Team Vietnam Statistics - 2019-06-17

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These are statistics gathered for the following Vietnamese tags: #vn #vietnam #vietnamese #teamvn or #teamvietnam.
Authors displayed in this article have used above tags at least 5 times in the last 90 days, except for the global statistics.

First Steemians using the Vietnamese tags

Global statistics

Number of Steemians who used the Vietnamese tags (no time limit):

  • 2619 Steemians used the tag
  • 843 Steemians used the tag at least 3 times
  • 683 Steemians used the tag at least 4 times
  • 584 Steemians used the tag at least 5 times

Last 90 days statistics

Number of Steemians:

  • 126 Steemians used the tag
  • 35 Steemians used the tag at least 3 times
  • 30 Steemians used the tag at least 4 times
  • 25 Steemians used the tag at least 5 times

Trending posts (by number of comments received) in the last 7 days

#AuthorBlog PostCount
1@mistytruth#528. 하롱베이 티톱섬 /Vietnam11
2@mistytruth#529. 팥빙수가 맛있어요. 카페페드로끼10
3@mistytruth#530. 영화를 보고 팥죽집으로~9
4@hanggggbeeeeMalaysia – The last day in KL: Petronas Towers and Jalan Alor9
5@joythewandererWeekend is almost here!9
6@kachinhenryဗီယက္နမ္သြား ေတာလား - အပိုင္း ( ၆ ) ( Henry Aung )8
7@mistytruth#527. 나도풍란과 콩짜개덩굴의 동거7
8@mistytruth#531. 원숭이섬&승솟동굴/Vietnam7
9@kachinhenryဗီယက္နမ္သြား ေတာလား - အပိုင္း ( ၇ ) ( Henry Aung )6
10@freegon아재 사춘기 (베트남생활자)6
11@freegon내가 버린 길냥이(베트남생활자)5
12@freegon혼술 대신 혼마사지(베트남생활자)5
13@joythewandererWeekend in Antwerp - Fun Fair, The Smashing Pumpkins concert and more5
14@kachinhenryဗီယက္နမ္သြား ေတာလား - အပိုင္း ( ၉ ) ( Henry Aung )5
15@joythewandererOvernight Train experience in Thailand5
16@kachinhenryPAL အတြက္စမ္းသပ္ Post တင္ျခင္း ( Henry Aung )5
17@mistytruth#532. 바오 손 테마파크 /Vietnam5
18@joythewandererAll time favorite beats4
19@joythewandererNha Trang throwback4
20@tieulongdl711Good Morning4

Trending posts (by number of time resteemed) in the last 7 days

#AuthorBlog PostCount
2@happydolphinmm myanmar top pending payout post since 201906102
3@artemislivescompost class for landless displaced indigenous karen people2
4@joythewandererthesmashingpumpkinsatantwerplottoarenalastnight dnqx2iy6vt2
5@tieulongdl71118th century chinese porcelain teapot d189be216d262
6@artemislivesworld day against child labor 20191
7@happydolphinvn vietnam top pending payout post since 201906101
8@happydolphinvn vietnam top pending payout post since 201906071
9@happydolphintw taiwan top pending payout post since 201906131
10@happydolphintw taiwan top pending payout post since 201906091
11@joythewanderertaitungtaiwan 50obmxy08r1
12@happydolphinsingapore top pending payout post since 201906101
13@happydolphinsingapore top pending payout post since 201906071
14@happydolphinphilippines top pending payout post since 201906111
15@happydolphinmm myanmar top pending payout post since 201906111
16@happydolphinmalaysia top pending payout post since 201906131
17@happydolphinmalaysia top pending payout post since 201906121
18@happydolphinindia top pending payout post since 201906131
19@happydolphin6epquk india top pending payout post since 201906111
20@happydolphin5ptfif singapore top pending payout post since 201906111

Top 20 Steemians order by engagement on the week of 2019-06-10 00:00:01

1@joeyarnoldvn107 comments
2@mistytruth105 comments
3@artemislives91 comments
4@freegon67 comments
5@joythewanderer57 comments
6@kachinhenry38 comments
7@happydolphin12 comments
8@tieulongdl7118 comments
9@truestories6 comments
10@hanggggbeeee6 comments
11@fotografia1015 comments
12@teamvn4 comments
13@wisdomandjustice2 comments
14@ngocbich1 comments

Last payout statistics

Top 20 Steemians order by payout (on week 2019-06-10 00:00:01)

#AccountPayout (STU)

