Treading the World - Loving Your Home

hi Steemians,

It has been a long week and I have actually been rather busy and unable to keep up with the 1 post a day as I have promised @elizacheng , which is relatively normal because I sometimes have nothing to write and at the same time there will be a day I have too many things to write.

But once I put it off I guess I will ended up shelving it and totally forgetting about it...

Until today, when I so happened to see @sjennon's post as she has graciously tagged me with her post about her experience in her recent meet up with us at her post Meetup - Attending the @teammalaysia Meetup in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia [February 25th].

We ended up talking more about Netherlands when @zord189 mentioned about seeing you at the other side of the world ; and that brought me back fond memories when I first lunged my backpack to France for the first time (just a short stay - as quite a tourist) in 2012, and my first ever traveler's journey in 2015, briefly marked as one by my church friends and TSU members (back in the days) who were eagerly waiting for my latest picture as I trod all over 7 cities in Summer and 4 cities during Autumn / Winter time in Europe.


Those were the days when it looks really fun and exciting at its surface , yet those were the very days days when I was at my most rock bottom in myself and was determined to find my home , and myself again.

(After returning I started blogging my journey on how it was and I stopped abruptly when work started overwhelming again; which I greatly regretted and should continue to write about it, especially after meeting up and chatting with REAL world trodders like @sjennon and a good old friend of mine whom I met here and hardly in contact anymore.)

Sometimes, in life, I supposed we need these sort of breaks to re-align ourselves especially when we are so engrossed with our mundane life and you get lost in all the hustle and bustle in life.

Not just a mere getaway tourist, but a real traveler that really goes all out to do the ground work travel like a local and connecting with locals.

For me, that was an eye opener.

Because I never really treated Malaysia as my own home, my own nationality.

I had a more "international" mindset ever since I find my parental heritage was also mixed with different nations between Asia and South East Asia, plus having my parents used to be expats for a short few years abroad, (hence I was manufactured there.. haha), I was never really considering having a root in Malaysia where I can truly grow and settled .

And my aim since young is to meet the people around the world.

It was rather exciting when the Internet was birth when I was just about to finish my school; and it was a great opportunity to start planning knowing people of every nation I can come across if possible.

Running away and seeing the world became more and more possible to me.

and it did.

this was taken in the Stadium of Nuremberg, where the old stadium beside it was where Hitler first commission his Nazi troops

Until I tasted the other side of the globe meeting others, seeing their lives, heeding the calling of God through humbly representing my country along side with 25 nations, seeing my own country's flag flying, lifted up and prayed for its safety and sovereignty... have I realised...

where I stand on this planet Earth.

Malaysia isn't a perfect country, no country is in this world; but its warmth, its people, the hospitality, the food, the diverse nation itself with its last silver lining of freedom of religion and cultural practices makes it worth while looking at it as a home worth loving.

And having Steemit and #teammalaysia bursting into life a little less than a year ago has truly make staying back here all the more worth while.

Its potential to grow is massive, and I am truly grateful to have experienced this journey together with the rest of the enthusiastic core-mates, @bitrocker2020 , @awesomianst , @elizacheng , @zord189 , @aaronleang , @joannewong , @danielwong , @karinzdailygrind ; and I look forward to see the East part of Malaysia grow its wing and soar like the eagle in Steemit !

Just a thought of the day before I head off to bed, and this post has ended up as a shoutout to all those amazing people in #teammalaysia who has made my experience in Steemit a memorable solid journey that nothing is impossible when everyone has the same vision.

haha. Home this has made you smile today, @elizacheng and @ackhoo.

Oh, but yes, I will be re-starting a smaller series of places that I have been and not written about it yet.
And if you would want to see my really old posts (that some are not in Steemit) you can view it here (with my pixie cut hair look - that is another story to tell)

Sigh... I stopped at only Vienna, and I still have like 9 cities to write about!

Until then

Thank You for Your Time

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Oh, I would love a break to travel around the world a bit! Life does get mundane and the need to switch things up becomes great. Maybe soon we can do some more traveling, I'd love to take a road trip to visit more of the United States!

I totally encourage you to do so @keciah ! You may never know what State is in dilemma and how people are coping in the country rather than relying the MSM (Mainstream media) to report how your fellow countrymen behave.

