Tauchain through the Moravec Prism

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Hans Moravec [1] is the patriarch of robotics [2]. The real one, not the Sci-Fi father. Asimov was just the prophet in this scheme of things. 

Moravec to Kurzweil is what's Bitcoin to Ethereum and Satoshi to Vitalik. 

Sorry, for the rough joke. No offence, Ray! Back in the earler 2000s I bought your books too [3]. 

In my humble opinion - aside from the ''reality intratextualization'' [4] concept - the other wisdom jewel of Moravec's - fruit of a life devoted to robotics - is the Moravec's Paradox [5]. 

Explained in his own words: 

Encoded in the large, highly evolved sensory and motor portions of the human brain is a billion years of experience about the nature of the world and how to survive in it. The deliberate process we call reasoning is, I believe, the thinnest veneer of human thought, effective only because it is supported by this much older and much more powerful, though usually unconscious, sensorimotor knowledge. We are all prodigious olympians in perceptual and motor areas, so good that we make the difficult look easy. Abstract thought, though, is a new trick, perhaps less than 100 thousand years old. We have not yet mastered it. It is not all that intrinsically difficult; it just seems so when we do it.

or with Steven Pinker's [6]:   

The main lesson of thirty-five years of AI research is that the hard problems are easy and the easy problems are hard. The mental abilities of a four-year-old that we take for granted – recognizing a face, lifting a pencil, walking across a room, answering a question – in fact solve some of the hardest engineering problems ever conceived... 

As I noted in a previous related post of mine [7], a system's value dynamics is all about how it scales. Preferable of course are systems which make more good to go around than less. Respectively, to come around. 

Humanity is a network, and its scaling is stumbled by our innate attentional resources limitations. 

Human social interaction is a skill and we naturally have only as much of it. 

For now, in the good old hierarchic way [8], we can't deny that we scale satisfactory well (as compared, lets say, to our DNA-blockchain-fork-out first cousins the chimps [9]) for collaborating efficiently on successful execution of trivial tasks like empire building or colonization of the Galaxy. 

But not all problems we encounter are simple. In fact most problems are more complex than we are capable to grok and master in the hierarchic collaboration mode, which quickly slams into the Shannon's 'brick wall' [10]

Ohad Asor's Tau [11] is intended to be humanity upscaler [12]. This project is the first and only one I've discovered so far where the so obvious (after you know it) problem is even identified, stated and addressed. 

This means uplifting the individual humans too, because we are literally AIs serially manufactured by our society (cf. feral children [13]). 

It feels easy for us to attend, to remember, to forget, to think, to talk, to work together - so it is extremely Moravec-hard! 

Tau is unique approach towards the Moravec-hardness of these problems in the realization that we do not need at all to waste time and resources to mimic nature and copy ourselves and to create high tech homunculi [14]. 

The 'problem' is the solution. Don't 'solve' it - just god damn use it! 

It is the people who ask questions, upload statements, express tastes and do all that qualia [15] crap humans usually do. 

The machine distills the semantic essence of all the shared thought flow, treats it as wishes specs, and automatically converts into executable code, incl. its own code self-amendment. 

As Moravec found out few decades ago [16] : 

The 1,500 cubic centimeter human brain is about 100,000 times as large as the retina, suggesting that matching overall human behavior will take about 100 million MIPS of computer power.  

When these processing brain things are really put together in numbers the result is unprecedented power. An unstoppable force. A glimpse into it by Ohad [12]:

It turns out that under certain assumptions we can reach truly efficiently scaling discussions and information flow, where 10,000 people are actually 100 times more effective than 100 people, in terms of collaborative decision making and collaborative theory formation. But for this we'll need the aid of machines, and we'll also need to help them to help us.

Without application of dehumanizing individual upgrades, without to be necessary to understand and reengineer the billions of years of evolutionary capital, but just harness it and use it. (Scaling itself must be scalable, too, ah?) 

In my personal up to date limited understanding it seems that it is indeed the HUMANITY what's to be known as the Tau's 'Zennet Supercomputer', and the machines are the ... collab amplifier media, the 'internet' of it. (Ohad, correct me if I'm wrong, please.) 

Like laser configurations of minds. 

With performance stronger than thought. 

NOTE: I have the honor to be in the Tau Team, but all reflections in this post are personally my opinion. 


18qSKUUTAGw1uL53simrSiZ6pJpfxKACvj for research support. Thanks. 

Copyright © 2018 Georgi Karov. All rights reserved.

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The 'problem' is the solution. Don't 'solve' it - just god damn use it!

Take from the rich and give to the poor not the other way around!

I am fascinated by the “humble”’brilliance of this Man and the Tau Language


Yeah. :) Fairer distribution. But with more inclusion and multiplication, than by division and subtraction :P


We have the word “Happiness” written as a code in our human DNA but somehow it all became so blurry. Fairness and Equlity could be so simple to achieve.


I agree. Target 'happiness' is clear from deep within our essence. Lets not disregard the whole of it - the huge mountain of efforts, the path which taught us. The steep often painful 'learning curve'. For 'happiness' being a skill too, isn't it?


Yes! That’s what I mean! We need to relearn how to achieve the simplicity of happiness, find the essence of our whole existence, multiply not subtract (as you said) the abundance, compassion, passion, love for ourselves and then sprinkle all that around us. That’s a skill not many have because they need all for themselves. Painful learning curves are ok to be able to appreciate when you reached the goal. You will work hard for keeping it for your “tribe”, your ⭕️ circle.
Somehow I feel that the Tauchain platform can help to teach or maybe remind us about the tools to find that deeply written knowledge and can even bring it to another level. I am not tech savy at all and math? Oh geeeee! I don’t even get there. My IQ not enough for university but my EQ is still intact....I can feel “THE TAU”
So nice to meet you ⭕️🌷

These are a lot of the same arguments I made in some of my posts. One possible use case for the Tau-Zennet Super Computer is composable automata modeling as I described in my latest post. Another would be to run complex simulations of anything from networks, to proteins, to atoms, depending on how much resources are available.


I meant above that the Humanity is indeed the Tau Supercomputer. Tau is the only real 'human singularity' pathway. Machine only amplifies compensating for the innate incapacities.

The unique aspect of the human brain is the ridiculous efficiency. It's not raw computing power which makes the brain special but the ability to compute so efficient with so little heat, so little waste, compared to everything else. Sure if you have a computer the size of a large room or warehouse you'll easily surpass the brain in raw computing power but the computer is an order of magnitude larger to accomplish that.

It's because we simply cannot make chips small enough so we end up having to make lots and lots of chips to run in parallel which so far cannot be done efficiently.


Never underestimate the power of the massive parallelism. Moravec is right. ( Check him out - the links in the References. Rarely honest researcher - like Ohad) - human brain is condensate of billions of years of successful solutions discovered the 'bling watchmaker' way. It is very far from optimal, but it is here in a decade or so we'll have 10 billion such 100 TPIS 'chips' - amalgamated rough power equal to 10 BILLION TIMES the present day whole Internet ... AND not only 'numbers juggling' but also all the wisdom of these billions of years to know and survive in this universe. I.e. not only power but also zillion useful algos to reuse. Of course the non-human computation 'singularity' is imminent by 2030es-2040es so I envision the influx of smart machines into Tau, too. Inevitable. I'll post about this later.

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