My upvote stats

I upvoted the following posts in the last 24 hours

1@zakuDark energy crystal dec giveaway 24 show off your battle100%
2@zakuDaily splinterlands tournaments 14 06 2019 time zone gmt 06 00100%
3@oendertuerkGods of the greek mythology zeus 4100%
4@roger.remix20190616t093510870z mxsouluton100%
5@funtravellerSnax tokens will be listed to chainrift100%
6@firepowerIndian govt backed free blockchain and crpyto course on swayam learning platform certification100%
7@waybeyondpadthaiHere comes the first complete room25%
8@rollandthomasCryptocurrencyrelativestrengthanalysisreportforweekstarting61619 z34bsyj8wo100%
9@c0ff33aActifit c0ff33a 20190616t022408247z100%
10@oendertuerkAlbert einstein the universe and physics 2100%
11@zakuDark energy crystal dec giveaway 23 show off your battle100%
12@muratkbesirogluSci fi novel the love algorithm part 35100%
13@gringaliciousAlpha kw 8 appics im 24963100%
14@a-aliceTasteem 525bc740%
15@quochuyUlog weekly stats 2019 06 1145%
16@quochuyWitness earnings weekly report 2019 06 1145%
17@zakuDaily splinterlands tournaments 13 06 2019 time zone gmt 06 00100%
18@oendertuerkSocrates an insight into the life of the philosopher100%
19@mermaidvampireProofof steem game for everyone in steemit day 185 1560527151561100%
20@zeitgedankenZeitgedanken zeigt gesicht100%
21@zakuDark energy crystal dec giveaway 22 show off your battle100%
22@intrepidphotos7tftdm doom and gloom100%
23@intrepidphotosIce walk100%
24@intrepidphotosUnder a milky sky100%
25@freedompointThe best smelling image100%
26@muratkbesirogluBilimkurgu oeykuesue sekilsizler boeluem 1100%
27@moemanmoesly3xrhvm interesting street art100%
28@oendertuerkMcu rumors to the upcoming movies in phase 4 part 5100%
29@culginThis google calendar feature exposes you to elaborated phishing attacks100%
30@reazuliqbalBdexchange discord interface for steem and steem engine wallet100%
31@zakuDark energy crystal dec giveaway 21 show off your battle100%
32@zyx066Motherhood evolved100%
33@carrinmTib today i bought and sold an investors journal 434 europe network equipment corn euro 56 percent club update100%
34@bluefinstudiosMy my my new coasters100%
35@champagnecryptoLitecoin price predictions steem engine miner 4 block one news and more100%
36@oendertuerkMcu rumors to the upcoming movies in phase 4 part 4100%
37@waybeyondpadthaiWho walks around with that big of a plate of padthai25%
38@wolfnworbeikoodSend good vibes x prayers x encouragement and any donations you can as boo recovers back to full strength100%
39@oendertuerkAlbert einstein the universe and physics 1100%
40@zakuDaily splinterlands tournaments 11 06 2019 time zone gmt 06 00100%
41@lebTrading p2p swap invest on remitano20%
42@elgekoPalnet io the new steem tribe lets play fair cgi cc0100%
43@zakuHow to check palnet and splintertalk voting power100%
44@intrepidphotosDevils gullet100%
45@champagnecryptoTop 4 most attractive altcoins summer 2019100%
46@firepowerIndia s finance minister attends g20 communique on crypto relevant to indian users100%
47@punditoTreetuesday by old guy photos update on our little sumac100%
48@waybeyondpadthaiHere comes the new doors25%
49@flemingfarmFungus is still popping ailg3fzo100%
50@oendertuerkGods of the greek mythology zeus 2100%

Community delegators ordered by SP

1@qurator513.86 SPFri Jun 01 2018
2@nuoctuong306.10 SPTue Jun 19 2018
3@carlpei152.97 SPFri Jun 29 2018
4@quochuy151.81 SPMon Nov 19 2018
5@hanggggbeeee102.22 SPMon May 14 2018
6@a-alice102.15 SPMon May 28 2018
7@nguyenthanh101.81 SPTue Jul 31 2018
8@thanhquyen50.99 SPFri Jun 29 2018
9@adam.tran50.97 SPThu Jul 05 2018
10@ngocbich50.85 SPSun Aug 19 2018
11@lantracy40.82 SPSun Jun 17 2018
12@crypto.hype25.50 SPFri Jun 29 2018
13@steemitguide25.48 SPMon Jul 09 2018
14@lenancie20.41 SPTue Jun 19 2018


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