy so you do not think too much about real life and how you can not do much to change what your life is but just take one day at a time.

Just know you are not alone and even I have to learn to pace myself so I don't become sick and am in bed for 3 days.

It's not an easy thing to learn and I am still working on that what I'm telling you to try to do, is not easy, but if we BOTH learn to pace ourselves, in the end, we do get to do more things......

Praying for you hugs


thanks so are all of a kind...yeah sissy need to work to even in pain...

Oh! Pain is so hard, and chronic pain is the worst. My partner had stomach pain for a long time, thought it was an ulcer. He actually used a supplement called "Mastica Chois" which really helped, as he doesn't have that chronic pain anymore. I hope you find something that helps and you feel better! Blessings to you!


yeah its to hard to have this chronic comes and it goes...wish I behave more when in my younger days