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Masa. Masayoshi Son [1]. The master of SoftBank [2]. The Japanese national of Korean background [3] - really great achievement in this context! The individual with, I suspect, the biggest buying power in all the human spacetime combined. In the world and in the history. 

Masa's business record is formidable. He's not just serial and parallel multi-billionaire but a multi-billionaires-breeder [4] - for example he's THE Jack Ma-backer, i.e. THE Alibaba-maker. And many others more ... 

He's buying pieces of Google [5] ! $32b cash for ARM [6], undisclosed $b cash for Boston Dynamics [7]. Et cetera.  And Masa definitely knows what he's doing with these bits and pieces. What mosaic he's building with those chunks. 

Masa has a vision. An yuuuge vision. Masa has a Vision Fund [8]. So, visions fully backed. Backing is what distinguishes a vision from fantasy. SoftBank Vision Fund current minimum check size is $100m by the organization's own rules. 

With >$100b shopping spree cash in pocket (and we talking cash, not lower liquidity assets), and an yuge vision the already yuge Vision Fund to get even yuuuger. [9] Cause - you know - trillions are the new billions (and it is not 'just inflation' but in absolute, shear power - productivity beats inflation [10]). 

His vision on the philosophic level in a nutshell is Vernon Vinge's [11] , Hans Moravec's [12] , Raymond Kurzweil's [13] (and countless other's [14] ) ... SINGULARITY [15]. 

On pragmatic level it is as simple as it is ingenious [16] - the machinery productivity and production grows so immense that inevitably and soon its output/supply exceeds the cumulative human demand. The machines run out of market! 

Solution? As obvious as the Frederick Pohl's Midas Plague (1954) [17] - machines doing business with machines [18] (- from about minute 09:00 of the vid onwards). Many orders of magnitude more machine-machine collaboration than all the possible machine-human, human-machine or human-human ones. Trillions and trillions of transhuman chips and bots doing business between each other. 

And Masa not just advocates or evangelizes this vision behind his Vision - he does it. Now. 

In the narrow-minded aspect it is just matter of (a little) time before Masa notices my precious Tau [19] and ET3 [20] (which I told you I see as 1, not 2 - explanations to be delivered in future posts). 

From wide-minded perspective ... Well...

Do you see what I see? 

Chatbots porting into Tau. 

Masa's chips or bots are into Moore's law [14] state of inevitability, e.g. doomed to cross the human scale barrier and to rush even further ahead. To even crack the human natural language code barrier and to do all what a human can do and more. (On human-machine-Tau-machine-human sandwiching architecture for direct use of the few megayears thin natural language wealth and even the few gigayears deep non-verbal communication capital - some other time in some other posts). 

Machine-Tau-Machine is completely legitimate and unavoidable use and dev mode. Nothing can stop it. (Better Turing Test, anyone?

In my previous post [21] I explained my understanding of the ingenuity of Ohad's approach towards the Moravec-hardness problem of the human condition [22] - the realization that it is a waste and side-tracking to follow dehumanizing pathways of creation of biomimetic cybernetic homunculi to mitigate the organic limited human specifications, BUT we use them - Tau is the way the problem to become the solution. We utilitify all the processing and algorithmic capital accumulated over billennia into what we call human. 

Is the Tau way into a divergence course with the Masa way? No! Absolutely not. 

To make chips or bots of > and >> x100 Einstein intellect is a huge collaborative effort. Machines alone - it'd take few billions of man-years to get there. Humans needed - to serve as the effort amplifier lever fulcrum [23] 

Tau with its human-machine-human network topology makes collaboration - for first time ever - really a P2P [24] thing, with social diameter [25] of 1 or even <1 for each and every participant [26] no matter human or machine. 

- Tau is Masa vision accelerator. 


- Tau is the geodesic Agora [27] of all intellects imaginable, no matter 'natural' or 'artificial'. 

NOTE: Ohad most probably will disagree with this vision of visions on visions of mine, but I dared to dare already anyways. Sorry, bro. It is of course, not an official Tau Team position. 


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    For what it’s worth, tweeted to Masa himself...


    What u mean? :)


    I tweeted the link to this article to him. Probably small chance it catches his attention, but ya never know...


    Ah. i c. Interesting. Lets see. :)

    Always amazing to read your articles about Tauchain! Thank you!


    form trumps mass. will post about these in near future.

    Thanks for the post. Great!


    Thanks, Trill. Rereading now again - it is little bit messy and clumsy-phrased but ... will leave it that way.

    a great character who has a great legacy to leave humanity


    Yeah. Note that Tau is to collab all like-minded across the nowadays social hierarchies.