Tauchain Exegesis .: The Two Towers

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''Tau solves the problems from the Tower of Babel to the Tower of Basel'' 

                                                - an early 21st century yet undisclosable author

Chapter One

Okay, dearest friends, lets pull sleeves up and start with it. Vivisection of the Scriptures? Revelation by transfiguration? Pulling the Tau from the ocean of wisdom out on the dry no-Maths-land? I hope not.

 The quote above on first glance sounds so pompously biblical, but in fact it denotes the crystal clear and simple practical and mundane rationale of Tau which I already tried to approach from few angles [1], [2]. 

It is about the hierarchic bottleneck of one unscaling [3], [4] Humanity. Take the hint about leveling of the Towers as a poetic symbol of elimination of the social 'verticality' -- the hierarchies as a so far necessary evil to compensate certain innate neurological limitations [1], [5], [6], [7] -- and reforming [8] the network we are embedded into and usually call mankind or society or economy or world into an as geodesic as possibly possible one [9]. For the sake of its own functional programmatic optimization [10]. 

Notice that towers leveling is not by demolition, but by uplifting the overall landscape level to and above the tower tops, turning them into deep roots or support pylons of asymptotically geodesic society [1]. 

Apparently, mentioning the Gate of God [11] denotes the unmixing [12] of languages & mentioning the apex global fiat settlement institution [13] - the excelling of the current fiat procrustics [14] i.e. the economy aspect.  

That is: TML to Agoras [15]. The first and last of the totally six identified aspects or steps of the social choice [16] as addressed by what we call Tau. 

''our six steps of language, knowledge, discussion, collaboration, choice, and knowledge economy''

These aspects deserve of course separate zoom-in exegetic chapters and they'll definitely get it. I promise. And not only they. 

Any exegesis of Tau unavoidably must start with scroll back and tracking down of the full history of the development so far. As a zoom out to see the full picture and to identify the dominant features of the landscape relief. 

You, I reckon, already noticed this retrodictive inclination of mine [17],[1] that in my mind the notion of ''Timeline of Development'' can not be by any logic just a handful of milestone promises thrown into the future, but it is a must to account for the up to now trajectory, too! No future without past. 

It all started as Zennet [18], continued as Tau-chains [19] and 'turned' into aka 'newtau' [20], [21], [15], [16]. 

Wait! A New Tau? 

Excuse me, Ohad, but I personally do not buy that and I said it many times. There ain't old and new Tau. The situation is much more straightforward and grokkable [22]. Here it is: 

Lotsa guts, balls, butt, brains or whatever human offal... is required for each of us to admit a mistake made in our everyday life. Generally quite a strength is needed to even look ourselves into the mirror...

It takes a whole Ohad though, to keep all oneself's work totally public and transparent even on the full and unedited live record of the infil [23] into entire branch of mathematics [24] and then throwing it all away as untauful. We witnessed that reported in real time! 

Did this change the ends? No. But sorted out the means to an end. 

Was it a 'mistake'? In no case. It was duly delivered R&D effort. 

Was oldtau looking promising on first glance? Yes, of course it did. 

Did it survive the Ohad's R&D 'crash-testing'? No, it didn't. 

Was it a ''juice worth the sqweeze''? It was. 

Was it a job well done? Absolutely. 


The oldtau materials are for me legacy jewels. Like those dinosaur bugs trapped into blobs of amber [25].  

Development is a process, not just results shipping. Related like cooking and serving. 

Studying the zoom-out dev map we observe these few major landmarks: 

The Zennet province is all right. Its gently rolling hills gradually merge into the Tau lands proper with the inevitable realization that a 'world supercomputer' can not be a Tauless thing. Zennet lives in Tau with [15].: 

''... having a decentralized search engine requires Zennet-like capabilities, the ability to fairly rent (and rent-out) computational resources, under acceptable risk in the user's terms (as a function of cost). Our knowledge market will surely require such capabilities, and is therefore one of the three main ingredients of Agoras... hardware rent market...''

We move over through the oldtau wastelands [26] where the burnt ruins of MLTT [27] lie scattered - rough oldtau location-on-the-map indicator is the fall of 2015 with 

''Tau as a Generalized Blockchain'' - posted Oct 17, 2015, 6:33 AM [updated Oct 17, 2015, 6:49 AM] 

and then we reach the fertile gardens of newtau [21] in the fall of 2017: 

''The New Tau'' - posted Dec 31, 2017, 12:27 AM [updated Dec 31, 2017, 12:28 AM] 

Hmm. Apparently we crossed a watershed. Which relief feature it was? - The ridge [20] of: 

''Tau and the Crisis of Truth'' - posted Sep 10, 2016, 8:25 PM [updated Sep 10, 2016, 8:28 PM] 

Tau sorts out the Towers. I hope that the synopsis in this short chapter of Exegesis helped to sort out Tau dev in time as a navigation lookup tool. 

Software is nothing but states of hardware. There is that intimate deep, not yet codified into a neat compact of logic, connection between Gödel [28], Heisenberg [29] and Laws of thermodynamics [30]. 

Tau keeps us off these traps. 

I do not dare to state that someday we won't have the command on infinities and to play with them with the ease [31] of

''... a boy playing on the seashore, and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.''

In fact, quite the opposite I'd rather take it as inevitability someday we to conquer the Cantor [32] expanses and to venture far even beyond that. To transcale [4] the transfinite. Like Hilbert [33] said it.: 

''Aus dem Paradies, das Cantor uns geschaffen, soll uns niemand vertreiben können. (From the paradise, that Cantor created for us, no-one can expel us.)'' 

But it takes ... finitary vehicles of DECIDABILITY to conquer the transfinitary outer spaces. Because, in order to dear to dream to tame the infinities, we must first harness and get full command of finities. 

Including of ourselves. Tau is ''understanding each other''. Without Tau we are ... others to ourselves. 

Imperare sibi maximum imperium est. 


18qSKUUTAGw1uL53simrSiZ6pJpfxKACvj for research support. Thanks. 

Copyright © 2018 Georgi Karov. All rights reserved.

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