MakeMeSmile Week 21 Result / 第二十一期MakeMeSmile的抽奖成绩出炉了

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We have a few lucky ones here today. First of all, I would like to give out the Week 20 Special New Steemian Rewards. What happens here? Well, it's because nobody won the SBD last week. So I have this special segment to reward some newbie. I would like to thank @iamjadeline and @pizzapai for nominating their friends to win some SBD last week. We have @itrmarcusliew @mfxqaq @joelai @josephinengpy 4 Steemians who have been working very hard to steem with us. Do check out their blog and shower them with some love whenever you are free.

好了上星期呢我们有好几个幸运赢家。首先我要先送出上星期的特别奖。是的,因为上星期其实没有人赢走我们的SBD奖金。那么我也特地来了个支线任务。就是请我们的朋友为我们介绍一些新的Steemian。非常高兴及感谢@iamjadeline@pizzapai为我们介绍了4位新朋友@itrmarcusliew @mfxqaq @joelai @josephinengpy。他们的声誉目前还是50以下。他们都很努力的在写帖。如果大家有空可以到他们的部落格坐坐。

And for the Week 21, we have 6 participants. Yay!!! Woohoo!!! I am lazy to come up with any video for lucky draw. So everybody win!!! Let's split the SBD with everyone. Thanks @hooiyewlim @ladylei @happycrazycon @reconstitution @mini-zephalexia @iamjadeline for your entries! Thanks for spreading the LOVE, JOY and SMILE!!!

接下来就是要派发我们的第二十一期的奖金了。太高兴了,我们一共有6位朋友参与!因为我有点懒惰,不想做幸运抽奖的视频,所以大家都是赢家!!!哈哈哈。。。感谢@hooiyewlim @ladylei @happycrazycon @reconstitution @mini-zephalexia @iamjadeline你们的参与!把爱和微笑传播出去呗!

Week 10 onwards we will be having our charity part where we will be donating half of the SBD payout of my announcement post to @youarehope and @tarc with them getting 25% of the SBD payout each. For the time being, @youarehope and @tarc which are being supported by @thealliance will be my choices. If you have any other charity drives or charity (either local or international), please feel free to drop me a message in Discord or at the comment area. I will look into that too.


OK... Done transferred to our all WINNERS!!!


In the end of this post... VERY IMPORTANT!!! I would like to THANK @steempress-io @sndbox @a11y @neoxian @kevinwong @hendrikdegrote @justyy @tombstone @uwelang @pharesim @awesomianist @bue and everyone who have upvoted the previous post! All upvotes and resteem really appreciated! Really thank you for your support!


If you have no idea what is MakeMeSmile is all about, do check out my latest announcement post HERE for all the rules and how to take part and you may be our lucky winner!

如果你不知道MakeMeSmile是什么“东东”,欢迎你到这里看看。也欢迎你踊跃参加此挑战,有可能你就是我们的幸运儿哦! (1).gif

Image credits to @littlenewthings, @sireh and @skyleap

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Colorful hearts border is created using and

彩色心的分界线是我用paint.net和gifmaker.me做的。 (4).gif


If you are interested in the communities and groups I am in, you can find more details below here: -

The Alliance
The Steem Engine
The Freewrite House

I am also one of the proud members of @ladiesofasia


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谢谢。。。 😁

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Aiseh @elizacheng. Big thanks to you. You are always so generous!! Muacks! !MomentCam_20180416163037.gif

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谢谢 你!



不客气~~ 开心最重要!


@mfxqaq 没关系,有空就来坐坐。

Thank you soooooo ooo ooo much. 😘You just make me smile widely.

Thank you so much for the support! Congrats to all the winners too!
So sorry I just notice this post's mention and the transfer!

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