Back onto my keto diet, and what I’m actually eating

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Back in August, before I disappeared for 4 months, I was writing a series of posts about keto and fasting. I was aiming to summarise 30+ hours of a summit into a series of useful posts. I will be getting back onto that series soon, and will recap what we covered. But for now, as promised, here’s what I ate yesterday.


One important thing with a keto diet is to record, weigh and measure everything. If you don’t, you really can’t tell whether you are sticking to your correct ratios, and that can be a recipe for disaster. If you don’t know what you’re aiming for, how can you tell if you’re on target?

What I’m aiming for generally

After about 5 months of eating keto pretty consistently, experimenting and muscle testing, I’ve found that this is what works for me.

• Calories = about 1800-1850 for maintenance / about 1650-1700 for gently releasing excess fat
• Protein = Optimum is 105 grams a day, but not more than 120
• Carbs = Optimum is about 24 grams a day
• Fat = whatever is required to make up the calories

Yesterday’s goal

• Calories = 1700
• Protein = 105 grams
• Carbs = 24 grams
• Fat = roughly 130 grams


Blueberry smoothie

• 1 cup water
• 3 frozen cubes of coconut cream (equal to about 4 Tablespoons)
• 1 teaspoon hemp oil
• 1 Tablespoon MCT oil
• 1 free range egg
• 34 grams Ancient Nutrition bone broth protein powder
• 40 grams frozen blueberries
• 1 teaspoons lakanto (monkfruit & erythritol)
• ½ teaspoon Pure Synergy whole food vitamin C powder
• Squirt of vitamin B drops
• Squirt of minerals

I forgot to take a photo till I was partway through drinking it. Not a fancy photo either, just how I was having it, out of a 700ml coconut yoghurt jar!



Salmon salad

• 1 tin wild pink salmon, drained
• 30 grams homemade mayo
• 45 grams diced kohl rabi

Plus 20 grams of macadamias (which is only about 12 halves).

I completely forgot to take a photo, but it wouldn’t have been very exciting anyway, it was a bit monochrome.


Steak stirfry

• 150gm eye fillet steak
• Sauteed in a very large dollop of butter
• 40gm fermented ginger carrots


Followed by 50 grams fresh raspberries


This added up to

• Calories = 1696
• Protein = 111 grams = 26%
• Carbs = 24 grams = 6%
• Fat = 129 grams = 68%

I won’t do this every day, as it could get very dull. Maybe tomorrow I’ll share the homemade mayo recipe.

Thanks for reading.

Top pic from Pixabay, edited by me. Photos by me.

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I have heard of a lot of people doing Keto diets but never really looked into it so thanks for this informative post

I've got a lot more info available, but thought it might be helpful for people to see that eating keto doesn't have to be weird. I'm eating reasonably normal food, just with some tweaks.

I had thought it was an extreme diet but you showed me it does not have to be

Yeah, it doesn't have to be all bacon and fat bombs :-) Not that those aren't tasty sometimes.

I have to admit I do love bacon but I have cut that out for a few months now, but just the mention of it does make me tempted lOL

After I did my water fast at the start of November, when I tested bacon, I had a reaction to it. So hoping I can add it back again later, but I'm off it for now :-(

After seeing your post yesterday I have to admit I did have a bacon and egg sandwich for the first time for years, not sure if if it was just the bacon they used or I had forgotten how salty it can be it was nice for a change but didnt make me want to try it again

Yes, it can be a bit salty. Too much ruins the experience a bit.

Salmon salad sounds good :-)

It was. So I repeated it today with chicken :-)

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Only you could weigh your raspberries and then eat the correct amount, while I sit there and finish off the whole container :)

But to be fair, I didn't leave you very many.

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