And also to find out what is truth and what is fake.

For example some said how dangerous those places are, but in reality some are not; and other places in reality it is 10x far worse.

So it is a humbling discovery experience and personal experience has a deeper impact in mind, body and soul journey too

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you will get to do that soon!

I concur. Everyone needs to travel and find oneself. It is in knowing our differences that we realize what we have and learn to treasure it, celebrate what we have in common and nurture what we can do and share it. Travel is insightful and opens up new worlds. It will make you aware of what you are missing.

I totally agree with that @leeart , and that broadens one's narrow limited mindset, and tolerance is much better when one is more exposed to the world.

Not to mention how we learn to value what we do have in life.

Thanks so much for stopping by !

Malaysia isn't a perfect country, no country is in this world; but its warmth, its people, the hospitality, the food, the diverse nation itself with its last silver lining of freedom of religion and cultural practices makes it worth while looking at it as a home worth loving

As much as I complained and make comparisons between Malaysia and other countries, particularly the one down south I must confessed Malaysia is still home. Each time I travel to other countries, particularly third world countries I am reminded just how blessed I am.

Malaysia is not perfect, but that is where the heart is

Honestly maybe I only visited the East side of Down Under I did not find the place to stay back, although most of my housemate and my good friend has decided to get married and settled there.

But I realise they have to work 2 jobs just to sustain a house.

And indeed, it doesn't need to be perfect to place where the heart is.

Well, at this point of time, how God leads me. I am not sure where my future is, because this is temporal; while the eternal is where we should keep aiming for.

Thanks for stopping by with your heartfelt honest comment.

Thanks for sharing this @littlenewthings travel is always something that everyone wants to do more off and somehow difficult to get around. I really do take my hats of to those who make it a reality. Travelling opens your mind and eyes and refreshes you in ways that you can't imagine. Nothing like going to some place new and different and coming home to a different & better perspective. I am glad that you have embraced Malaysia as a home worth loving. Personally I heard so many people say that they can't wait to get out of Malaysia and I struggle with that question all the time. Being present in where we are now is important as God does have good plans for us! Plans to proper us and give us future!

It is very true.

Almost every annual gathering I hear a friend left Malaysia for the sake of their off-springs, but is it worth it to be a second class citizen (or 3rd class even) if you are not being an ex-pat?

Unless it is where God calls, then, that is another story because when He wants us to be at one place, He won't dump us there and expect us to survive our own. He will always provide.

Just as you have mentioned. He has plans to prosper us, not to harm us, and give us a future!

Thank you for stopping by with your valuable insights.

Amazed by the experience you had. Able to experience the real world with your eye is an experience that no money can buy.

Yes, this is at least something in my bucket list to be scrapped off haha.

Backpacking is not easy, and I have really learned to be humble and be teachable when I am in another country and be grateful for the hospitality that I have received so kindly by my friends.

I understand that feeling. Even a day a post is seriously challenging when we have other stuff occupied our time but don't give up. We are here to support you. Keep it up!

Very true @legendchew , but I honestly do not want to post something quick and then getting less review. A good post once every 2 days if possible is my goal, and sometimes I DO like to have extra posts but then again that would have robbed off my friends' support (in case they auto-voted for me) for others when I post too much as well.

Thanks so much for the encouragement and your time!

Interesting background you have. So where were you born? As for me, my mindset is stucked in Malaysia. The furthest I had been is Singapore can you believe it. Well I do hope one day when my children grow up I get to travel across countries.

Thank you for sharing this from your heart. ❤

I was still born in Malaysia, but spent 8 months overseas in my mummy's tummy during my parent's expat days.

That place did not have Malaysian embassy at that point of time, so it was safer to be born back in Malaysia according to my dad where my mom could recover better under her mom's care at the time.

It was interesting to hear how that journey pan out from my grandma's side of the story when she used to tell me when I was young while she was alive. haha.

I too hope that when the time comes, and God calls you (and His timing is always perfect) you might see what He sees in this nation.

But isn't it interesting? Even if you are unable to go to the nations , seems like the nations is coming to you . ;)

(and that is not just a comment...)

(and that is not just a comment)....(and I got it!!! 😎✌)

we all have different background which God will use in His ways and His time. We tune in and follow.. 🙂