#BonsaiCommunity: You can help us grow and share on Steemit! (Calling all Bonsai Steemians)

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WHAT does the #BonsaiCommunity on Steemit mean to you? I hope it means something, because if it does, you should read this.

(IMAGE SOURCE: pixabay.com)

Go ahead and type 'bonsai' into your search bar on Steemit - thanks to some well-placed advice from the now known #BonsaiCommunity members, some real, relevant content appears on Steemit.

But, is that enough? In my honest opinion I don't think so.

As such, help us continue to grow this community so that we can continue to share our wealth of knowledge and not just continue to learn from each other but also, teach others who may be interested in this ancient art.

Are you yourself a bonsai lover? Would you like to get onto the bandwagon and join the #BonsaiCommunity?

It's easier than you think.

We use the #TeamBonsai (I'd like to include #BonsaiCommunity as well from now on) hash tag to help track and find bonsai related content and also make use of the below .gif image, which you may use if you like - you could even make your own if you want to.

giphy.com is great for creating .gif images

So, please help us continue to grow the existing community even further - upvote this post and resteem it to your hearts' content.

The known #BonsaiCommunity members include (and you should follow them for cool content):
@creativetruth | @daniellozada | @romanolsamuels | @bonsaiaustin | @imagendevoz | @synekto
Comment below with your handle and, if you post bonsai related content your handle could appear above.

I would also like to include horticulturists in future posts - so feel free to comment with your handle and it could also be added.

I'll be making the "The known #BonsaiCommunity members (and horticulturists) include" a standard add-on in each of my bonsai related articles from this point on - so this would serve as great exposure for those who want to share their content and grow their reputation and following.


#BonsaiNews: Goshin - 'Protector of the Spirit'.

The Millennium Bonsai - one thousand years of history, and counting

#BonsaiNews: How to germinate Azalea seed

#MillionDollarBonsai: A Japanese White Pine which made international headlines

#TeamBonsai #BonsaiCommunity



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Join me on discord to chat on my #teambonsai channel with others in the community. Or build your own #teambonsai and #bonsaicommunity channels on discord, and invite others to join. There are no memberships, just a loose organization of friends happy to help and support others freely.

There are limitless ways we can continue to support each other as long as some of us remain active. Expert advice from others with knowledge and experience on different skills is worth its weight in gold.

Thank you for keeping #bonsai on the search charts with this post @imagendevoz.


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